How To Get Microsoft Office For Free

How to get Microsoft Office for free? All methods


Computers have become indispensable in the workplace today, and computer skills are more important than ever. Get Microsoft Office for free, Software applications such as Microsoft Office can increase the productivity of your employees and the entire company. Employees can use it to create a business plan, letterhead, marketing materials, profit forecast, sales brochures, etc.

This software application has made work easier for many employees because tasks can be carried out more precisely and more quickly. Microsoft Office makes basic office tasks easy which in-turn improved work productivity at various companies. Each application performs certain tasks such as word processing, data management, presentations, and organizing emails.

Microsoft has developed several versions of Office that can be supported by various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Microsoft Office is also available in 35 different languages. Many companies, institutions, universities, and individuals rely on Microsoft Office products.

Who Uses Microsoft Office and Why?

Users that favors the Microsoft Office suite typically do so when they find that the applications in their operating system don't meet their needs and expectations. For example, it would be almost impossible to write a book using only Microsoft WordPad, the word processing application that is included in all Windows editions for free. But it would certainly be possible to write a book using Microsoft Word that offers a lot more functions.

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Companies also use Microsoft Office. This is the de facto norm for large companies. Applications included in commercial suites include applications that manage large user databases, perform advanced spreadsheet calculations, and create powerful and exciting presentations with music and videos. Microsoft claims that more than a billion people use their office products. The Microsoft Office Suite is described as a product of widely used software around the globe by the Microsoft team.

Devices that allow Microsoft Office?

To access everything Microsoft Office has to offer, you need to install it on a desktop or laptop computer. There is a version for Windows and Mac devices.

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Microsoft office suite can be installed on tablet devices. While the tablet can function as a computer like Microsoft Surface Pro, you can still access all functions from there.

If you don't have a computer or the one you own doesn't support the full version of Office, you can use the Microsoft Office suite of online applications.

There are also apps for Microsoft Office for iPhone and iPad, all of which are available on the Apple Store while the Android version of the application is available on Google Play. These provide access to Microsoft Office applications, although they do not offer all the functions that you can access on a computer.

Applications Included in Microsoft Office and How They Work Together

Microsoft describes the office as a product that supports 35 different languages and is supported by Windows, Mac, and most Linux variants. Microsoft Office consists of the following applications which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher applications.

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The apps included in a particular Microsoft Office suite depend on the selected Microsoft Office suite (just like the price). Microsoft 365 Home and student includes the following; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Business suites also have certain combinations and include publishers and access.

Microsoft Excel

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A spreadsheet application with tools for data analysis and visualization. New formulas and functions help you to better analyze and visualize your data. Use features like Analysis Toolpak, Slicer, and Formula Builder to save time and focus on the small details. New models help you to be up and running faster. Companies can save, organize, and edit data in Excel. With Microsoft Excel, you can create simple to complex digital data/worksheets.

Microsoft Word

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A comprehensive word processor that lets you use Word to create beautiful, professional documents, session tasks, and more. It helps users create text documents. New features include an improved color scheme, a mobile pencil case, and a focus mode that lets you write without distraction. When you share and edit a document with others, you can use real-time editing and thread comments that appear alongside relevant text for more efficient collaboration. With the improved search tools, you can find and apply information without ever leaving Word. Microsoft Word can be used to create flyers, publications, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It is a standalone application for creating professional multimedia presentations. A graphic presentation program with functions for text effects, sound, and animation. You can create, collaborate, and present your ideas with new slide transitions and the animation role so that you have more control over your presentations.

Thread comments next to your slides allow you to add comments to your presentations. The presentation shows the current slide, the next slide, speaker notes, and while the presentation is only projected on the big screen for your audience. This way you know what to expect and get a feel for how your presentation is going. It also makes creating presentations seamless with a 100% user experience.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft Office personal information management system that is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although Outlook is primarily an email client, it also includes functions such as task management, calendar, contact management, notes, journaling, and surfing the Internet.

It can be used by people with other Microsoft Office applications as well as a standalone application or for organizations, there is a multi-user software via Microsoft Exchange Server or SharePoint for shared functions such as mailboxes, calendars, folders, data aggregations, and scheduling.

Microsoft has also released apps for most mobile device platforms, including iOS and Android. Also, Windows Mobile devices can synchronize almost all Outlook data with Outlook Mobile. With Microsoft Visual Studio, users can create their custom software that works with Outlook and Office components. A time and information manager that integrates email, calendar, contacts, and task lists.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office database management application. This relational database management system helps companies track and report information. Skype for Business is a unified communications client that works with Skype for Business Server and allows users to communicate with each other through instant messaging, voice or video, or two switches between modes. You can use it to collect and analyze data from computers or networks.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a Microsoft Office desktop publishing application that is different from Microsoft Word because it places more emphasis on layout and design than type and proofreading. It is an introductory app for creating and publishing marketing materials. Microsoft Publisher helps you create advanced publications, posters, flyers, and menus.

