Business tools that are great for saving money 1

Business tools that are great for saving money

Free Online Business Tools

Utilizing free online business tools will save money for any small business just starting up, whether it's an online store or brick-and-mortar business. There are leading companies that offer numerous online business tools to choose from suited to different business areas. This can range from choosing a business name, branding, and marketing to business planning, formation, and management. This article will discuss several free online business tools that entrepreneurs can use to fast track their business development and cut out additional costs.

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Website Development

1. TRUiC's Domain Name Generator

The Domain Name Generator from TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) assists entrepreneurs to brainstorm names for their website. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human-based design tools to create various names to choose from. The algorithm tool also searches for common domain prefixes like ‘www.' and suffixes, including TLDs (top-level domain) like .com, .co, .net., and more.

To get started, users can brainstorm name ideas and keywords according to their industry and then type it in the domain name search, which will generate and verify available domain name options and alternatives. True offers various tips to choose the right domain name. These include considering the primary keywords that clients will think of using when they search and using creative words that rhyme or include hyphens that will make a name sound unique and catchy.

2. Wix's Website Builder

Building a professional business website can cost up to thousands of dollars. However, for small business owners who can't afford a web designer's services, numerous website builder tools on the market can create a professional-looking website.

Wix offers a free web development platform for new or seasoned business owners. They offer a drag-and-drop visual editor with industry-specific templates and themes, including different add-ons and widgets. Users can launch an online blog or store to showcase their services and products. Other features include accessibility across multiple devices like smartphones or tablets, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) development, and web security tools.

Email Marketing

1. MailChimp's Email Marketing Platform

MailChimp includes a free subscription plan of up to 2,000 contacts. It offers free tools to enhance marketing services for online small businesses. Some of the offerings include subscriber sign-up forms that businesses can embed in their websites, landing pages, automated emails, and analytical tools to track progress.

The drag-and-drop builder allows users to design their own templates for email campaigns, forms, and other pages to advertise and market products and services. There are extensive resources available that celebrate small business development for entrepreneurs, such as guides and tutorials on different subjects related to starting and maintaining a business, marketing tips, and case studies.

2. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is free up to 12 000 emails sent a month with a maximum of 2 000 contacts. The Subscriber Management feature is used to import subscribers from other platforms like GSuite and Eventbrite. A/B Testing compares two campaigns before hitting the send button. There are different templates to choose from that are either pre-designed, HTML imports, or customizable with a drag-and-drop editor. Automation tools can be tailored to how readers interact with emails and trigger to send at specific times.

Users can manage an online store from their Zoho Campaigns account; they can send promotional and sales emails and other e-commerce-related emails like purchase follow-ups and abandoned cart notifications. Additionally, email campaigns can be shared via social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Blogging and Content Creation

Content creation via blogging platforms is an important part of owning an online business because it will connect customers and create more brand visibility. There are many online blogging platforms available; however, is a popular, open-source platform. The software is free to download and sign-up for via a web hosting service. Businesses in any industry can start a blog with thousands of customizable templates, themes, and plugins available as free downloads.

Branding and Design

TRUiC's Logo Maker

Created by in-house designers, TRUiC's Logo Maker tool does not require any prior design experience. Business owners can explore their creativity and ideas with over 700 different industries to choose from. It also includes open-source fonts and graphics alongside the provided pre-designed icons and graphics.

Users can customize their logo according to their business and branding preferences before they download it. With PNG and SVG formats available, logos can be scaled to fit business cards, websites, merchandise, branded items, email correspondence, and various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. To ensure name availability, it's recommended to do a trademark search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) before designing a final logo.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analytics tool, allows businesses to track traffic on their websites and mobile apps. Users can set up an account for free via the Google Analytics page and evaluate the number of page visitors, including their type of engagement with the site. The Analytics tools include various other features, for example, Audience Reports, which include the types of audiences that interact with the website, individual user behavior well as active user's activity within a time period of 30 days. This is recommended by the top best app design company.

Advertising Reports provide data and information about the progress of a website's advertising; this includes Google Ads, Display and Video 360, and Search Ads 360, which analyzes campaign and search data. Other reporting tools include Acquisition Reports, Behaviour Reports, Conversion Reports, User-flow Reporting, and Real-time Reporting. Businesses can also set up various visual dashboards to view and monitor their data.Business tools that are great for saving money 2


With various free online business tools to choose from, new business owners can save on unnecessary expenses when starting. Learn more about using and accessing the different marketing and management essentials and design tools to develop and enhance your business online.

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What business can i invest in to make money?

1. Financial Services
2. Eldercare

3. Business Consultancy
4. Investment Firm
5. Education and Training Service
6. Insurtech
7. Cleaning Business
8, Healthcare Consultancy

What are the 4 types of business?

1. Sole proprietorship
2. Partnership
3. Corporation
4. Limited Liability Company

How do start a business?

1. Direct market research

2. Write your business plan
3. Finance your business
4. Pick your business location
5. Choose a business structure
7. Choose your business name
8. Register your business
9. Get federal and state tax IDs

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