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Unblock torrents with Torrentz2 Proxy for free movies

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Torrentz2 ( ) Search Engine

First of all, torrents itself are not illegal, you need to remember that. BUT when you download something with copyrights, you will break a law. Most probably.

But, as we all know, we use torrent only to download copyright-free movies, so I can continue.

It is not a surprise, internet is full of torrent sharing platforms. But if you once searched for not so popular movie, you already felt the pain of searching for different torrents websites in the hope to see that perfect movie.

Never again! Torrentz2 or works as search engine, which search files in  100+ popular torrent platforms. This “Google of torrents” is really a savior for people who don’t have money to pay for that $10 cinema tickets every time.

You may find almost everything here and it would be organized nicely by categories.

Torrent Categories

So you don’t need to roll over plenty of crappy websites full of ads and phishing.

Don’t believe me? Well, check it yourself by visiting

Not working? Surprise surprise! Governments don’t like to miss taxes from movie selling and actively ban and block torrent websites.

So what to do? Thanks god, “free coders” are always 1 step ahead, so we have Torrentz2 proxy to avoid such a misconception and finally watch that hollywood movie where Silvester Stallone fights alone versus 10 bandits, that one with car exploding..

Please use proxy list below to download movies and TV shows for free.

Torrentz2 Proxy List. Manually checked, 100% works.

Oh my eyes, I checked 42 links one by one. Most of them do not work despite promises at webpages where I took them from. It may be temporary, so I will add not-working proxy too. Maybe they are just blocked in my country, but will work fine in your. Good luck!

Torrentz Proxy/MirrorWorks? captcha interface in my country

Couple more words about search engine. I marked it offline, because it is really offline for me. But I am located in Europe now. It is very popular link so I assume it should be live for visitors outside of EU, such as India or USA.

How to Unblock Torrentz2 using VPN

Do you want to be safe and use only official torrentz2, not a proxy? Well, you have 1 solution – VPN.

  1. Install VPN software on your computer. You may use Namecheap offer 1 Month of VPN for free
  2. Enable VPN, go to torrentz2 or
  3. Browse and download your favorite torrents for free.

Torrentz2 Alternatives

Searching for sites like Torrentz2? We have some!



How do I download movies from torrentz2?

3 easy steps to download movies or TV shows from torrentz2:

  1. Download uTorrent or qBittorrent
  2. Open torrentz2 website. If not working – use proxy from this article
  3. Find needed movie in search field.
  4. Make sure it has at least 1 seed.
  5. Click on magnet icon or download button.
  6. Enjoy with popcorn ( or without).

Where is torrentz2?

It’s here –

Wikipedia says headquarters are in Finland. But you can download content from any country in the world.

How do I download series using uTorrent?

5 quick steps to download files for free with uTorrent:
  1. Get uTorrent. It is free downloading app.
  2. Find a source. Torrentz2 is good enough..
  3. Find a file. It can be TV show eposid, movie or excel file. Just remember you need more than 1 seed to download file.
  4. Download torrent file (magnet icon).
  5. Seed the file. Keep the file on your computer with uTorrent running so other people can download it too.

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