The Microsoft office publishing program allows people with basic design skills to create a variety of publications on the app. Microsoft Publisher is added in their high-end editions of Microsoft Office suite, reflecting Microsoft's emphasis on using it as a user-friendly and less expensive alternative to “heavyweights” focusing on the software market. small businesses where businesses don't have dedicated design professionals to create marketing materials and other materials


Microsoft OneNote is one of the Microsoft Office products that provides free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It collects user notes, drawings, screenshots, and audio comments. Notes can be shared with other users over the website or dropped offline. A note-taking app that allows you to share different types of content between team members.

As an alternative to a paper notebook, a user can organize his notes. Businesses can use OneNote to organize the data they collect, including handwritten notes, drawings, screenshots, audio clips, and more. With this fantastic digital notepad, you can keep notes, ideas, websites, photos, audio, and video files in one place. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, you can take everything with you wherever you go. Information and data can be shared with other users as well as collaboration can be done by a group of teams. Ideal for homework, homework projects, travel plans, party planning, and more.

Microsoft has designed the applications in the suites to work seamlessly together. If you look at the list above, you can imagine how many combinations of apps can be used together. For example, you can write a document in Word and save it in the cloud with OneDrive. You can create an email in Outlook and attach a presentation that you created with PowerPoint. You can import contacts from Outlook to Excel to create a table with people, their names, addresses, etc.

Microsoft Office Editions

Four major versions of Microsoft Office for Windows and macOS have been released for Office 2021:

  • Home and Student for PC / MAC: Contains only main applications.
  • Home and Business for PC / MAC: Contains basic applications as well as Outlook.
  • Professional: Contains basic applications as well as Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Uses the Windows Installer method for offline installation.
  • Professional Plus: This Microsoft office edition is available via licensing channels. Contains basic apps as well as Outlook, Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business. for online installation, it must be click-to-run.

Microsoft Office Home and Student

For example, the Microsoft edition “Home and Student” is intended for casual users and students. Even teachers will find this issue sufficient in most cases. Another version, “Home and Business”, offers a slight variation that makes the product useful for casual users and students, but adds Outlook.

The idea here is to offer an edition of the product aimed at small business owners or professional home users. Of course, there are Office Professional and Professional Plus for large companies. Office Professional Plus is an integrated set of Microsoft business and corporate applications. Professional Plus includes all standard Office programs (Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) as well as Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business.

Office 2021 Home and Student contains basic applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also included is OneNote, a note-taking app that lets you take detailed notes using text, images, music, weblinks, and more. This edition of Office 2021 is ideal for students, educators, and developers.

Microsoft Home and Business

The Home and Business edition of Microsoft Office contains the most important flagships Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel while the alternative application available is Outlook instead of OneNote, the email management and functionality are more important to business owners than detailed notes. With Outlook, you can track and manage appointments and projects efficiently and get excellent email management.

Microsoft Office Standard

The standard version of Microsoft Office offers you the three main applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Outlook, and Publisher. This can be seen as an expanded version of the Home and Business Office. Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application that enables powerful design layouts for many different types of documents, from newsletters to posters. However, this version of Microsoft Office is only available through volume licensing. This means that the standard version of Office is mainly used for schools and businesses that buy licenses in bulk.

Microsoft Office Professional

The difference between this version of Microsoft Office and other versions is the inclusion of Microsoft Access, a powerful database. If your company needs a database app, this is the version you're looking for. It also includes Microsoft Publisher and does not require a volume license. All three main applications are included with Outlook.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus

This includes the main applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The applications available on this edition include Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business. It is for large companies and high performing business owners with many employees. Volume license for this version only.

Since its release, Microsoft Office has been the leading office suite for home users, students, and businesses. Based on the information provided by Microsoft, more than 1.5 billion users are available worldwide as active users of this product, which makes Microsoft the dominant force in high-performance business suites. Microsoft Office offers a collection of flagship products designed to make your work easier and more professional.

The product offering of Microsoft office suite includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, OneNote and Outlook. With these applications, business users, students, and individuals can benefit from improved productivity and the ability to do more most efficiently. PC and Mac users can also enjoy Microsoft office suite.

Microsoft Office for PC

There are different versions of the product depending on your requirements, and not all versions have the same applications and features. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Microsoft Office and its various versions to compare versions of Microsoft Office software and to help you determine which version is right for you. There is a lot of information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Here is our comparison of Microsoft Office for PC and Office for Mac products.

Microsoft Office suite comprises of office-related applications and each of these applications serves a purpose, which offers the users a specific service offering. A good description of this is Microsoft Word which is used to create documents.

Another example is Microsoft PowerPoint, which is used to create presentations, while Microsoft Outlook can be used to manage emails and calendars etc.


With so many apps to choose from and not all users need them all, Microsoft groups the apps into collections called suites. There are several apps for students, a suite for individuals and small businesses, and a suite for large businesses. There is even a suite for schools. The price for each of these suites depends on the price.

