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Bulk Domain Authority Checker for free. Calculate domain DA and PA in our domain calculator tool. Define authority of your website to make sure of your rankings.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score created by the Moz. It predicts how well a website will be ranked on search engine result pages (SERPs) based on scores given. Score range from one to 100, wherein the higher the score is, the higher the rank will be.

To get a higher DA score, some factors need to be considered. Included here are the number of high-quality backlinks, quality internal links, the number of unique referring domains, and the overall Moz domain authority. Byt using these factors, DA scores will be released to compare websites and reveal their ranking strength.

Many online users are investing their time, talent, and skills in making websites. As this becomes a job that generates income, website owners would need to level up their overall performance to get higher DA scores.


Authority is one of the big factors that can affect your SEO performance. It has three levels, namely:

  1. Page Authority
  2. Domain Authority
  3. Links Authority

With this, your website will be judged on how trustworthy it is. To define authority better, think of it this way. In every place you go, there will always be authorities that you can count on for problems. But how do these authorities make you count on them? They perform good qualities of citizenship and leadership, thus, making people give their trust to them. That’s how they impose power.

In a country, the national government is considered to have authority. It is because they are regarded as the top officials that the nation could count on for public affairs. They manage the most complex problems and give solutions to them that will reach even the farthest member of the community. And with their political power to control affairs, people trust and follow them. That is also similar to the definition of Authority in websites.

Websites need to establish their authority by building credibility through the information they are producing online. By doing this, your site will be recognized by many users. Thus, it will give you higher chances to attain a high DA score, making your page ranking on a top position.

Authority sites

Authority sites are the ones that are trusted not just by ordinary online users, but also by the industry and industry experts. This kind of site is considered to be a high quality producing page that gives trustworthy information and link to trustworthy sites. With this reputation, the site is considered knowledgeable and informative.

Type of Authority Sites

There are 5 main types of Authority sites:

  1. Government sites. These are the sites that are managed by the government either in your hometown or nationwide. It is one of the most considered top ranking authority sites since information is coming from trusted and elected public officials.
  2. Educational sites. This type of site has gained a considerable amount of trust from many users since most of them are being managed by educational institutions. However, some educational sites are managed by professionals who have expertise in a specific field and teach people about it.
  3. Major brands. If people are going to search for certain products, they will be directed to large brands first. Major brands build their reputation to people and make quite a name for themselves. Being considered a big brand will make you think less of the competition in ranking since you are guaranteed to be on top.
  4. Bloggers. Bloggers can also have authority sites by using their profession. And since they are one of the personalities that can potentially be famous, they get a lot of fans. Their fanbases also take a good part in making them more credible. Having a lot of people that look up to you will gain you more authority, thus, giving you a chance to top the rankings.
  5. News. These are the sites that are managed by media organizations and networks. Just like the government sites, news sites are also one of the most considered trustworthy and top-ranking authority sites. This is because they provide you authentic and first-hand information about the current affairs happening in your country or local area.

How to increase domain authority

Try to get backlinks from the following:

  • High-ranking websites related to your site
  • Potential pages to do well in search
  • Authoritative Domains
  • Naturally- you can do this by publishing research studies, infographics, in depth-content, and other informative content.

If you choose to do it naturally, you might also consider choosing the right target group of audience for your site. You do not have to focus on targeting everyone because not all will be interested in your content unless your site is already a top-ranking one.

You also have to exert efforts on producing a quality of information. With this, you have to keep in mind that your content must be substantial for your readers. The reason why users will visit your site is either out of their curiosity, or they want an answer to their problem. Considering this, make your information as straightforward as possible without missing out on the vital details.

In generating your information, you need to be precise. Being precise means being accurate with your claims, and it can be reproduced by other people. You also need to be objective. In creating informative and research-based content, your emotions and opinions will not matter. The information presented should not be biased. By doing so, you are building a reputation for yourself as someone knowledgeable.

If you also want to be better, you can use SEO Moz tools available online. To monitor your DA scores, you can also look up to domain free calculators online.

While there are things that you can do to increase your domain authority, there are also things that you need to avoid doing. If you want to top your game, do not get a lot of low-quality links pointing to your site. If you do this, your content’s reputation will be ruined.

Do not also resort to commenting spam or any form of manipulation schemes on your website. This type of scam can be detected, and once they are, you will only level down your trustworthiness. Thus, it will make people mark you as one of the sites they will never visit again.

I can recommend this video from Ahrefs which explains everything visually:

Thank you for reading such a long article!