How To Use Instagram Like A Pro For Your Business

How to Use Instagram Like a Pro for Your Business?

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With this guide, you will learn how to use Instagram like a pro. If you want to become an expert and want to know how to use Instagram properly, start following these helpful tips because they will surely make a difference.

Anyone (beginner or expert) can implement these tips and get the full benefits from Instagram.

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How to Use Instagram Like a Pro?

Before we go into the detail of this, I want that you see this beautiful infographic by makeavideohub to learn some of the amazing stats, figures, and facts of Instagram for 2018.

I’m sure you have liked this infographic.

Now, let’s get into the detail of how to use Instagram like a pro and get maximum benefits from it.

1. Take the Best Photos

You need to have high-quality photos if you want to have success on Instagram.

A simple way to make sure you are taking some of the best photos to use on the social media site is to take square pictures from your smartphone.

When you take square pictures, you do not have to worry about making adjustments to the photos before posting them, which is certainly convenient.

You can use your Instagram page to get more people to check out your website by including a link in your bio. Rather than pasting the entire URL into your bio, create a shorter link for the site that fits perfectly with the rest of the information you have added to your bio.

If you are not sure how to shorten the link to your site, the eClincher app will make it possible for you to do so with ease.

3. Use Instagram Explore

Use Instagram Like A Pro

If you want to find out what is trending, the Explore feature on Instagram is going to be your best friend. You can quickly find out which hashtags are currently trending and then use some of those hashtags when you post your own content.

Of course, you should make sure the hashtags you are using relate in some way or another to what you are offering or what your brand stands for in the first place.

4. Ask For Email Addresses

It is great to have followers on Instagram, but you should try to connect with these people in other ways.

For example, you may want to add them to your mailing list so that you can send out messages to them when you are offering deals and discounts.

If you want the email addresses of your followers, all you need to do is ask and many of the followers will provide you with their details.

5. Switch Up Your Content

Do not be afraid to switch up the content you are posting on Instagram. Add some high-quality photos and then add some short videos for people to watch.

People often enjoy watching videos because they are even more engaging than photos and can quickly help you get more people interested in the products or services you sell.

6. Tell a Story

It is possible to tell a story about your business through the art of posting different pictures and videos. It is a great way to get your followers to relate to you even more. Instagram, can be a game-changer for marketers according to Agency2 – so make the most of it.

7. Create Content That Is Worth Sharing

Make your content worth sharing by making it interesting and providing something that is useful to viewers. In addition to posting a captivating photo or engaging video, add a decent quote underneath it and use the right hashtags to make it easier for people to find what you have posted and then share it if they want to.

8. Pay Attention to Others

Visit the Instagram pages of your competition as well as your followers to find out what types of things they are doing and what types of things they are interested in the most.

You need to get a feel for the content that is being shared by your competition so that you can get even better ideas for your own Instagram page.

You may even want to consider working with some influencers because they have such a large following on social media sites.

9. Keep Things Organized

Remember what you are posting and when to post different types of content to get the most views. You can check out the editorial calendar and use it to your advantage to stay on track of everything you are posting on the social site.

10. Get an App That Helps

Some apps are available to make using Instagram and social media sites a breeze. If you would like to schedule posts and receive help with other Instagram-related tasks, you should download an app that can make such a difference for you, such as the eClincher app.

Get An App That Helps

Use Instagram Like a Pro The Bottom Line!

Nowadays social media marketing is growing very fast and if you learn properly how to use Instagram or any other social network, you cannot imagine how far you can take your business.

This would definitely help you a lot in increasing your customers and sales.

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