How to Make Money When You are a Kid? {Updated 2020}

How to Make Money When You are a Kid? {Updated 2020}

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If you are wondering about how a kid could make money, then you must hold your heart carefully in your hands. Because there are many kids around the world who are earning a million dollars annually. 

For instance, Leanna, an entrepreneur at the age of just 9 years. She is the inspiration to all kids that age is just a requirement to achieve your passion. Leanna sells hair gels and other products that she has learned from her great grandmother. Now, her overall turnover is in millions. Approximately $3 million. 

The two kids Sanjay and Sravan created history by running their own gaming company at the age of 12 and 14 years respectively. Till date, these young boys have created several apps. Do you know their apps have more than 35k downloads?

And we cannot even imagine their net worth. Not just Sanjay, Sravan, and Laenna but also there are many kids with igniting minds and earning bucks of money each day. 

Do you also want to make money? Yup

Make Money When You Are A Kid

No worry. There are several streams to make money either online or offline. The key thing to earn money is passion and patience. These two determine your success. However, here are a few streams by which you can make money.

  • Blogging

Blogging is the most popular online side hustle for many people. Wel. What does blogging mean? No. Don’t worry. I will explain to you in detail. 

Blogging is setting up a small online website and publishing informational content on the website frequently. But how can you earn money through blogging?

It’s pretty much easier. Just monetize your blog through ads, banners, affiliate marketing, etc. Do you know there are also many kids who are earning high bucks through blogging?

All you need to do is just select a specific niche and start writing the content for your audience. Within a few years, blogging would be the best career option even. So, start now and begin your career as a blogger.

  • Create Videos

Create helpful videos. Make them more attractive by editing and making a few eye-popping 3D animations. Create your YouTube account. Then, publish them on your YouTube channel. Now all you need to do is increase your subscribers and gain trust in them. 

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Finally, monetize your YouTube account with ads and other promotions. That’s it. But remember one thing, making money overnight is impossible. Rome wasn’t built overnight. 

So, to earn the passive income you must have patience and a strong passion for not giving up what you do. 

  • Become an idea maker

Idea maker???

What is it? Wait. Let me explain to you clearly about it. Actually, in this, you no need to work anything but you have to make others work for you. 

Note down your ideas. Tell your ideas to the right person. And they are going to bring you money.

For instance, you got an idea of making one interesting video. Now you have to find the right people to make that video and edit it properly. For this, you can go to Fiverr or Upwork freelancing websites. And make your work done by others. 

After that, monetize your site with ads and other paid promotions. And earn a few bucks through this unique idea. 

  • Party Helpers

Parties are the most joyful events. Isn’t it? Especially birthdays, which are the most important day for anyone. So, most parents want to make their kid happy by arranging sumptuous birthday parties. 

Not only these parties bring huge joy but also great stress in managing each and everything. This is the time you can offer your client a couple of things. 

Tell them you will take care of small events at the birthday parties. And little cleanups here and there at the party. 

Also, give your clients bonus offers like taking care of their kids while their parents are arranging for the party, etc. Nurture and nudge all your skills to make the party more attractive and joyous. 

  • Sell valuable things on Online

People are lazy nowadays. Aren’t you? We must thank god for online marketing websites. We hardly go out and shop for our requirements. Isn’t it?

However, you can catch this point and sell the things online at eBay or Craigslist. All you need to do is collect your toys, electronics, or any other things. And finally, sell them online.  

If you are confused about the best platform to sell your things, then eBay is the best choice. Because eBay is not only simpler to set up an account but also easier to handle. 

However, you also need your parent’s support to set up an account and to handle shipping services. But don’t worry, mostly you can do it by yourself. 

  • Take care of elderly people

This is really the best way to earn money nowadays. People are very busy in this modernized world. They don’t even have enough time to take care of old people in their homes. So, you can relieve their part of the work by taking care of the elderly. 

For this, you no need to stop going to school. But just make a small commitment with your neighbors. Tell them a few days that you are going to take care of their elderly people.

In this way, you can make money by taking care of elderly people. Also, you can learn a lot from them. And enjoy a lot with them.

  • Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a well-known marketing and social media platform. And no special intro needs to be given for Instagram as it is highly popular. Isn’t it? But do you know many people are making money even on Instagram through sponsorship ads and promotions?

All you need to make money on Instagram is engaging followers. 

Do you know about Mila Stauffer? She attracted more than 333k followers with her unique performances. Can you guess her age? She’s just 3 years old. Cool. Isn’t it?

Instagram has become the hub for making money incredibly. And it’s not too late for you even to make money on Instagram. And believe me, Instagram is vigorously growing and will be growing even in the future years.

  • Take beautiful pics

Are you interested in photography? Even if you are not much interested you can have fun by clicking pics on your tab or mobiles. So, how can you earn money through pics?

Do you know there are many platforms that need your pics? For instance, Unsplash, Pixabay, Shutterstock, etc are the unique pics providing platforms. 

So, just upload your pics on these platforms and earn money from your pics. However, you also require no degree to click a photo. Isn’t it? All you need to have is a good mobile phone or a camera to click pics.

  • Wash vehicles

Washing vehicles is a big task for many people. And most people don’t wash their vehicles for years. So, make an offer for them and earn a few bucks. 

Tell them that you wash their vehicles so clean in exchange for a few dollars. Who would like to resist this offer? Isn’t it? 

Not only this saves their time but also makes their vehicles shine like a new one. So, without delay go out, search for your neighbor, and give them this fabulous offer now. And enjoy your first salary. 

  • Babysitting

This is the most popular work in several countries. In this bustling busier life, it’s harder to take care of the children for many parents. So, you can make them an offer to look after their babies. 

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Do you know how many dollars people charge for an hour on an average? It’s almost $14 per hour. So, you can earn a handsome amount in a few days.

All you need to do is just take care of the baby and make the baby happier and comfortable with you. Make sure you have a medical kit and a few toys for the babies. 

  • Gardening

If you are a nature lover, then this work best suits you. Help out your neighbors in pulling the weeds in their gardens and watering the plants, soiling them, etc. 

Also, make a good deal with them and earn a few dollars daily or weekly depending on your working hours. Make your deal hourly and tell them clearly what you do for them.

To make the work easier you can buy some tools that are required for gardening in Amazon, Flipkart, or from your local shops.

Make money when you are a kid

Still, are you thinking about how a kid can make money? Don’t underestimate the kid’s talent. Do you know kids’ brains work faster and more creatively than the adult? So, success is not about age but it’s all about your passion and desire to succeed in your life.

There are several ways to earn money as a kid. Blogging, washing vehicles, gardening, babysitting, pics selling, video making, ideas selling, and many others. If you sit and think for a while you can dig your money streams.

Just focus on others’ problems and try to solve them in the best possible way. This is how you can make money even at the age of 10.

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