Best Podcast Sites To Helps You Increase Your Audiences

Best Podcast Sites To Helps You Increase Your Audience

Here you will find the best podcast sites to helps you increase your Audience. Free Podcast Hosting had received a great welcome from the listeners because of their new content and ideas. It had also turned out to be the radio of the modern world. We will also have questions like why podcasts turned out to be so influential? That's because of the creators who loved their voices and made their voices reach listeners, and the listeners also loved to hear new ideas and new solutions for life problems from the podcasts. 

For meetings, podcast hosting sites should allow the contents to get accessed. You are also coupling it with free professional websites. You should only want to make sure that your ideas reach the listeners and the world is hearing what you want to speak.  

There are so many places on the internet where we can save and transmit work we have done, and the most important thing is you should have a clear idea about the output of the podcast hosting site you chose. So, for your benefit, we have searched the best 15 podcasts hosts from the internet and have given reviews about each location from which you can select which sites suit your narrating skills. 

Needs-podcast Hosting: 

Free Podcast hosting will save and transmit your content. It will also ensure that your sites face any delays or overload because of their heavy audio files. They will also make your content smoothly approachable. 

Your podcast will be instantly accessible for the users on your website once you transfer it to the site, which matches your narrating skill. Transmitting your content through their application called embedded web. Podcast hosts also allow you to easily publish your Audio with third-party digital platforms like Apple Podcasts and Hubspot. 

Furthermore, advanced features like podcast statistics, monetizing tools, and frequent including automatic transcription with hosting platforms. These connections are critical for growing your broadcast and engaging a wider audience. 

1.Wix Podcast Player: 

A Wix Podcast Player is not a typical hosting platform. However, it is one of the simplest and most elegant methods to display your podcast onto your site, hosting regardless. There will be prepared podcast site designs available to help you get started quickly. The best thing is that the primary setup only needs your podcasts URL called RSS feed; the Wix Podcast Player will take care of the remaining process. 

The player then starts filling the page with your brand, episodes, photographs, and information as magic. It will also generate a set of dynamic pages, developing a web page for every episode in a consistent format. As a result, every episode will run on its respective page, but the structure will stay constant overall without requiring any further effort on your part. Once you've set things up, you can change the player styles to go in with the remainder of your website. 


Wix Podcast Player is entirely free and offers all characteristics without restriction. 

Features To Look For: 

  • All of your episodes can be featured and streamed in one spot.
  • Using RSS feeds, you may easily relate your website to hosts.
  • ¬†Generate broadcast streams and podcast pages in seconds.
  • Thus, hosting all of your content freely.


You can post, broadcast, maintain, and market your podcasts using PodBean's browser interface with only a few mouse clicks. But its fundraising opportunities for more professional broadcasters hoping to generate money from faithful listeners stand them except the crowd. 

The interface is intuitive and straightforward in terms of functionality. The main advantage of signing up with pod bean is that it will make your episodes directly featured on their platform and give you an extra layer of accessibility. 


There are four distinct options available with PodBean. Its free podcast hosting plan is a no-frills, direct five hours of Audio transferred monthly with 100GB of internet. It also includes basic statistics, embedded players, and your audio homepage website. Limitless Audio, the first paid tier, paid marketing, endless uploading hours and speed, and more features. 

If you're just a newbie, the initial two paid subscription options will primarily provide you with what you need. However, if you already have some excellent podcasting talents and are searching for ways to expand your podcast or need some free business products, PodBeans' final two paying alternatives will be more suitable. 

Features To Look For: 

  • Capabilities for marketing
  • Synchronization with Alexa
  • Plans are available for free.


Frequently mentioning it among the leading podcast hosts' ranks is praised for its easy access. It's a cutting-edge service that keeps things easy. The platform has all of the features that a podcast requires. In addition, it has bells and whistles, such as statistics, easy conversion, and integrated podcast players. 

It's simple to post and promote your broadcasts with the help of their well-designed dashboards. On the other hand, you can plan concerts. I will never forget your audience in this manner. If you're a stats type, you'll appreciate the mobile interface, which allows you to run campaigns and keep a keen eye on your figures no matter who you are. 

Best Podcast Sites To Helps You Increase Your Audiences


The site of buzz offers simply priced subscriptions. A cheap podcast hosting plan with two hours of transfer per month is available, as are three paid plans with higher storage that varies between 3 to 12 hours per month. Even the most costly paid options are only $24 per month. 

Instead of imposing a hard limit on the number of audio hours you listen, Buzzsprout will start to charge you for extra hours. The exact cost you'll be charged every additional hour is determined by your current paid plan. Nevertheless, it's a handy option to get just if one of your podcasts episodes takes longer than you anticipated. 

Features To Look For: 

  • Free of cost for the first three months
  • A mobile-friendly dashboard
  • Conversion from several other hosting platforms is simple.


Libsyn has been at the head of the finest podcast hosting rankings on the internet, and for a valid reason: it's fantastic. It has been there since the beginning of podcasting, has a beautiful collection of features, but is reasonably priced. 

Even though some other providers offer a similar feature set and even better price, Libsyn's combination of something like a lengthy (positive) track history. Depending on your demands makes it a decent place to start when looking for podcast hosting. 


Libsyn provides a variety, each with more features the more you progress. Plans vary in scope from $5 through $150 per month, only with storage choices being the main difference between them. 

Features To Look For: 

  • App created specifically for mobile devices
  • Publication on YouTube
  • The use of advanced analytics


Anything about Spreaker looks professional, from its webpage to its product descriptions to the structure of its programs. One feature that distinguishes them from the majority of some other providers on our list would be that they offer unlimited daily transactions, starting your video broadcast on as many occasions as you like during the day. 

