How to download ES File Explorer on PC? [100% Working]

How to download ES File Explorer on PC? [100% Working]

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Well, you have decided to use and download ES File Explorer. Want to know all about the ES File Explorer? Yup. Then, here is the complete information about the ES File Explorer that you must know.

Want to know more?

Usually, ES File Explorer is a file manager used to transfer files from your mobile to windows through a network of FTP or LAN and a root browser.

This file explorer also includes a feature to integrate the cloud storage, notepad, music player, and a download manager.

Before going to know how to download ES File Explorer on your PC, you should know whether it is worth downloading or not.

Download Es File Explorer

So, dive deeper into the article to know more about the ES File Explorer or Manager.

Is ES File Explorer worth downloading?

Do you know how popular ES File explorer is?

It’s one of the tops apps in the world with the highest download and usage rate. It has more than 500 million downloads throughout the world.

Moreover, it is a free application with added advantages and multiple features in it. So, it’s a highly popular app everywhere around the world.

Where do you store all your important files and documents? Most probably, either on your laptop or on your mobile. Isn’t it?

Have you ever thought of any scams or hackings that might happen to your files and important business documents? Want to safeguard your business details?

Yup. Then, ES File Explorer is the best choice for you due to its extended features and accessible software. This is the reason why people download ES File Manager. And yes, it is with downloading.

Moreover, you can now easily access this file explorer even in your Windows and Mac.

How to download ES File Explorer on Android?

The installation is pretty simple on your mobile. Just go to the “Google Play Store” and search for the file in the search bar. Then, click on the app and tap on “Install.”

That’s it. Your file manager or explorer is now downloaded.

This ES File Explorer is the most important file manager to transfer and access important business files. It supports cloud storage even. This is one of the great advantages of this File Explorer.

Now, it’s time to know how to download ES File Explorer on your PC. Want to know? Here’s how?

How to download ES File Explorer on your PC?

Like you have downloaded on your mobile, it’s very easy to download even on your PC. But do you think is it necessary to download this file manager on your PC? Of course, yes.

If you want to keep all your files secured and safe, then you should download even on your PC. This file manager usually ensures fast access to data and files. Also, store your most important data safely and securely.

Here is the easy installation process of ES File Explorer on your PC.

  • First of all, download LDPlayer to support easy access to the ES File Explorer.

Screenshot (26)

Is LDPlayer necessary? Most probably, this would be the question that pulls your mind. Isn’t it?

Screenshot (51)

If you ask if LD Player is necessary then I would definitely say you a big YES. LDPlayer makes it easy to easily access many features that are available on your Android but not on your PC.Screenshot (30)

So, setting up LDPlayer makes your ES File Explorer most accessible. Usually, LDPlayes runs on Android 5.1 and Android 7.1.

Screenshot (52)

Do you know it makes your PC performance faster than before?

Screenshot (53) Li

To be more clear, LDPlayer makes your average laptop to an Android laptop with all its features in it. So, without any further delay complete the installation process of LDPlayer on your PC.

  • After setting up LDPlayer, open it. And search for the ES File Explorer on the search bar.
  • Then, install ES File Explorer from LDPlayer.

Screenshot (33) Li

That’s it. Enjoy the ES File Explorer even on your PC now. And secure all your personal and business data with easy file transfers.

Is ES File Explorer free?

This is the best part of this file manager. If you are thinking about whether it is free or not, then I must tell you that it is 100% free to use.

That is the reason why it’s used worldwide. However, for premium versions, you should pay a few bucks from your pocket.

However, these premium versions are not so required. As basic versions are contentful and more enough than any other features of the premium version.

Want to use premium features?

If yes, then it costs you an amount of almost $10. Want to know the features of the premium version? Yup. Here’s how?

  1. You can download unlimited files and access them anytime you want.
  2. You can even access the most quality feature for cleaning files and protecting your files.
  3. Zip file extraction is also available along with a professional analysis of files.

If you want all these premium features then go for the premium version of this ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer is the most useful app to safeguard all your files and data. Free and easy to use the app.

However, if you want extra addons you must opt for the pro version of ES File Explorer. You can even use it on a mobile or laptop. Wherever you might use the ES File Explorer all your files are accessed easily.

Is it safe to use and download ES File Explorer?

Recently, in 2019, ES File Explorer has been removed from Google Play Store. It is said that some malicious acts are going on behind this app through various ads and banners while using the app.

Due to fraudulent activities, this app was removed in April 2019 by the Google Play Store. So, experts are advising if you have ES File Explorer, it’s better to uninstall it soon.

However, the company is trying to resolve all these bugs and fixing the issues. If the company fixes the issue then it’s the best app to use for you to transfer and safeguard your files.

So, this is all about the ES File Explorer. And how to download, use, and interesting facts about it.

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