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Word Counter

Most written documents are limited with word count, or if not, it is advisable to have at least a specific number of words to complete what you are writing. In schools, especially in college universities, professors are usually giving the minimum and the maximum number of words required in a specific written task. It is to avoid including details included or to prevent from giving less information than you should have.

If you are an author, you probably have word limitations as well for your articles, essay, report, or book. There is a target for you to follow and to achieve. For sure, you will need an online counter for your papers.

Word Counter Features

Word counter websites are easily accessible online. Since many people are doing their documents online and want to monitor their work’s words, they are using free online counters. What’s more interesting is that many word counter websites online widened their site functions, giving more helpful features for the users.

Apart from counting words, some websites leveled up their service by adding tools to improve specific writings. For instance, many added the features of grammar mistakes detection and plagiarism check. Additionally, some also offer help to improve word choice and writing style.

You might also find word counter websites that have features to see the average speaking and reading time of your text. These kinds of sites help users to estimate time if the text is to be presented in front of an audience, as well as the time it will take for the intended readers to finish it.

If you happen to come across a more quality site, then it might also give you a feature like the reading level of your document. This specific feature will tell you in what level of education can understand and comprehend your work.

Some may also have an auto-save feature that will make sure that you will not lose any changes while you are editing or typing even if you leave the site.

How to use word counter online

If you are already on the word counter site, directly place your cursor into the text box (you can see it either in the middle or in the upper part of the site), and start typing. If you have already prepared a text, you can copy and paste it to the text box. You will see there the number of words increasing and decreasing as you type, delete, and revise them.

Meanwhile, if you do not have an internet connection and are working offline, you can still have a way to count your words without doing it manually. If you have Microsoft Office on your laptop, then you are good to go. Just open Word Document, and you can use it.

Word count in Word is available, but you can access it differently per its version. If you are using an older version of Microsoft word (ex. 2003 version), you can look at your word count by selecting Tools from the toolbar on the top page. From there, select Word Count from the dropdown menu that appears. After clicking it, a box will appear containing information on word count.

However, if you are using the latest version, you can see it at the bottom part of the document on the status bar. For instance, if you want a specific part of your text to be counted, just highlight the words, and a fraction of the total number of words will be shown.

Character Count

Aside from word counter, character counter online tools can also be a huge help for students and professionals, especially when submitting written materials online.

College universities often put character limitations for written task submissions. To monitor this, many students are looking for character counter online. If you are also looking for tools to be used even when you are working offline, then you do not have to worry. Many word processing programs provide a feature to determine the character count in a text.

Here is the list of software you can use:

  • Microsoft Word 97 to 2002
  • Microsoft Word 2007 to 2010
  • Microsoft WordPad
  • Open Office
  • Abiword
  • WordPerfect
  • Google Docs

These character counting tools may also provide you additional information, such as the character count with and without spaces.

Meanwhile, aside from written works and assignments that require character limitations, there are also social media platforms that limit status to a specific number of characters.

Social Media Character Limits Guide

To be guided on your social media postings, here are the listed maximum characters for each:

Facebook characters limits

  • Facebook Post- 63206 Characters
  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Text- 90 Characters
  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Headline- 25 Characters
  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Link Description- 30 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Text- 90 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Headline- 40 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Link Description- 20 Characters
  • Facebook Canvas Ad Body Text - 500 Characters
  • Facebook Canvas Button Text- 30 Characters
  • Facebook Context Card Headline- 45 Characters
  • Facebook Lead Gen Benefits Text- 25 Characters
  • Facebook Lead Gen Button Text- 25 Characters
  • Facebook Lead Gen Custom Question Text- 50 Characters
  • Facebook Lead Gen Privacy Policy Link- 100 Characters
  • Facebook Lead Gen Disclaimer Title- 60 Characters
  • Facebook Collection Ad Headline- 25 Characters
  • Facebook Ad Image- 20% Text

Twitter characters limits

  • Tweet- 280 Characters
  • Twitter DM- 10000 Characters
  • Twitter Handle- 15 Characters
  • Twitter Profile Name- 20 Characters

Instagram characters limits

  • Instagram Caption- 2200 Characters
  • Instagram Bio- 150 Characters
  • Instagram Username- 30 Characters
  • Instagram Hashtags- 30 Hashtags

LinkedIn characters limits

  • LinkedIn Company Update- 700 Characters
  • LinkedIn Company Name- 100 Characters
  • LinkedIn About Us/Summary- 2000 Characters
  • LinkedIn Page Name- 50 Characters
  • LinkedIn Company Leaders Headline- 150 Characters
  • LinkedIn Employee Testimonial- 400 Characters
  • LinkedIn Custom Module Title - 150 Characters
  • LinkedIn Custom Module Body- 500 Characters
  • LinkedIn Custom Module URL Label- 70 Characters
  • LinkedIn First Name- 20 Characters
  • LinkedIn Last Name- 40 Characters
  • LinkedIn Recommendation- 3000 Characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing Post Headline- 150 Characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing Content- 120000 Characters

Pinterest characters limits

  • Pinterest Profile Name- 20 Characters
  • Pinterest Bio - 160 Characters
  • Pinterest Username- 15 Characters
  • Pinterest Board Name- 100 Characters
  • Pinterest Board Description- 500 Characters
  • Pin Description- 500 Characters
  • Maximum Number of Pinterest Boards- 500 Boards
  • Maximum Number of Pins- 200000 Pins

YouTube characters limits

  • YouTube Video Title- 70 Characters
  • YouTube Video Description- 5000 Characters
  • YouTube Playlist Title- 60 Characters
  • YouTube Tags- 30 Characters Per Tag and 500 Characters total<

Word and character counter is always available online. Students and professional writers can access it through online sites. Also, if you are into social media postings, be guided to their character limit posts so you can write better.