The advantage of the Standard (Desktop) Edition is that it is well suited for a large number of consumers. All-important basic apps are available with Outlook for email and communication management and publisher for simple professional layout functions for office design. This version offers excellent value for money for a wide range of users. So, is it really important which edition you choose?

Yes and no. If you already have a “Professional Plus” version and are a casual user, this is not a problem. The main apps are always the same and work for you. However, if you are an occasional user who is about to buy, the “Professional Plus” version is unlikely to want to spend money on applications you don't use.

Here are some tricks on how to get use Microsoft office for free

  • Use Microsoft Office for free from any of your devices either it's a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can access Microsoft Office for free in your web browser. The webpage version of Microsoft Office is simplified, user's friendly, and also offers a powerful editing experience but it does not work offline.

Users can create/edit/delete documents on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint right from their browser.

To enjoy Microsoft web apps, go to and sign-in/register for free to your Microsoft account. Use any of the application icons of the following (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to get started.

Users can upload files from their computer onto the page. These files are uploaded and saved into your Microsoft account's free OneDrive storage, and you can open/share it with the associated application.

Some limitations are encountered by using the Microsoft web applications, they are not quite as full-featured as the Microsoft Office desktop software application for Windows and Mac as you cannot access your documents offline.

  • Here is another trusted and tested way to get a Microsoft office for free once your trial version has expired.

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 6

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 7

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 8

open the web browser and search the link below

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 9

Copy and paste the information from the link in a new folder and save as

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 10

save the document as text format and name file name as activator cmd as seen in the image below.

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 12

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 13

Launch the named text file while your internet is online, then wait

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 15

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 16

Once the launching is completed, activation was successful will be displayed on your screen.

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 17

Open the Microsoft office to enjoy your Microsoft apps for free.

How To Get Microsoft Office For Free 18

There are other video links on how to download Microsoft office for free below


  • The trial version of Microsoft Office 365 – 30 days

Microsoft offers a free Office 365 Home Premium trial package for 30 days. You can download MS Office 2013 for free and use this test package on multiple PCs and Macs. While this is a free package, you will need to provide your payment details at the time of download. If you forget to cancel the Office 2013 service before the free month ends, Microsoft will charge you $ 9.99 per month.

Office 365 as a trial version available for free for a duration of 30 days. With special care, however, you must cancel the subscription before the end of the month. Otherwise, you will have to pay the monthly fee to Microsoft.

  • The trial version of Microsoft Office Professional and Professional Plus – 60+ days.

If you want to use the free trial version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft also offers a free 60-day trial package called Office Professional Plus 2013. You do not need to provide registration information to download this trial package. Payment. in the case of the trial version of Office 365 Home Premium. So, this is a good point because you don't have to cancel the subscription. It only expires after the 60-day trial period has ended. However, there are some tips you can use to extend your free trial. You must extend the time before the trial package expires. If your free trial expires, you can't renew it.

Microsoft Office is very important for all Windows users, but it costs money. As a user, we are always interested in knowing the methods by which we can get applications, software, or services for free. For the Microsoft company, Microsoft Office software is the real deal, so you won't be able to download and use options like Microsoft Office 2013 for free. However, there are techniques you can use to get Office 2013 without paying a dime. If you are interested in getting the Microsoft Office suite, there are quite a several ways to get it and This article will show you how to download Office for free.

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Microsoft office FAQs

What is my advantage to get Microsoft Office?

This gives business users better access to data so they can get better information and take more useful action. And it improves a company's ability to expect, manage, and respond to changes in the market. Also, teams and organizations can work together quickly and quickly.

Do I need a product key to access the Microsoft desktop?

To access free Microsoft Office software, all you have to do is follow one of the shared video links to use free Microsoft Office apps for each version.

Is any Microsoft Office available for free on the Microsoft office webpage?

To get Microsoft Office for free on, register to use basic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for free on your web browser and These serves the same purpose as Microsoft Office apps that you're used to, but they work online and are 100% free.

How to activate your free office suite via Microsoft office?

  • Open the Microsoft Office program of your choice.

Programs like Word and Excel are preinstalled on a laptop with one year of free office. You open one of them to start the activation. Click Start and enter Word or Excel. Start the program by clicking the icon.

  • Select a Microsoft account or create a new one

You will get an activation screen Before you, then click the green button, you must select the correct email account. Your registered email account must be linked to your Microsoft account since it will give you access to log into Microsoft office in the future.

If you prefer to use a different account? Click the text to use a different account. If you don't have an account yet, create one for free at Is everything in place? Click the green button.

  • Log in and accept the terms.

In the next window, enter the email address you want to link to Microsoft 365, Enter your password then click the Next button available on your screen. If everything goes well, you will now see the conditions. Confirm with the green button. Microsoft Office is now activated and you can use Office for free until the date shown on the top right of the screen.

  • To begin

Once you activate Microsoft Office, you will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the address you specified in step 3. It also contains the activation code. Do not enter it anywhere, but keep it in a safe place. You use this code when reinstalling Windows if you have problems. You can now start using Office. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

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