All You Need To Know About Proxy Servers

All you need to know about Proxy Servers

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  1. Proxy Servers
  2. Different Types of Proxies
  3. Hiding your IP Address with a Proxy

Proxy Servers

In essence, a proxy server serves as a bridge between you and the rest of the Internet. Surfing the web normally involves connecting directly to the website you’re visiting through your browser. Proxies act as intermediaries between you and the website.

A proxy online is used to forward your traffic to the website you’re visiting after your browser first connects to the proxy. Proxy servers are sometimes called “forward proxies.” An internet proxy receives the response from the website and then forwards it back to you.

Generally, when we use the term “proxy”, we mean someone who is authorized to take action on our behalf, such as voting in a meeting we can’t attend. This is what a proxy server does, but online. A proxy takes care of your relationships with websites instead of you communicating directly with them.

With more than 195 attractive locations, Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider with an extensive pool of IP addresses. The performance metrics are excellent and the customer service is excellent, according to many users. Prices are competitive when compared to other high-quality proxy providers.

Different Types of Proxies

Different Types Of Proxies

Instagram Proxy

The social media manager, digital marketing agency, or even regular Instagram user may manage several Instagram accounts. Instagram has a strict policy about the number of accounts accessed from a single IP address – one account per address. You could be penalized if you consistently interact with multiple Instagram accounts using the same IP address. This may range from a temporary activity suspension to a permanent account ban.

For social media managers to avoid being banned on Instagram, proxies are used to simulate active accounts from multiple IP addresses. A user’s computer accesses Instagram servers via a new IP address, masking the original user’s address using a proxy.

Instagram Bots

You can automate your Instagram interactions with the help of Instagram bots. These bots can do everything from like posts and make comments to answering polls, sending direct messages, and following new profiles all on your behalf.

Maintaining your own social accounts becomes a lot less tedious with bots. In addition to generating audience growth quickly, they can use algorithms and information about your target audience to attract new followers that you might not otherwise discover.

Some bots rely solely on artificial intelligence to drive engagement, while others work with a human-powered team.

You can use bots to establish your social media presence and build your brand if you use them wisely. However, used irresponsibly, bots can be a source of annoying spam resulting in your account being banned.

Instagram Residential Proxies

In residential proxy servers, clients’ requests are routed through the residential IP addresses of real devices provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Instagram views the requests as not spam since they are made by real devices associated with a real address. Hence, Residential proxy services have gained a certain level of trust. They are, however, quite expensive because they are fewer and less available.

Not many proxy providers offer residential proxy services due to the high barrier to entry. Of the ones that do, not all of them work with Instagram, except for SmartProxy where you can connect unlimited threads and connections with your favorite Instagram automation software and change your location without restrictions.

Facebook Proxy

Facebook is accessed on your behalf in a Facebook proxy server, allowing you to access the social networking site even when you are blocked from it p32./by a firewall at work or school.

People are often forbidden to visit certain websites, including Facebook, at schools and businesses. Firewalls are used to prevent this. By using firewalls, malware and viruses cannot reach company computers and cause problems. Furthermore, companies use them to prevent people from wasting time browsing the Internet instead of doing what they’re paid to do.

If Facebook is usually blocked at school or work, and you need access to it, you can use a Facebook proxy to get around the problem.

Facebook Bots

You have probably interacted with a bot at least once in your online life, even if you aren’t familiar with them. The Internet is filled with tiny bits of code, from chat programs that augment human customer service staff to recommendation bots that answer questions. Companies of all sizes are using bots to boost their bottom lines and serve their customers, and your company can benefit from them, too.

Bots are small software applications that operate in popular messaging programs such as Facebook Messenger. As soon as the Facebook bot is installed and ready to use, users will be able to access a variety of services.

Smartproxy can also assist you with a Facebook proxy server as they offer 99.99% uptime, 3-second speed, up to 30-minute sticky sessions, and offers 195 locations for geo-targeting.

Shopify Proxies

Proxies are required when botting Shopify. Due to advanced cybersecurity techniques, Shopify detects attempts to buy multiple pairs of shoes from the same IP address (a unique identifier for your PC). It will be necessary for you to reroute your internet traffic through multiple proxy servers (proxies) to circumvent detection and make multiple purchases of the shoe with your bot. Thus, the website one per customer policy will not be violated since the traffic comes from different computers. The bot will allow you to purchase more than one piece of merchandise at once.

Smartproxy’s Shopify proxy has the following benefits:

  • Get your Shopify bot to purchase stuff quickly by making it look like a real person.
  • Use real IP addresses for desktops and mobile devices. Obtain proxies that are close to your Shopify site’s servers by using geo-targeting.
  • Compatible with all bots
  • The setup is simple. 24×7 support is available
  • Providing industry-leading speed


A new multi-profile anti-detection management tool developed by allows you to use multiple browsers simultaneously without fear of detection.

Change not only your IP but also your fingerprint to increase your security! Digital tire tracks can be hidden and controlled, but why change them manually? Smartproxy assigns each profile an individual fingerprint to be tracked to a different user rather than you.

Multiple Account Management

It can be challenging to manage multiple social media platforms. Things can get dicey if you manage your personal and professional accounts on the same device. You may also need help managing social media accounts for multiple clients. You could accidentally spark a PR disaster by sharing something on the wrong feed.

The process of managing multiple social media profiles using different apps is also inefficient and time-consuming. By opening and closing tabs alone, you spend quite a bit of time.

With the right software, like Smartproxy the job can be made much easier.

The fact that we recommend Smartproxy as the best platform for managing multiple social accounts won’t surprise you.

Hiding your IP Address with a Proxy

Last but not least, is one of the most common reasons people use a proxy – simply to hide their IP address.

The IP address of your computer can be used in many dangerous ways. Because of this, many tech experts recommend hiding your IP address from the public. Using an anonymous proxy through Smartproxy can protect your identity, location, and other sensitive data.

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