Like and Subscribe: Twitch Facts You Should Know in 2020

Like and Subscribe: Twitch Facts You Should Know in 2020

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Twitch is known to be the world’s biggest and most famous live streaming platform for all kinds of gamers. Here you will find useful Twitch facts. With more than a million streamers streaming daily, there is a small something that everyone finds enjoyable on the platform. But what makes this live streaming platform so popular? Let us help you shed light on the matter with these Twitch facts.

Twitch Facts: Twitch Daily Users

Twitch Facts

Twitch has over 15 million users each day, making it have the same number of people in Chicago and New York City combined. The Twitch platform’s activity each day has extremely increased since the first few months of 2017.

Record Holder

Twitch is the record holder for having the world’s biggest audience in a live stream in 2017, with 436,000 viewers watching the live premiere of Activision’s Destiny 2 and Bungie. This has set the world record for having the biggest live audience watching a single live stream and is still the current record holder today.

Twitch Video Count

The Review stated in 2017 that the live streaming platform has over 124 million videos that have been uploaded on Twitch and are still increasing in numbers. These videos have been watched for 1.7 billion times.

The Kappa Emote

The Kappa Emote is the most famous Emote on Twitch, an icon of the former employee of, who was to set up the chat client for the website. Twitch streamers and viewers use the Kappa Emote to convey a sarcastic expression while streaming. Caldwell even stated that the Kappa Emote is so popular that it is a rule to know what it means.

The Most Popular Game On Twitch

The most popular game that is streamed on this platform has been given to the League of Legends in 2019, which attracts over 125.65 million hours of viewing on Twitch. With the recent 10th anniversary and the tournament for the League World Championship, the number of viewers has increased by 62% from September to October. 

This number only shows that hardcore fans of the game were growing in excitement and anticipation while waiting for the tournament that will happen in November. So, are you one of these fans who watch online streams of the game League of Legends?

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

There are some requirements before you become an affiliate for Twitch, and if this is your goal, you must at least meet the base requirements. These requirements have a minimum total time of 500 minutes for the last 30 days, and seven unique streaming days with identical time frames. Twitch also demands the users to have over three viewers while streaming, and 50 followers to be a certified Twitch Affiliate.

Hosting Other People’s Live Channels

Twitch host mode permits you to broadcast other people’s live streams on their page. This can be done using the embedded player found on a different website that directly works on Twitch. This feature is usually used to assist other streamers in promoting their channel to garner more viewers.

Owned by Amazon

The live streaming platform, Twitch was officially founded in 2006 by three people, Justin Kan, Emmet Shear, and Kyle Vogt. The company was acquired by Amazon back in 2014 and is now a subsidiary of Amazon.

Viewers Donation

Viewers can donate to various streamers in the currency known as Twitch Bits. These are streaming platform’s known currency, which starts at $1.40 for a hundred Bits. In doing so, you are helping the streamer improve its content and live channel.

In 2018, Fortnite was the most frequently streamed game on Twitch, which surpassed League of Legends. It became the hottest game to stream on other streaming platforms, and not only Twitch. 

Twitch Channels

Twitch Channels

There are more than nine million channels found on Twitch, and the user rate has significantly increased since 2019. With the steady increase in users, the amount of content found on Twitch seems to be a bottomless pit. On average, over 64 thousand broadcasts are being streamed simultaneously.

Username Change

The streaming platform only allows you to change your username once every 60 days with no charge. There is a catch, though, and you would lose all your stats when you change your name. To avoid this loss, export all your data in advance before deciding to change your name.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Compared to the previous quarter of 2020, the viewership rates of Twitch has escalated by 23% because of the pandemic resulting in people staying at home and watching the streams.

In contrast to other streaming platforms, Twitch remains at the top of the ladder by an enormous amount.

Twitch Facts Takeaway

In the simplest terms, Twitch can be explained as a live streaming platform for both gamers and non-gamers to watch. So, what do you think about these Twitch facts? Did they get you curious and wanted to know what videos they offer?

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