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8 Useful Online Tools To Improve Your Business Writing Skills

The soul of a business can be seen in what it writes. Whether the business is communicating internally with employees or outwards to partners, every word carries a lot of weight. This underlines the need to produce the best write-ups as a professional or entrepreneur.

However, writing is not easy for everyone. Meanings get lost in the process, and messages are misinterpreted. Avoid embarrassments by engaging a professional dissertation writing service to handle all your assignments.

Luckily for writers and those who desire to produce pristine content, there are numerous online tools to help you produce the most captivating content. A lot of these tools are free. In other cases, the tools come with paid upgrades that improve your quality of writing several folds. Here are excellent writing tools every writer should consider.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly feels like writing with a live editor monitoring every word. You end up with a pristine paper that perfectly captures your ideas and intentions. It corrects your writing in real-time. It will save you from having to revise the work once it is completed. The speed of writing will help you to meet tough deadlines.

Grammarly highlights most of the language errors you are likely to encounter in your writing process. This includes typos, wrong word choices, use of passive language, and incorrect tense. It also produces a report that highlights the common mistakes so that you can work on them. It can be installed directly into word-processing software, making it easy to use.

The basic Grammarly package is available free of charge. Upgrading helps you to access advanced features. The advanced features you get make the upgrade worthwhile. It will also help you to check sections of your work that may have been plagiarized. It is a writing package that combines writing, editing, and plagiarism checking in one application.

2. Read-able

Who can read and understand your paper or document? Is it too simple such that your audience will feel insulted? It could also be too complicated, making the message impossible to decode. Read-able helps you to determine the readability of your message. It is one of the best writing tools because it delivers a clear message.

Read-able focuses on your sentence structure and choice of words. Complex sentence structure makes your work difficult to understand. Readers will also have the same problem if you have chosen difficult words. With Read-able, the words and sentence structure make your documents easier to read and understand. It is one of the ways to protect your message from being misinterpreted.

3. White Smoke

What if you held all your documents in one place after writing? White Smoke helps you to generate the most professional documents that are then stored in an internal database. You can create folders inside the app to separate the documents. It also comes with a search option for easier retrieval of the documents stored in its database.

White Smoke works on devices running on iOS and Android. It allows installation on tablets, laptops, computers, and even mobile phones. It offers a comprehensive package involving a plagiarism checker, correcting typos, and punctuation, among other language-based enhancements. It has a seamless user interface, making it easy to use without direction.

8 Useful Online Tools To Improve Your Business Writing Skills 1

4. Mail Mentor

A lot of the writing tools are based on word processing applications. It has left email writers out of the radar. Mail Mentor comes to your aid with the capability to detect errors on emails and provide correction suggestions. For instance, the app can detect poor word choice on an email and suggest the right word.

Mail Mentor offers a simple user experience where you type the message directly or paste it on the composition box. The app will immediately detect grammar, language, and typing errors to offer alternatives. Formal emails will never come with wrong replies because the message was misunderstood.

5. BPlans

Do you have a business idea and needs help with planning? BPlans is the place to go. It is a platform that captures business plans for all ideas imaginable. New plans are also added daily to reflect emerging ideas.

The site has useful templates that will suit any idea you may have. You also have presentation templates in case you need to pitch the ideas to investors. The platform also provides tips on how to drive your startup to the point where it is profitable. This is the go-to place for young entrepreneurs trying to find their place in the business world.

6. XMind

Businesses of the future are those that take advantage of emerging ideas. However, these ideas pop up when you do not have a pen or notebook around. Writing them on pay could as well mean that they are lost forever. XMind helps you preserve these ideas and order them based on clients and the solutions you will provide.

XMind comes with a free version with minimal features that you can try at the beginning. When you unlock the advanced version, you can use mind maps and narrow down the ideas as you eliminate chaff. You move everywhere with your ideas, helping you to polish them from the platform constantly.

7. Essay Roo

Training materials are difficult to create with every presentation. If there is a way you can renew the materials without having to start from scratch, you will enjoy the role of a trainer better. Essay Roo saves time while helping you to rejuvenate the training materials. There is a team of writers to help you in recreating these materials.

8. Daily Grammar

Are you struggling with written or spoken grammar? Take a few quizzes to boost your confidence in the language. The quizzes are designed for people with varying capabilities. As you graduate from one level to the other, your grammar capability goes up. You communicate with clients and colleagues with ease.

A good writer communicates well, is understood, and will build trust. It is also important to appreciate the damage that may be caused by a single error. With these tools, writing will never be a problem.


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