14 Best Networking Tips and Tricks Worth Remembering

14 Best Networking Tips and Tricks Worth Remembering

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In this article, I’m going to discuss with you some of the best networking tips and tricks. But before I go into the detail of this, let me start the discussion with…

What is Networking?

In simple words, it is the information that is shared between you and other people. You can also understand it in another way, it is the name of establishing relationships with other people who become your colleagues and friends as you go through your career.

Building a strong networking community is a lot easier than it seems to be as you know many people already.

Let me explain it to you:

  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • School Fellows
  • College Fellows
  • Club Members
  • People in your Religious Community
  • Social Media Members

First, start with them to build your networking community and then look for unknown people.

14 Best Networking Tips and Tricks

Read these networking tips very carefully as they could change your whole Business Career.

  • Introduce Yourself Properly

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Avoid gravitating to people you know; this is the best professional approach to kicking off things in the right tempo and tone when you arrive at a networking event. Ideally, you should find the host and give your appreciation for the invitation and then find and introduce yourself to new people. Such an approach helps ensure you are in line with your reasons for attending the event.

  • Listen to Others

In as much as the event is an opportunity to market and sell yourself, products, or services, it is wise to keep such at the backseat and opt to listen to what others have to say. Listen to every new acquaintance and get to know them before trying to sell or market yourself to them. The objective of listening is to establish a mutual relationship.

  • Exchange Contact Details

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Always have a few business cards with you; they can be in your shirt pocket, the outer pocket of your purse or wallet, or even the break pocket of your coat; where they are kept in excellent condition and are easily accessible. You should do the same with your phone. Also, consider installing contact management apps to help you exchange contact details with ease.

  • Show Good Intention to Others

Regarding the business cards, you can give it a bit of a personalized touch by penning additional contact info or scribbling a quick note. It helps the recipient have the feeling of not just being handed a business card, but something with a special intention.

Keep in mind that some business cultures, such as those outside of North America, tend to have high regard toward the issuance and receiving or business cards.

For some, like in Asia, this is somewhat a corporate ritual.

  • Try to Establish Personal Connection

When receiving a card, show interest by going over the information on it and scribble something on it to remind you where you met the person. Try and do this as you get acquainted with the person, it helps establish a connection at a more personal level.

  • Talk People With Their Name

When hold conversations, always refer to the other person using their first name. Also, limit user their names to around three times; it will help you remember them. In as much as people like hearing their names mentioned in a constructive discussion, they do not like it when it starts to become the center of attraction.

  • Give Importance to Others

When making the small talk, spend less time talking about yourself and try to ask a few questions about the new contact as you also share about yourself. The objective is to try to learn about each other.

  • Write a Reminder Note

After the conversations, jot something small on the back of the new contact’s card that will be a reminder of what you learned or even where you met.

Alternatively, you can make use of a CRM (Customer Relations Management) app on your phone to record the information for a quick reference when you guys meet again.

  • Show Proper Interest

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Try to show interest in what you share by tilting and nodding your head as you listen and comment. Such body language communicates attentiveness. Do this while establishing eye contact, but be subtle about it; you will be using your eyes to encourage the other person to share more since they perceive you are giving them your full attention.

  • Pick a Suitable Place

Again, eye contact should be subtle and not come across as a ‘stare-down.’ It should be in intervals of around three or so seconds before looking away briefly for a similar amount of time and turning again to establish eye contact.

Pick a place that makes both of you feel confident; a place such as a bar, next to the food stand, or at the main door where there is substantial people traffic.

  • Try to Capture Others Mood

Read people’s movements to avoid trying to approach them when they are headed to the washrooms or are on the phone.

Allow them to attend to what it is they intend to, talk to them once they are done. When making small talk, try to ask a question about what the other person has just shared; it shows you were listening and interest in what they had to say.

  • Meet With the Full Intention

When having something to nibble on during the event, do not have food and drinks in your hands at the same time.

You should have one hand free for shaking hands with others. It is not an eating occasion, but a business opportunity for you to introduce yourself to new acquaintances as well as to demonstrate your networking skills.

  • Try to Mix Up Naturally

Avoid barging to groups of people who are immersed in a discussion. If you are interested in joining the group, first go alongside one or two people and try to establish eye contact with them.

Focus on one or two of the people in the group who are listening, do not make eye contact with the person talking so as not to interrupt them.

  • Make Things Keep Remember

Ideally, the most professional approach is to spark up a conversation with an individual who is standing alone. Such a person may not shy while approaching people to start some small talk but may be open to sharing once advanced by someone else. After you have made new acquaintances, try and get in touch with them two days after the networking event to ensure they do not forget meeting you and the conversation you had.

  • Networking Tips The Bottom Line!

Always remember that networking events are not opportunities to issue out as many business cards as possible or see how many you can get. It is an opportunity to establish new relationships that have promising potential.

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