Check For Duplicate Content To Improve Your Site 1

Check for Duplicate content to improve your Site

It is effortless for search engines to recognize duplicate content. Google's crawlers read out the content thoroughly and mark the content as either original or copied. But there are high penalties by Google for those web owners who do not protect their sites from plagiarism. So to escape from these penalties, you are advised to take an audit of your content regularly.

Plagiarism may occur if you have no idea to provide a reference in your work of the original writers. It might come into existence if you forget to put quotation marks around the content or a definition you copied from another assignment. Plagiarism also appears in the content if you are utilizing your idea in any of your new assignments.

Cons of duplicated content

1. Harmful for search engine optimization (SEO)

The content will be dismissed regarding its quality. The search engines will drop your website at the bottom of the search results. Penalties are other factors to be considered as a punishment for publishing invalid content.

2. Unfair means of success

When students get great marks or higher grades for submitting plagiarized assignments, their achievements are marked as unfair. The other students who work hard will miss the chance to compete with those who do unfair things.

3. Failure of career

Some of the high-ranked institutes do not waste time to rusticate the students who play with teachers. The dishonest students are no longer kept under the registration. The career of those pupils is ruined in this way.

4. No knowledge

When the teachers ask their students to submit the research work online and submit with copying pasting strategies, they will learn 0% knowledge. In this case, these students will perform nothing in their relevant fields.

Key features being offered by the plagiarism detector

1. Checking via the web address

The user can insert the URL of the domain from which they want to test the plagiarism content.

2. Exclusion of the website's URL

The best plagiarism checker will also enable you to exclude any URL if you would not like to check copyright issues from a specific URL. A plagiarism detector would allow you to add up to 5 URLs in the area given to enter excluded websites.

3. Report and share feature

The users will feel pleased to know that they will download the report of similarity results after uploading the files and clicking the right button. The reports will also be shareable with anyone they want.

4. Uploading from cloud storage

The writer or a student who writes content will be asked to provide the required documents with different methods. The direct method will be used by pasting the copied content into the provided area. The drag and drop option will also be there to use by users. Some tools allow you to upload the content by using a cloud storage option.

5. A list-based report

The report is made up sentence wise. Each phrase is checked as either plagiarized or unique. If the sentence is plagiarized, then it is given a red color mostly. The unique content is also presented separately. The list will help the user rewrite the content in partial sections as the whole content will not reword again.

6. Matched sources

You will click the icon “Matched Sources,” The best plagiarism checker will bring you to the exact sources where your content will be matching. You can also click on the option “Compare.”

Check For Duplicate Content To Improve Your Site

Suggested plagiarism detector free online

1. SearchEngineReports

The main feature provided by this plagiarism checker is that it checks 1500 words for no cost, as other usual plagiarism checkers allow you to check a maximum of up to 1000 words for free. Online Plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports makes all the processes easy for its customers by giving them a comfortable user-interface. Whether you are a student, teacher, or any other kind of writer, this tool will serve you with accuracy and perfection.


This is a strong plagiarism tool that checks the content of around a billion domains providing relevant content. It utilized smart algorithms to prove itself a quality committed plagiarism checker. Its premium tool checks up to 30k words. Multiple user logins are offered by it. The plagiarism check experience will be ads-free.

3. SmallSEOTools

The users will utilize the WordPress plugin if they have employed SmallSEOTools. This plagiarism checker helps you to check 1000 words without any fee. Installing its plugin will not let you go outside to use other tools for plagiarism check. You can verify the results by comparing with the websites after clicking on the “Compare” icon. It highlights the duplicated phrases in red color. The result is displayed in % figures by this plagiarism checker.

So you can use either of these plagiarism checker tools for finding plagiarism in your website content.

4. Copyscape

To access all of its features, you have to pay, but it is undeniably one of the best plagiarism checkers on the market, which provides a lot of useful utility.

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