Geolocation Geofencing To Improve Your Business Productivity

Geolocation & Geofencing to Improve Your Business Productivity

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Two outstanding trends that businesses need to keep in mind in today’s world are the technologies of Geolocation and Geofencing.

Every company operating in the market today needs to employ the right strategies and technologies to help trim the cost of labor.

They need technology that can do this and boost productivity at the same time.

The good news is that there are new and location-based technologies out there that allow time tracking. This means that tracking employee and manager attendance and time is significantly easier.

Geolocation & Geofencing

Geolocation Geofencing

Since mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have invaded our world, new platforms on the internet that allow time tracking has also emerged.

In this article, we will take a quick look at the operation of these tools. We will also look at how businesses can integrate them into their workflow.

What is the Difference Between Geofencing from Geolocation?

Geolocation is a technology that takes advantage of the GPS feature on the mobile devices of your employees. It uses this feature to send a location signal after registering your employees.

If this technology is taken advantage of, businesses can set systems for time management. This system is an online platform where time entries that contain both time stamps and locations are submitted.

Geofencing, on the other hand, takes time management to a whole new level. This technology allows you to set up a perimeter around specific environments like a workstation or your office. This means that managers can now keep track of the movements of their employees as they will be notified when any employee arrives or leaves the office.

This technology can be set in such a way that a notification will be sent to your staff to clock in and out depending on their current location.

One of the ways companies can get accurate data on the location and timekeeping of their employees is to automate time reporting.

Enhanced Accuracy and Flexibility by Using Time Cards

Enhanced Accuracy And Flexibility By Using Time Cards

Online apps that allow attendance reporting and the management of employee’s time are gaining more popularity in businesses with employees that work in the field. Companies that are looking for a more efficient approach for time card submission across different offices also benefit from using these apps.

Company staff can report time entries either through the online app, calling in, or by using a browser.

Benefits of Using Time Cards:

  • Employees have access to more flexibility
  • Companies will have access to more accurate data when time cards are submitted online.

Geolocation allows companies to verify the time clocked in or out by employees with their location during the clock in. This will give them better insights into managing employees and billing clients.

Managers’ Visibility and Reporting Can Be Enhanced Using Geotechnologies

Both the overall visibility of data and manager’s reporting have been significantly enhanced by Geofencing and Geolocation. This means that companies can keep an eye on their employees.

Monitor The Movement of Staff within The Office Building

It also implies that they can use the timestamps to verify the location of their staff when their stamp is submitted. Managers will receive notifications that will alert them about the movements of their employees.

This means that they now have detailed information that will help them know when an employee comes in or out of the office building.

Through the data provided by Geotechnologies, companies can also monitor the movements of their employees within the office building. This will allow them to examine the productivity of each employee. Remember that the aim of employing this technology is to enhance productivity while trimming the cost of labor.

Help To Solve Your Employees Problem

Help To Solve Your Employees Problem

Your company will have access to insights that will help you deal with employee’s problems easily through the information provided by Geolocation. This data will also give you the insight you need to anticipate the needs of your staff.


The best innovations that will help businesses looking for the best ways to enhance attendance reporting and managing the timing of employees are Geofencing technology and Geolocation technology. Since these technologies are location-based, firms can keep a close eye on the time and the location that their employees are working.

They also get adequate insights on when employees visit the office and when they submit time cards.

Another benefit that businesses can gain from Geofencing technology and Geolocation technology is that they can trim the cost of labor. The best part is that they have enough data to manage their employees and carry out necessary audits.

Geolocation & Geofencing The Bottom Line!

When employees know that their company does not only keep a record of their time but also their location, they are challenged to do more. They are challenged to get to work early and leave only during closing hours. As a result of this, the business will improve its productivity a lot.

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