100 Free Guest Posting Sites List 2020 For Quality Backlinks

100% Free Guest Posting Sites List [2020] for Quality Backlinks

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Do you know guest posting is one of the best ways of getting quality backlinks? Do you know with only guest posting you can rank higher in Google? I am sure you do that’s why you have come to this post by searching for free guest posting sites list to get unique and quality backlinks.

Nowadays, finding guest posting opportunities is not a difficult task but finding free guest post opportunities is very difficult.

The bitter truth is, most of the web owners want to charge for the guest posts and that has made difficult for those who don’t have money to spend.

But, Don’t Worry!

Because if you are one of those who are looking for 100% free guest post accepting sites then this article is for you as here, I am going to provide you with a list of sites that are accepting guest posts completely free.

The sites which I am going to share will have:

  • Domain Authority (DA) of 15-50
  • Low Spam Score
  • Real Traffic (organic in most cases)

Before I provide you with the free guest posting sites list, let me give you an idea of how you can pitch the topic to maximize the chances of being approved.

How to Approve Your Guest Posts Like a Pro

This is one of the commonly asked questions which newbies ask when it comes to guest blogging.

The answer to this question is…

…all the sites which are offering Guest Posts have their quality Guidelines. You have to read them very carefully and then have to write articles according to their requirements.

It is advisable that before you start writing the article you contact the site owner and pitch the idea. If they approve it then you can start writing because doing so will save you a lot of your quality time.

How to Pitch for Guest Post?

I have seen that most of the people find it difficult to write an appealing email to pitch the idea and if you are also one of those then you can simply use my template.

This will help you maximize the chances of being approved by the bloggers.

Hi [Name],

I hope you are doing well!

I am interested in writing a guest post on your site. So, here I am sending you the topic idea for approval: [Topic]

Please note that I am not a spammer and I don’t like spamming too. So, I will provide you with a high-quality and 100% unique content.

If you are interested in my topic idea, do let me know so I can send you the article for review.

I hope to hear back from you soon with a positive response!

Best Regards

[Your Name]

free guest post sites list

Free Guest Posting Sites List



Now, I am going to provide you with a list of sites in the following niches:



  • SEO & Tech
  • Health, Fitness & Beauty
  • General

DA          SEO & Tech

48    https://blog.monitorbacklinks.com/write-for-us/

41    https://www.linksmanagement.com/guest-blogging-for-linksmanagement/

40    https://www.itechgyan.com/write-for-us/

31    https://theguidex.com/guest-post/

29    https://www.mossmedia.biz/write-for-us/

26    https://incredibleplanet.net/contribute/

27    https://tech4more.com/contact/

24    https://www.mamsys.com/submit-guest-post/

22    https://actiontakingmogul.com/write-for-us/

20    https://www.nettyfeed.com/submit-guest-post/

20    https://www.seolab.org/submit-guest-post/

17    https://nobrain.co/write-for-us/

15    https://digitechkorner.com/submit-a-guest-blog/

DA          Health, Fitness & Beauty

38    https://www.teachworkoutlove.com/write-for-us/

29    https://www.healthglu.com/contact-us/

27    https://www.beautyonfleeck.com/write-for-us/

23    https://weightlossmethods2u.com/submit-a-guest-post/

17    https://www.myhealthcareindia.com/write-for-us.html

16    https://www.healthusablog.com/contact/

15    https://www.allwellnessguide.com/submission-guidelines/

DA          General Niche Sites

37    https://lifeisanepisode.com/accepting-guest-post-guidelines-submit/

27    https://www.inpeaks.com/contact-us/

20    https://www.onmypost.com/contact/

17    https://daisylinden.com/guest-posting/

17    https://www.myinfoexpert.com/p/write-for-us.html

15    https://letsjumptoday.com/write-for-us/

15    https://www.choosebestinfo.com/write-for-us/

15    https://guestnode.com/post-guideline

The Bottom Line!

I hope you have liked this free guest posting sites list. So, if you also want to get backlinks from these sites then you have to submit quality articles to get approved.

Want to learn more about the guest blogging?

Watch this video tutorial to find tons of other high-quality guest blogging opportunities in your niche!

Guest Posting at Scale: Get Tons of High Quality Backlinks


You can also share with me quality sites that are accepting guest posts for free and after review, I will add them to my list.

Need Your Help!

I cannot check the sites regularly so if you find any site not accepting guest posts or free guest posts anymore let me know and I will remove it.

  • SEO is a patience-testing thing and if you need motivation you can read these quotes about SEO.

Lastly, I would like to say that keep visiting my blog because I am continuously adding new guest posting sites to the list and do not forget to share the article with your friends.

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