Fix Your Data Connection on Both iPhone and Android Through These Simple Tricks

Fix Your Data Connection on Both iPhone and Android Through These Simple Tricks

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Do you want to know how to Fix Your Data Connection on Both iPhone and Android? You choose the right place. We are in the smartphone era. At least half of the population has a smartphone, and 90% of those owners have access to the Internet on a weekly basis. Access to the internet is becoming a basic human right, as more and more people are pushing for it. If you’re a young professional, or someone who uses data connection daily, then as much as possible you want to have the fastest internet connection as much as possible. After all, a good data connection can help you work efficiently. A faulty data connection can greatly affect a lot of your online work. It can get annoying in general, right?

In this article, we listed down some tricks for smartphone users to effectively speed up and maybe fix their data connection. Before you panic about your data connection, try these suggestions first.

Restart your device

Data Connection

Restarting your smartphone will not only reset all of the live components that work in the background but also recalibrate your signal to the nearest tower. A restart will automatically connect you to the strongest signal that’s available for your location. If you ever wonder how to fix mobile data on iPhone the fast way, restarting your device is the answer.

The process of restarting your phone will depend on the type of smartphone that you have. For iPhone users, there is no restart option. You have to turn off your phone and on again manually. Select Android devices have a restart option when you try to turn your device off. Newer devices should have this option, as well as flagship devices that have been recently system updated.

Turn airplane mode on and off

Airplane mode was originally intended for when you travel, a mode where it’s safe to use your phones while on an aircraft. But what Airplane mode does is similar to restarting your device, albeit simpler. It prevents data connection from coming in, so when you turn Airplane mode back off, your device will search for the nearest tower. It will give you the most robust signal.

Reset network settings

Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings will only be needed when the options mentioned above didn’t help in fixing your data connection. To do a reset on your network settings, go to your device’s settings, find network settings, then click reset.

On iPhone, you will need to go deeper into the Settings menu, as resetting network settings are tucked under General. It’s the option all the way down. The same is true for most Android devices, depending on what skin of the system you have. Bear in mind that resetting network settings isn’t necessary unless your connection is truly compromised.

If you’re on Low Power mode, disable it

One of the latest features common for smartphones is the option to put it in Low Power mode when the battery is at 20%. This will turn the phone’s connection, settings, and other things to the minimum. Brightness is reduced, auto-fetching is disabled, and fewer connections will be made. This is to preserve battery life until you can charge the device again.

If you want a better, faster data connection even while on low battery, and you don’t mind using the most out of it, disable Low Power mode to get the best data connection you can. Bear in mind that data connection is always dependent on the location you are in, so don’t fuss if you don’t have an LTE connection when you are in far-flung areas.

Disconnect VPN

Disconnect Vpn

VPN, or virtual private networks, privatizes your connection so that your service provider can’t peep on your activity online. This is also used when you want to purposely hide your location, or try to use a location other than the country that you are in. This is all well and good, of course, but some VPNs actually slow down data connection. So check if you are on a VPN, cause that might be the reason why you’re experiencing slow data connection.

There are VPNs that promise to make your connection faster, but most of those actually only work with a stronger broadband connection. They’re only good when you are on WiFi and the connection has already been established.

Do These Quick Tricks To Improve Data Connection

Heed these tricks the next time you have a data connection problem. When all else fails, contact your service provider and let them know your problems with your connection. If you are on a postpaid plan, you’ll have better service. So ask if you are eligible for one, and choose a data plan that’s fitting for your needs. If you have WiFi at home, a meager 5-10GB per month should do. That would guarantee you coverage for checking emails, checking social media, and even streaming videos.

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