Netflix and Chill: 11 Netflix Facts Interesting to Know 2020

Netflix and Chill: 11 Netflix Facts Interesting to Know 2020

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Netflix facts for advanced users. We all remember the time when we didn’t have any streaming apps available, right? We would have to go to our local DVD store and rent the movie that we wanted to watch, or just watch the movie in the cinemas. But with the help of certain streaming apps like Netflix, we are now able to watch different movies anytime and anywhere we want. 

Netflix is truly an easy way to watch tons of movies and TV shows and is now our go-to spot for entertaining ourselves in just less than 20 years. Netflix has a huge selection of movies from various countries, and they also have their original content called the Netflix Originals. One interesting thing about this streaming app is that it doesn’t have any ads.

With that said, Netflix requires you to pay for a monthly subscription to have full access and unlimited viewing to its library. What else is there to know about this streaming platform? You better read on, and you might learn a thing or two with these Netflix facts we have prepared for you.

Netflix Generated More Traffic on the Internet than Google

Netflix Facts

 With the latest report for the Global Internet Phenomena, Netflix has garnered 12.9% of the downstream traffic volume in the world for the first six months of 2019. That is 0.6% more than what Google has gathered during that time.

Netflix Account Sharing

The majority of the users on Netflix share an account, and that number reached 66% of all the users. However, Netflix hasn’t expressed any interest in controlling its rules regarding account sharing.

Chinese Pornography

During the earlier days of Netflix, the company mostly rented out and sold DVDs through the mail. However, when one subscriber rented the Clinton Lewinsky scandal, there was confusion, and they sent the wrong DVD instead. The subscribers were in total shock when they obtained Chinese pornography instead.

Netflix Net Worth

As of April 2020, Netflix is now worth over $162 billion and has set a new personal best since its introduction and release in 2007. This generated the increase of the company’s CEO, Reed Hastings’s total net worth from $4.8 billion to $5.2 billion.

Netflix and Disney

Netflix And Disney 

One of the key benefits of being able to acquire Disney’s movies before they were able to release their very own streaming platform called Disney+ was that Netflix had complete access to their content. Even though Disney already has its streaming service, Netflix still has a few more years before its rights on Disney’s content ends.

Percentage of Netflix Users Using Their Smart TVs

80% of users subscribing to Netflix use the streaming platform on their smart TVs.

A research conducted by the Leichtman Research Group stated that most of their respondents who were subscribed to Netflix use a TV-connected device for streaming like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or their smart TVs for streaming directly in their bedrooms or living room.


During the company’s early days, they were struggling to pick the perfect name for the brand. As a result, Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix, proposed a temporary name for their product as Kibble until they could decide for a more suitable name. After several brainstorming and debates, they have finally decided to name the company Netflix.

Streaming in a Tesla

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, informed the general public that they would stream their favorite Netflix movie or TV show in their Tesla cars in July 2019. This feature can only be accessed when the vehicle is on a complete stop and would entertain both the driver and passengers waiting while the car is being charged.

Netflix Employees

Netflix Employees

The company has over 8,600 employees and had a 773% increase in its employee payroll compared to 2005. During that time, Netflix only had a total workforce of 1000 employees. So, if you are looking to just sit back, relax and enjoy a movie while making money, then we think it’s time for you to rethink your life and send in a resume.

Netflix Pays Comedians for Their Performances

Apart from the large sum of money being spent producing Netflix Originals, the streaming service also employs and pays famous comedians to set up a live show. The company once paid the famous comedian Chris Rock a hefty $40 million to produce stand up specials that would draw in more subscribers to their services.

Adam Sandler on Netflix

Netflix had a $275 million deal with Adam Sandler for four movies. These were The Do-Over, The Week Of, Murder Mystery, and The Ridiculous 6. This deal was made because the data showed viewers watched a total of two billion hours of Adam Sandler’s movies.

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Well, what do you think about our Netflix facts? Truth be told, nothing feels much better than being able to watch your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix and just sitting on the couch with some chips or popcorn, right?

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