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Domain Age Checker

The Domain Age is one of the factors that affect the ranking of a website on search engines. The domain age checker tool helps to determine the exact age of a website and its domain. It takes into account the time when it was first registered until it remains active.


What is Domain Age?

Domain age is the amount of time a domain exists over the internet. It is determined by how old a domain name is. For example, a domain name registered in 2017 will have a domain age of 3 years in 2020.

The domain is the URL of a website. It is an address through which the users access a particular website. The domain age is counted from the time when Google first indexes a specific domain. Thus, companies consider it better to buy “age domains” instead of creating new ones. Adding a bit of Google oomph element to a pre-existing website can help it rank better than creating one from scratch.


What is Domain Age Checker Tool?

Domain Age Checker is an online tool designed to check any domain name present on the internet. It is one of the most powerful tools available on the internet for checking domain names as innovative features power it.

This tool not only tells the age of your given domain name, but it also offers details about the time, day, month, and year when the website was created.


How to find out how old a domain is?

Before making an online purchase or availing of online service, you may want to check that website’s credibility. For this reason, you may want to know how old that website is.

Our Domain Age Checker is a convenient and accurate way to check a domain’s age. You can type or copy-paste the URL in the given space and click on ‘Check Domain Age.’ You will get detailed information about that domain. The checker even provides the day and month along with its year of registration.


Does Domain Age Matter In SEO?

Yes, it does. We don’t have to do anything with the young or old age of domain names. A domain’s age is a significant consideration as it affects SEO. Because it is unusual for new domains to have a substantial number of quality backlinks required to rank on a search engine. Most of the search engines do not rank newly created websites. Therefore, the first few months are challenging for the website rankings in competitive terms.

The knowledge of domain age is essential when you are buying one. With this checker’s help, you can confirm its domain registration date and identify the right monetary value for it. You can also use this tool to analyze your competitor websites’ domain age if you doubt that it is the reason for their ranking on search engines.



You can easily use our Domain Age Checker online, which does not require any registration, installation, or sign-up. The tool does not charge anything for providing you with exact details of a website’s domain age.