WeNumber Review: How Does a Virtual Phone System Work?

WeNumber Review: How Does a Virtual Phone System Work

WeNumber Review right here. Virtual phone numbers are the present and future of business communication. They offer holistic calling solutions and make calling much more than just a call answering machine. Almost all major and even small businesses are rooting for virtual phone systems.

What makes virtual phone systems so relevant? How can they practically support in streamlining the entire business's communication? It is important to know what and how they function because they are practically transforming traditional phone systems.

Businesses with 0845 numbers can vouch that how one change to virtual phone systems brought coherence in the work structure. They have the ability to bring all processes in line. With WeNumber, you can attain the best cost-efficient Virtual phone system.

What Are Virtual Phone Systems?

Virtual phone systems are internet-based phone systems. They operate based on a cloud-based server. To operate these systems, you do not need traditional cables or landline installations; all you need is stable internet.

Cloud-based working actually offers a lot of operational advantages. It lessens the dependency on official infrastructure. It offers people to work remotely as well, as all one needs is a stable connection.

Also very flexible in its usage. It can be used on a smartphone with the relevant app, desktop, or laptop. Therefore, it offers extreme flexibility in functionality. As opposed to the traditional phones that heavily depended upon landlines, these are such a welcome change.

Features and Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems

Knowing what they are, it is important to know what they are capable of doing. One must know how the installation of a virtual phone system can bring a lot of operational advantages. Below are some of the core features and benefits of the virtual phone systems:

Easy Setup and Installation

As compared to traditional phone systems that took eons to get set up, installed, and operational, virtual phone systems are super prompt. They can be instantly activated, and if sought from a platform like WeNumber, they can be attained almost immediately.

WeNumber Review: How Does a Virtual Phone System Work

From scheduling technician visits to having hardware issues, cable problems, virtual phone systems combat all these challenges. It is effortless to set up, install, and work on a virtual phone system.


As mentioned earlier, virtual phone systems cater to a lot of functions than just traditional phone attending. The functions it offers actually brings about a lot of time and cost-saving. There are automated recordings that ensure that the right call lands at the right place.

Even if you seek the most basic plan with a virtual phone system provider, you will attain the below mentioned added features:

  • Custom-made greetings and auto-attendant: This feature can inform the callers about the business hours or state the department wise extension. The customer can dial the desired extension.
  • Wait-time music on hold or call transfer: This gives a very professional massage. Instead of wait-time music, there can also be some message about newer service. Customers will have no choice but to listen to the message.
  • Call Redirecting: This feature enables the customer to call to be transferred to another more relevant person who can help out with the query.
  • Call recording: This feature allows the recording of customer calls that can be used later for training the executives. This also ensures that customers maintain their politeness with the agents.
  • International calling facility: Mostly, such a facility is available and devoid of extremely high prices and rates.
  • Call logs: Call logs to contain all vital details of the call consisting of the call date, time of call, caller details.
  • A company caller ID: The personal information of the calling staff is not disclosed, and hence it protects their interests.

Now, these are only basic features. There are also more expensive and better plans that will definitely add value to the business's functionality.

Instant Activation

Virtual phone systems are activated instantly. One does not have to set up paraphernalia or booking and check-in with the technician to install the systems. In the urgent requirement of a communication system, virtual phone systems are the dynamic way businesses need.

The activation is instant, and so is the conduct. As long as there is a stable internet connection, there will be smooth and better calling.

Remote Working

As the virtual phone systems pose lesser dependency on the office infrastructure, they enable remote working. This flexibility offers a lot of dynamism to the calling roles. Despite remote working, it still ensures that work is delivered and communication is smooth.

Virtual phone systems are good at log keeping, recording, monitoring, and overview. While in other roles, it is hard to gauge the personnel's efficiency, virtual phone systems do that efficiently. Every tiny detail of the work done can be monitored.

It also has an array of additional communication features like video calling, chatting, etc. that make remote working more efficient. The employees can stay in touch with each other despite their communication, and the team spirit will continue to sustain.

WeNumber Review: How Does a Virtual Phone System Work? 1

Access from Multiple Devices

Virtual phone systems do not offer operational bottlenecks. If the employee has an internet-enabled device, they can be able to perform their calling function. The devices compatible with virtual phone systems include a laptop, desktop, tablet, VoIP headset, smartphone through an app, etc.

There is a lot of flexibility that is offered by virtual phone systems. They make a very desk oriented role like calling have the dynamic features of other roles.

Monitoring and Evaluation

One added advantage of virtual phone systems is their potential to provide accurate numbers. Whether the business needs to analyze the results of a marketing campaign or evaluate an employee's performance, virtual phone systems bring out the truth in a very accurate manner.

Hence, some major communication strategies can be formulated under such phones. In addition to this, a very informed evaluation can be done of someone's performance devoid of any personal bias. This brings a just and equitable environment in operations.

Conclusion WeNumber

The above features and benefits justify that virtual phone systems are the upgrade that communication systems needed. They are evolved, prompter, and swifter than traditional systems. They further bring a very informed and educative culture to the business.

No new innovating talent likes to work in historical systems. They actually slow down the potential of such employees. Virtual phone systems offer the perfect dynamic platform. Businesses that use 0845 numbers have transformed their business communications.

Attaining a virtual phone number with WeNumber offers further cost-efficiency in terms of plans and choices. It is a great comparative source to see what is out there and which service provider meets your business's requirements in the best possible way.

Bonus video: Virtual Phone System: How it Works – MightyCall WeNumber


Are virtual numbers safe?

Yes, it is. You can use virtual numbers absolutely safe.

How does a virtual meeting work?

It works just like any other meeting individuals cooperate via video and audio, using an internet connection in real-time.

Can you trace a VoIP number?

Yes, you can trace a VoIP number with different methods:

1. Reverse phone detective
2. VoIP service provider
3. Setting up your device to display caller details
4. Using headphones/softphones or using a domain.

Thank you for reading!

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