How To Do Guest Posting For Seo And High Quality Backlinks

How to Do Guest Posting for SEO and High Quality Backlinks?

Guest posting is one of those effective strategies which bloggers use to reach an audience that is not easily accessible to them. This is one of those ways that can greatly help to generate traffic to a website.

You can not only get referral traffic with guest blogging but it also helps in improving the SEO rankings in Google and other search engines.

So, if you really want to take your SEO to the next level then guest posting is a must.

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How to Do Guest Posting for SEO?

Let's start learning the whole process step by step…

Search for a List of Top Blogs

The first step is to identify the blogs that accept guest articles in your niche. Most of the time it's only a few that accept guest posts. The blogs must have content that is relevant to your niche so that the audience will be interested in your posts. The best way to find blogs that allow guest post is to make use of Google.

All you have to do is replace a keyword with keywords from your particular niche. For example, ‘' keyword'' ‘'guest post''. You can also start with my list of free guest posting sites.

Write the Post

How To Do Guest Posting For Seo

This is the next thing to do once you have identified a blogging site that is convenient and relevant to your niche. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the content already available on the blog.

Afterward, write good quality and unique content. It should not be a topic that has already been written on. High quality and new content will increase the chances of your post being accepted.

It is recommended…

…you pitch the idea to the site owner and wait for the reply. If he agrees with the topic then write a content. This will saves you a lot of time.

Wait for Approval

Do Guest Posting

Wait for a few days for the blog owner to respond to your request. Don't be afraid of being rejected as you can always submit your guest post elsewhere. You can send a follow-up inquiry if you hear nothing from them after a week or so. If there is still no response, don't give up and try your luck somewhere else.

Capture Traffic

When your guest post gets accepted, do your best to make the most out of this opportunity. Post the best articles and this will definitely capture some new visitors to your website. Also, do not forget to promote your articles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Reply to Comments

Replying to comments is a way of getting feedback and connecting with your readers. You have to be available to respond to any questions and comments made.

It may be disappointing not only to your readers but also to the blog owner if the comments are ignored.

Therefore, always make sure to engage with anyone who comments or has queries about your blog posts.

This step is only for the sites where you have to register in order to submit articles.

Reply To Comments For Backlinks

Guest Posting Final Words!

This is a quick overview of submitting guest posts and getting quality backlinks. If you use this technique properly no one can stop you from ranking high in Search Engines especially in Google.


Does guest posting still work?

Yes, absolutely. Guest posting will help in your business.

Is guest posting safe in SEO?

Yes, it is. You can use it absolutely safe.

How much should i pay a guest blogger?

The standard charge is $50 for a published guest post

Thank you for reading!

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