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When you create a website, it is essential to choose a color scheme that attracts the readers.  Or you may be asked to use a given set of colors to match the company’s logo or theme. In both cases, you need a reliable color selection app.

One way is to memorize all the given brand’s color values and enter them when asked to pick a color. This is a time-consuming task, and why do it when you have the choice of doing it in a much simpler way? Yes! You can use the color picker instead.

With our online tool, you can pick a color from the palette or upload an image and get the  RGB Color, HEX Color, and HSL Color code. These codes you can use in HTML and CSS for website development.

How to Use a Color Picker to Get Exact Colors?

The color pickers featured in image and video editing software can recognize a color through its RGB or HEX (Hexadecimal) values.

A color picker allows you to click on a space that contains the desired color. This color picker then displays this color to identify it quickly and apply it to anything on your canvas. In this way, you can maintain a consistent theme or follow a brand’s color theme. An eyedropper icon indicates the color picker.


Using the Hex Color Picker:

The HTML color picker is a premium web designing tool. It helps you in creating cohesive, harmonious color schemes. You can use triade, tetrad, complementary and analogic options from the top. It also allows you to design your palette from scratch.

To create your palette, use RGB color picker functionality. Now save your chosen color to the palette which is given on the right-hand side of the tool. Finally, type the HEX values in the device to manually adjust HSB and RGB. This will fine-tune your selected colors.

Designers can use this tool as they want. They can try a color palette of their own choice or use it as a predefined CSS color picker.


How it Works:

The color picker tool is designed to help you create, adjust, and experiment with custom colors for your client’s website. It also facilitates the conversion among various color formats compatible with CSS, such as RGB (Red/ Green/ Blue), HEXA colors, and HSL (Hue/ Saturation/ Lightness).

It displays the color in all three standard Web CSS formats when you adjust the desired color parameters. Then a palette for HSV, HSL, and Alpha is generated for the selected color. You will now notice the “eyedropper” toggled between HSV or HSL format.

At this point, you can also experiment by overlapping the colors to create new and unique shades. Then increase or decrease their relative Z value to move them at the front or back of one another.


What are Color Harmonies?

Color harmony is a combination of two or more colors that appear pleasing to the eyes. They are derived from the color wheel and are often called color chords. Color harmonies help create a color palette or can be used as a color scheme on their own.


This online color picker tool helps you to discover the perfect CSS colors for your HTML. Choosing the best color scheme for a project is crucial for its success, and we want to make this process as perfect as possible.

Thank you for reading!



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