9 Google Facts That You Might Not Know Yet

9 Google Facts That You Might Not Know Yet in 2020

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9 Google Facts informs you all true that you might not know yet right now. Technology has become an essential of every human being in the modern days. They help us make our tasks more accomplishable and less challenging—an example of the best technologies that have become useful to us are search engines. When you talk about search engines, a specific website pops out in your mind.

Yes, it is Google. When it comes to things that you are not familiar with, you need to support your research for your class project. Almost everything you want to know about can be found on the internet. You need to type in the search bar the things you are searching for and then hit the enter button!

We all have so much knowledge about Google since Google gives us this knowledge and discoveries too! Aside from its being the best search engine, Google has some interesting facts that you might not know yet. Here are some Google facts that you should know:

Google was the client search engine for the website “Yahoo!”

Google Was The Client Search Engine For The Website “yahoo!”

If you still remember from the old days, “Yahoo” was the most widely used search engine back in the days. One of the exciting Google facts is that Google was the client for the search engine of Yahoo

109 Languages supported by Google Translate

An excellent feature provided by Google is their Google Translate. People worldwide are taking advantage of this helpful tool to understand each other despite the language barrier easily.

Google translate can translate 109 languages to another. You have to keep in mind that Google translate does not have a hundred percent accuracy with their translation, but the system tries its best to get the best efficiency. Although Google Translate is not perfect, it still stands as the best and most accurate translation engine.

Google provides a voice assistant feature.

The thing that is common with most Apple users is that they have a “Siri” wherein they can inquire or ask about something they want to know. However, for Android users, and even desktop users, Google Assistant serves as their voice assistant system.

All you have to say is “OK Google,” and the system will activate. This part is where you begin asking your questions or inquiries. The voice assistant system supports both text and voice, and it will try its best to look for the best results.

Google helped rescue people during Hurricane Katrina through Google Earth

Back in 2005, a disastrous and catastrophic hurricane hit few parts of the world, and without the help of Google Earth, the affected areas of this hurricane might never be found. With their satellite system, they were able to track down the damaged areas, and the rescue teams immediately rushed over.

“Burning Man” Doodle

A popular tradition that Google does is create doodles on their search web page as a tribute for a specific person or event. Once in a while, it changes, depending on what day it is all about and which person they should commemorate. The first-ever doodle created on their search page is the “Burning Man.”

Google Logos are not always the same

Google Facts

As we have mentioned in the previous fact, Google changes its logo design or add doodles to them to recognize and celebrate something, someone, or an event. Talented designers and doodlers are hired to create unique graphic arts to create these artistic doodles and logo designs.

3D Animals

The latest feature that the google search engine has is the 3D Animals. Almost every animal that you can search in Google can be viewed as a 3D model to emphasize the description or definition of that specific creature. You may use your camera to view the life-size form of this animal.

Google’s cloud storage: Google Drive

Cloud storage helps our computers and devices save our storage space. We can send or upload them there, and it will be safe and sound. These documents will only be accessible when you have an internet connection. You can upload your files created from third-party software, or create them right in Google Drive.

Aside from its storage, Google Drive also serves as the “office” where you can create your documents using Google Docs and create spreadsheets, presentations, forms, photos, and more!

Google Fonts usage is limited to their browser

Google Fonts Usage Is Limited To Their Browser

If you are into fancy and cute designs of fonts, then Google offers their various fonts for free! You may set your fonts however you want. But the catch is you will only be able to use them when accessing their browser. You will not be allowed to install them or use them outside of Chrome.

Know your search engine better with Google Facts!

When you ask people what they think about first when they hear the word “Google,” they respond about Google’s search engines. It will be rare to find someone who will answer differently. Google has so much more to offer aside from its search engine, and these tools and services have become an essential part of daily life.

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