Whatever plan you're with will determine how long you could keep your live streaming. While it's not something that everyone will use and care about, it's an excellent and unusual tool to have (for free). Aside from its unique ‘currently reside' aspect, Spreaker has all of the anticipated capabilities for any aspiring or experienced podcaster, with just an emphasis on advertising and another consultancy.¬†


Spreaker provides a free podcast hosting plan dubbed “Free Speech,” including a $50 monthly “Anchorman Plan.” When you go through the levels, the value of each program grows considerably. The more-priced programs all have a higher daily session limitation, more excellent storage, and better analytics, marketing, as well as monetization capabilities:¬†

Features To Look For: 

  • Chat while watching a live broadcast
  • Distribution through iHeartRadio
  • Pages with no advertisements

Frequently Asked Podcast Hosting Issues

What Factors Should I Consider While Selecting A Podcast Hosting Service? 

When picking the most OK podcast hosting service, there are numerous essential aspects to consider. And although the price will almost certainly play a significant role in the selection, it's not the only factor to consider.

 Monitoring metrics, interoperability with a home webpage, embeddable music player, sound quality, and advertising possibilities are essential factors to consider. One should also consider the amount of storage space, uploading bandwidth, as well as download restrictions. You may prioritize these different variables based on the size of your podcasts to select the ideal host for particular requirements.

 How Do I Begin a Podcast? 

It's not difficult to get started with a podcast. However, to make a podcast, you'll need to take the necessary actions: 

Step 1:

Begin by doing some preliminary work. You must now add the name, topic, as well as artwork to both documents.

Step 2

Make a recording of the program or sound file. It's important to note where each podcast program will be a unique analog signal.

Step 3

Have an Entire page by uploading the data to the hosting podcasting service.

Step 4:

Create an Entire page and submit this to podcast aggregators. 

A Few Points On How To Make Your Podcast Successful 

So here are a few helpful hints for getting your podcast off the ground. 

You must choose a theme for your podcast since this will have a significant impact on its success. 

You should be aware of your target viewer's preferences. 

Because you can't monetize a podcast without high concentration, it will have to take second place. 

It is posting schedule, style, episode length, sound levels, and other elements. 

You must organize your podcasts in such a manner that it offers the most information in the shortest amount of time. 

You should keep track of your podcast's development, set goals, develop a plan, and then adjust as necessary. 

In comparison to the potential earnings from podcasting, your initial expenditure is minimal. 

Is It Possible To Broadcast A Podcast For Free? 

There are numerous free podcast storage alternatives available, of course. On the other hand, free solutions frequently have additional limits on features, including such analytics and storage capacity.

Because many public podcast hosting services do not have the same income stream as paid podcast promotion covers, frequently showing listeners advertising. Be mindful this may negatively influence your viewer's experience and prevent them from returning in the next to consume additional material. 

Is It Possible To Make Money Through Podcasting? 

Absolutely. There are ways to generate money if their podcast gets popular and attracts many viewers, including through a podcasting ad network. You may also generate revenue by soliciting donations and charging a subscription fee. 

This same key to generating money from any business is excellent digital marketing abilities and high-quality sees strategy. After you've launched your podcast, you'll want to promote it as much as possible. 

Is It Possible To Distribute Podcasts Using A Podcast Web Provider? 

Podcast hosting providers may not usually manage distribution with you automatically. Nevertheless, specific sites, such as Macromedia and Buzzsprout, enable you to upload your files onto podcast distribution pages and folders incorporated inside the platform. Thus, it simplifies and expedites the procedure.

 The main advantage of a podcasting web host is that it allows you to distribute files with various distributors through an RSS reader instantly. It implies that instead of submitting original seasons to different platforms individually, anyone can quickly send them out to whatever platform you've established your feed about when you post new episodes on your podcast provider. Your podcast presenter can also control cover art, features, and data such as downloads and listenership. 

Podcast hosts distinguish themselves with such a range of valuable services like simple podcast sites, social network integration, posting schedule, and analytics, throughout addition to cost, storage space allocation, and simplicity of use. 

What Platform Should I Use To Distribute My Podcast? 

Apple Audio, Spotify, Google Audio, Midroll (previously Stitcher), SoundCloud, and Podtail seem to be the most prominent podcast directory to publish their program and gain more listeners. But, of course, you may also host any podcast with your webpage as we did with our new Wix. Com-hosted podcast. 

What Is The Best Way To Advertise My Podcast? 

Other promotions and advertising measures you may do to boost your show effectively include urging viewers to promote your podcasts on social networks & leave good reviews. 

In this field, communal networking, as well as expression referrals, are also quite successful. Finally, consider guest-hosting & appearing like a guest upon that podcast with a comparable audience from your own. 

Is It Possible For Me To Host Your Podcast From My Website? 

If you've got a personal, company, or indeed a website dedicated to your podcasts, you may want to consider hosting the recordings on another site. Although then you'd be able to save some money by doing so, the amount of storage network bandwidth necessary to maintain a developing podcast will rapidly pile up, and that you will soon realize that this wasn't an effective and dependable option to store your files. 

RSS publishing options are available upon many major website construction platforms, such as Squarespace and WordPress, and they function well but are reasonably straightforward for tiny podcasters. However, if any site expands, storage and bandwidth would become a problem. If you're committed to placing your sound clips directly onto your website, try using a simple platform such as Squarespace. 

Because podcast web hosts aren't exclusive to other file storage types, they can't utilize Dropbox and Google Drive to host their podcast.

Thank you for reading!

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