Dropcatching Placing A Godaddy Domain Backorder

Dropcatching: Placing a GoDaddy Domain Backorder

Do you want to how to know what is placing a GoDaddy Domain Backorder? There are few things more frustrating when you are trying to launch a website or reintroduce one than having the domain name you came up with already taken.

You know from the outset that your chances of getting that domain name are slim, and none.

It might even seem like a better alternative to just come up with another name.

After all, even if the domain name you want expires, you still must monitor the domain name and hopefully snatch it up if the current owner fails to re-up.

If you miss that window of opportunity, you likely have lost the name for the foreseeable future.

That is where the GoDaddy backorder domain process comes in and the GoDaddy domain monitoring back ordering system can help you.

What is a Backorder?

The name explains what a GoDaddy domain backorder is.

It does not, however, explain how the GoDaddy domain backorder team can help you monitor GoDaddy backorder domains or how the Go Daddy domain backorder auction can help you secure the domain name you want.

GoDaddy domain backorder is the system that allows you to snatch up the domain name you want as opposed to having to settle for a domain name you can live with when that domain name comes available.

Placing a GoDaddy Domain Backorder

By using the process for picking up a domain name backorder by GoDaddy when you discover your preferred domain name is taken, you are essentially claiming that domain name if it becomes available.

Backordering is also called “drop catching,” which is the process when a domain name becomes available. That term is important because it describes how the system works:

  • The domain name “drops” and becomes available
  • You get a shot at purchasing it before everyone else

In essence, the system lets you perform a GoDaddy domain backorder review in real-time and prepare for when a domain name is getting ready to become available. Then, before anyone else, the backorder domain by GoDaddy gives you the chance to purchase it.

How It Works

Placing A Godaddy Domain Backorder

Owners of domain names let their agreements expire all the time. To get to that point, they have multiple opportunities to renew their agreement, but for whatever reason, fail to do so.

If you are looking to own that name, the process to backorder a domain by GoDaddy is simple. Here is a quick rundown.

You create an account establishing a backorder claim on the name you want. You pay a fee that is used in part to grab the name you want.

GoDaddy picks up the domain name when it becomes available and agrees to host it for one year. If no one else bids on the name, you get it at no extra cost to you, but if someone does, $10 of your base fee goes to an opening bid.

You get an email explaining the auction and what options you have. You then manage the bid by taking one of the following actions:

  • Hold steady in your bid
  • Increase your bid
  • Transfer backorder credits to another domain name
  • Drop the bid and get a full refund

Pretty simple, right?

Better, there is no risk to you. If in trying to get you a backorder domain, GoDaddy is not successful, you get your money back.

The backorder system even works for those who bid on a lot of domain names. GoDaddy uses the same system to track multiple domain names and bids on them as they open up.

As a frequent purchaser, GoDaddy will also work to secure you the most beneficial payment arrangements possible.

GoDaddy Backorder Can Help You Resell a Domain

It is great for monitoring a domain name and grabbing it when it becomes available, but it is also very good at helping its account holders sell domain names at the highest price possible.

GoDaddy does the following to help you maximize your investment:

  • Provides a tool to assess the value of your domain
  • Verifies that the buyer is legitimate and not a scammer
  • Protects your identity from potential buyers
  • Provides an app for iOS and Android that lets you track your domain names at auction, monitor auction activity, and review buyer history
  • Gives you advice on how to name domains to ensure they sell at backorder auctions

All you have to do is put a name up for auction, and GoDaddy does the rest.

GoDaddy Domain Backorder Limitations

While it gives you the best chance at securing the domain name you want or selling a domain name at the best price possible, GoDaddy cannot predict consumer behavior.

That also means it cannot guarantee anyone will want to purchase a domain name from you or that one you are interested in will become available.

What GoDaddy can do is give you the best chance possible to find the name you want and secure it or sell the name you have at a profit.

Increase Your Chances for Success

SpamZilla helps you identify expired or soon-to-expire domain names so that you can position yourself to purchase the names you want instead of settling for what is available.

That can give you the edge when it comes to naming, branding and grabbing market share, or building a robust online presence.

The company can also help you figure out what names are available worldwide, which can help you pick a name or figure out what names that you own will sell.

Thank you for reading!

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