5 Types of Bad Backlinks Which are Useless to Build

5 Types of Bad Backlinks Which are Useless to Build

Do you want to know all about Bad Backlinks and how to avoid it? You choose the right place. Backlinks are one of the top 3 most important Google ranking factors but not all the backlinks are equal in the eyes of Google and one must avoid building backlinks.

In this article, I am going to tell you which backlinks strategies you should avoid and why?

Bad Backlinks

Before I give you a detailed answer to this question let me describe why bad backlinks are useless to build in 2 sentences:

  • They'll not help in improving rankings
  • They are a waste of time, money, and energy


let's start the discussion in detail and learn which strategies you should not focus on.

1. Article Submission

This is one of the most misused strategies of getting backlinks and that's why this strategy has lost its importance in the eyes of Google.

According to Google, backlinks must be earned in a natural way but in article submission sites anyone can create accounts and post articles and get tons of backlinks. That's why Google does not give any importance to such links and they are like no links.

Watch, what Neil Says about Article Submission Sites!

2. Social Bookmarking

Like article submission sites, getting backlinks through social bookmarking sites is useless.

These backlinks will not improve your rankings in any way but you can build them just for the diversity. Most of the SEO Experts don't want to waste their time and energy in building these links.

Here I must say that not all types of profile backlinks are useless but the notorious ones are forum profile backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

You'll find tons of services on different platforms like Fiverr where people are providing tons of forum backlinks but they are total junk and not help you in any way.

Most of the profile backlinks are not even indexed by Google then why one should waste time, energy and money in building such crappy links.

4. Web Directory Submission

To all, there is a big NO to these backlinks!

Let me tell you, Why?

There are 2 types of Web Directory Submissions

  • Paid
  • Free

Google hates paid links and if you pay directories for submitting your links you'll be penalized by Google.

Now, What if I build Free Web Directory Links?

When you go for the free link most of the web directories don't approve you and those which approve are already banned by Google and put a negative impact on your rankings.

5. Web 2.0 with Spun Content

Web 2.0 links are also easy to get that's why they are also not very powerful and do not help much in boosting the rankings, but definitely, you can build them for diversity.

If you want to build Web 2.0 links with spun content then don't build them.


if you can make a Web 2.0 network like a real site with useful content then you'll see a good impact on your rankings.

Web 2.0 With Spun Content

Google is becoming smarter day by day and they know which types of backlinks are easy to get and which not.

So, instead of wasting your time in building above mentioned bad backlinks which are not going to help you try to build high quality and hard to get backlinks.

As Google has changed so we must also change our strategies in order to compete with others.

Hope you have learned something new!


Is negative SEO illegal?

For now – NO. It is absolutely legal, but in the future, it can ba change.

You can do it with Google Search Console or W3C Link Checker help. Choose it yourself.

Yes, absolutely if you want t to add the organic search ranking for your website.

Thank you for reading!

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