Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups

Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups

Find SEO plugins or online startups right here. WordPress is trending over the internet for developing and designing websites. The basic reason behind the success of WordPress is the feature of Drag & Drops.

WordPress contains a lot of amazing features that let startups to build a website easily. You can easily add some of the amazing features through WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress plugins are very amazing because you have to download and install them into your WordPress site. It performs your desire actions according to the plugins.

There are more than 50,000 plugins that are currently active on their website. Most of them are free, but some of the premium plugins/services are paid.

Whether you are creating an eCommerce site or a blog, WordPress plugins will always help you make your website creative.

Why are plugins important?

There are numerous types of WordPress plugins that are currently active and used by users. WordPress offers its users to edit some of its plugins to make it according to their desire.

You can also upload your plugins for installation on the WordPress site. There are different reasons why WordPress plugins are important. First of all, the plugins are used to perform different functions to enhance the working of WordPress.

If you are using WordPress to develop e-commerce, you can use eCommerce plugins to make it functional.

Similarly, if you are making a blog WordPress, then there are thousands of plugins for your blog, like SEO plugins.

Whether you need to develop a contact form, increase the SEO score, or maintain the website's speed, WordPress plugins will always help you.

Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups

Yoast SEO

Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the top SEO plugins to use on your WordPress website. Yoast SEO provides you the features of optimizing your website for SEO.

Following the tips of Yoast SEO plugins, you can rank your article in search engines.

Yoast SEO helps you in adding the title and description to a page or article. Moreover, it reminds you to fulfill all the requirements that are necessary for Search Engine Optimization.

The Yoast SEO contains the analyzing tools that provide you the tools after analyzing your context.

These plugins not only analyze your SEO practice; instead, it also analyzes the readability level of your article. It helps you to improve the readability of your article.

The Yoast SEO plugins are free of cost to use for beginners/startups. However, there is a paid premium version of Yoast SEO plugins that contains advanced features for WordPress owners.


Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups WooCommerce

If you plan to make an online store on WordPress, then the WooCommerce plugin is the best option for you. It contains maximum customization for its users.

Once you install it on your WordPress, you will have the option of changing the settings. WooCommerce plugins can change the currency, language, layout of the product, and other things according to your desire.

WooCommerce is the most used plugins for online stores. The basic reason behind it is the feature it provides.

It automatically turns a simple website into an eCommerce site. You need to install it for free while the paid version is used to enhance your store in a premium way.

This online store plugin also features comments, customer reviews, a cart, a checkout page, and a search box.

In this way, we can say that these WordPress plugins are providing a complete eCommerce solution.


Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups PrepostSEO

Prepostseo is one of the amazing WordPress plugins for SEO and other article optimization.

It provides the optimization for SEO, but it also offers the option of checking the plagiarism in the content.

Besides, this also checks the grammatical mistakes in your mistakes and corrects them.

Prepostseo plugin contains some other features like words and character counter in your current post, broken links analyzer, and SEO score.

Talking about the SEO of these plugins, then you should know that these plugins suggest you the best option for increasing your SEO strength.

In this way, you can easily increase your Domain Authority along with the page authority.

W3 Total Cache

Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups W3 Total Cache

We know that the site speed affects the SEO of the website in search engines. In this way, you need WordPress plugins to decrease the loading time of your site.

However, some plugins store the data to provide back quickly when it is required.

One of the most popular and efficient plugins for this task is W3 Total Cache. Once you install it, you will see that your ranking is improving automatically, while you will also feel a boost in your site's conversion rate.

Contact Form 7

Top 5 SEO friendly WordPress plugins for online startups Contact Form 7

Whether you are making an online store or a portfolio website, you need forms to get user detail. Most of the time, these details are required for contact details or registration purposes.

In this regard, Contact Form 7 is one of the best and popular WordPress plugins that offer the development and designing of the forms for your site.

Remember, these plugins offer customization as well as it's completely free for all the users. It also features Akismet and reCAPTCHA to prevent the span comments and details.

Seo Plugins Conclusion

Most of the WordPress plugins for free of cost and are easily installable. It would be best if you considered the top-rated plugins for your site.

This affects your site because these are updated and highly supported. You should install the plugins according to your website's requirements.

If you are unable to find the plugins you need, you can also hire to develop the plugins.

Before downloading and installing plugins, you should go through its features and comments.

This lets you know the pros and cons before installation. Remember, some plugins exist that can harm your website or even let your website down.

In this way, your SEO will be highly affected, and your ranking will be decreased in the search engine.

You can easily uninstall these types of plugins, but the ranking factor will not be easy to maintain.


How to do on-page SEO in WordPress?

WordPress offers many useful SEO plugins for on-page optimization. Two most popular one is:

Yoast SEO (free).
SEO writing assistant (paid).

What does SEO stand for in web design and development?

There is strict guideline a developer or web-designer need to follow to be ranked well in Google. That includes site structure, website loading speed, size of fonts, amount of words, and many other factors.

Is SEO a good career?

Yes, it is You can earn a lot of money and you will have a good career

Thank you for reading!

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