The Best Premium Web Hosting For A Fraction Of The Cost

The Best Premium Web Hosting for a Fraction of the Cost

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So, you want to use premium web hosting, but can’t pay too much? You choose the right place. Technological advancement and internet penetration to most parts of the world have seen a business-changing approach. The physical location of a business is no longer a swaying advantage; going digital is the in-thing. Companies are positioning themselves online to tap into markets outside their jurisdiction. The move necessitates online presence, mainly with a functional website. If you are thinking of a website for your enterprise, then web hosting is a service that goes with it.

An excellent web hosting service should keep your online business presence constant, with web visitors having an easy time on your platform.

You need to avoid downtime at all costs since it is a costly affair for your website and business. A good website must be accompanied by an excellent web hosting service; otherwise, your website will remain unreachable most of the time, or at best take too much to respond to an execution. You wouldn’t like any of that, would you? Apart from reliability, the cost is an aspect you can’t ignore if you can get the best for cheap, why not? There are a plethora of many web hosting services out there, but do they fit the bill? Let’s look at Hostinger and why you should consider having it as your website host.

Hostinger at a glance

The company started in 2007, offering free hosting services without advertising. The service then went commercial in 2011. Come 2014, Hostinger had over 10 million people in its user base. At the beginning of 2017, the user base had grown over 29 million users. That is tremendous growth in a decade. There is something the company must be doing right. Business startups are the primary beneficiaries of this web hosting service.

But why should you opt for Hostinger over the myriads of other web hosting services?

  • Hostinger is Cheap

Talk of a cheap website hosting service and Hostinger will bag almost all points on the table. The introductory price starts by setting Hostinger apart from other web hosting service providers. The low price does not mean that it doesn’t have premium features. It has, only that it comes at a fraction of the cost being charged by other premium service providers. If your business is just starting, Hostinger will deliver the best value for your cash.

You get the single shared hosting at $ 0.99 per month as an introductory price. Unbelievable as it may seem, the introductory price gives you one website, one email account for your business, 100 GB worth of bandwidth, an SSL certificate at no cost, and allocated resources (1X). Below is a screenshot from the company’s website with more pricing details for different plans.

Hostinger Is Cheap


If you are starting, this is the ideal hosting service for you. The pricing of the packages is unbeatable.

  • A solid guarantee of uptime

Besides the price, the uptime of a web hosting service provider is a critical factor to consider. There is no need for subscribing to a hosting service that will keep your website offline or unreachable most of the time. Many people may not value web host uptime that much, but it is a deal-breaker for a business. You will lose potential sales due to downtime. Google ranking also goes down with downtime moments, which will hurt your business. Nobody wishes to walk that path.

Hostinger scores pretty well on the uptime test. An uptime guarantee of 99.99% should give you peace of mind for your website uptime. When potential customers visit your website, they are sure to find you. Should your website uptime go below 99.9% because of faults caused by Hostinger, you are entitled to a 5% cashback on your monthly cost. That is a company worth its salt.

A Solid Guarantee Of Uptime

  • Hostinger is fast

Your website pages should be able to load as fast as possible. This is where web hosting speed becomes crucial. Customers are mostly impatient when online, a delay in results on a click will cost your business that customer. After all, the market is always full of options. Besides, the more a page takes to load, the more probable that search results will bounce. This is neither useful to you nor your website visitors. A customer will expect your web pages to load in a second or less! The average worldwide speed for Hostinger is 165 ms, which scores well against Google’s recommendation of 200 ms.

What’s more? The company has six data centers strategically located across the world. They are in Singapore, Indonesia, Netherlands, Brazil, EU, the USA, and an additional one coming up in Lithuania. A data center proximal to your customers will serve you well.

  • Cache manager for faster loading

Loading speeds are critical to a web hosting service. Hostinger ensures faster loading speeds by utilizing a Cache Manager. All you need to do is enable the cache manager on your website and voila! Your speeds and loading time are improved

  • A User-friendly dashboard that allows for customization

Do you know of a web hosting service that is bold enough to mess with a cPanel’s UI? Hostinger is that bold but still managed to execute it perfectly. Your dashboard comes branded in a hPanel as customized by Hostinger. The dashboard is neatly arranged and easy to navigate. Everything is just in a place with minimalistic icons. Even with little user experience, the hPanel should not give you problems. Much credit to the UI team from Hostinger and the UX team, the customized dashboard couldn’t have come in a better way.

  • A responsive Support system

Solutions to problems should always be within the rich for an efficient business. Communicating with the support team of a web hosting company can be a pleasure or a nightmare. An inefficient and inept support team will cause you to curse and throw profanities, yet there is no solution in sight, exposing you to the loss of customers. An ideal web hosting service should have a knowledgeable and responsive support system for its clients. You won’t go wrong with Hostinger; you can reach them via tickets and chat service, which gets replies within a few minutes. Not only are they prompt and knowledgeable, but they are also fun. The support interface is also beautifully laid out.

A Responsive Support System

Hostinger has four support centers serving 20 countries, so you may just be served in your native language for effective communication.

  • Free domain

If it hasn’t occurred to you, especially startups, a domain name should be in your shopping list when looking for a web hosting service. A combination of such little expenses can be significant in the end for small businesses. Hostinger shields you from buying a domain by giving it free as part of its web hosting package. However, if you want to have WHOIS protection for masking your identity while online, it doesn’t come with the package.

Focus on the brighter side; there is a free domain which is uncommon with web hosting services. WHOIS protection is just $ 5 per annum and is worth it.

Free Domain

  • Endless features

Hostinger is not yet done with a range of amazing benefits for you. If you choose to go for the premium plan, you will enjoy endless features under the package. Under a single account, you can create as many websites as you want and have unlimited storage with SSD. Besides, high traffic on your website will not cause a downtime courtesy of the unlimited bandwidth. With the premium package, should you require multiple email accounts, you can create an unlimited number of email accounts. Unlimited Cronjobs are also part of the premium package.

  • Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is famous across the world for offering unmatched content management services for websites. Hostinger ensures that you can get your website running in the shortest time possible with WordPress. You also get multiple plans under WordPress based on your user needs.

Hosting For WordPress

Which package do I choose?

The selection of an ideal package for your website hosting will largely be influenced by your business needs, among other factors. Are you just starting up? How many email accounts does your business require? What size of bandwidth would you prefer? How many websites do you need to create? Do you need WordPress Acceleration and daily backups for your date? What is your budget? Your answers to the question will determine which package you settle for. If you can afford it, the Business Shared Hosting package will serve you better: –

  • You can create unlimited websites under the package
  • You can create as many email accounts as you need
  • You get daily back up to your data
  • A free domain with an SSL certificate
  • Free WordPress Acceleration
  • Two times the allocated resources
  • Unlimited bandwidth

All the above come at $ 3.99 per month, which is worth consideration. It is the most popular among the packages.

Premium Web Hosting Bottomline

From experience, many web hosting companies end up being disappointed with their level of service. Hostinger offers you premium service at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. If you have a high traffic website, you are still covered with the unlimited bandwidth packages. Hostinger also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee should you be disappointed in their service. Who wants to lose a customer after onboarding? I am sure you don’t, and neither does Hostinger. You can join with a discounted offer through

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