Website design that increases your traffic and makes the audience stay

Website design that increases your traffic and makes the audience stay

When you create a new website, your first and foremost desire is to attract as many customers as possible. The content created can be cutting-edge, attractive, and exciting, but the clients still may find it challenging to find your site and look into its appealing suggestions. Apart from that, the unsuccessful design choice with eye-disturbing colors or non-intuitive menus might cause individual users to leave. The following material aims to help you avoid the most common design issues related to site-building that make some part of your audience go.

Website design that increases your traffic and makes the audience stay

Is the view so necessary?

You may not realize that, but your website outlook might cause more concern than you previously thought. Pay attention to how your website looks and what kind of templates, fonts, and backgrounds you chose. First impression matters as much as the content itself, so make sure you avoid some of the typical mistakes the beginning website creator faces. There are several aspects you may consider:

1. Avoid disturbing color and font palette

This might not be an apparent reason for low customer demand for your website. Still, the professional website builders highly advise avoiding extensively bright color combinations and dark background tones. The average user spends way too much time in front of their mobile device or a computer to bear additional eye tension.

Therefore, consider lighter and softer tones for the eyes of the potential reader. For example, the Volusion website builder might help observe what e-commerce templates, colors, and fonts can best suit your purpose. So, the darker tones should remain only if they are crucial for the product style or fully relate to their recognizability.

2. Suit your content for mobile devices

This trend is not new, but it's highly advisable to make your site respond to smartphones and tablet PCs. As many users are currently on the road or the run, they would have many more possibilities to attend to your website from their smartphone screens. BrightEdge research suggests that up to 57% of modern traffic went mobile.

Therefore, there are no other options rather than comply with this consistently growing trend. The new audience will spend fairly long minutes in the traffic jam trying to figure out how your site looks without optimizing. Ensure that your site looks the same/similar during this optimization so that users will not be bewildered by its unfamiliar features.

3. Create a Google My Business listing

If you have not considered this yet, this is undoubtedly a reasonable step in maximizing your audience and increasing their trust in your website. This will enable your site to appear in local search results for products and services. Equally, this may contribute to your successful future business alliances and partnerships if done correctly.

First, you need to create a Google Business Account and establish further links and intercommunication with your clients. The majority of its useful features are free, so you can enjoy your credible business profile with user reviews, maps, interlinks, and other options that raise your traffic.

Website design that increases your traffic and makes the audience stay

What about content?

Apparently, visuals are not the only thing that keeps the user's attention and loyalty. So, make sure that your content gives your potential audience precisely what they are searching for. The following points from the content perspective will allow you to see if your content is optimized for maximizing your audience.

1. Suit your text to the search engines

Use SEO-friendly tools on your website. Thus, WordPress has Yoast SEO and WooCommerce that maximizes user's participation in the site's activities such as marking and customer ratings, checkout pages for e-commerce, and a search toolbox that saves user's time and traffic during their search.

Use as many hashtags as you can to maximize search engine results for your potential customers and business partners. Make sure you regularly update your textual content and add fresh news and updates so that your website stays in the search engine results as long as possible.

2. Be interactive

Do not hesitate to include social media management on your website. Most website traffic comes from social networks, finding ways to integrate network buttons or referrals to social networks of any kind. The more such links you will include, the more prominent exposure you get in the end. Active commenting on blogs and posts an invitation to your website is the right way of advertising yourself and your business.

If your visitors ask you questions, make sure you have the tools to answer them. Create a FAQ segment or contacts page with Telegram and Watsapp referrals to maximize your communication. This is one of the best possible strategies to make your customers stay and continue the conversation. Ask your customers what can be possibly added to your website as this may give you a personal insight into where you should expand.

3. Use website builders to check if everything you need is included in your optimizing process

If you are new to the site's design, you may consider using website builders. Instead of hiring the whole IT team to put your content together, try your hand at a fully-fledged website. Website builders usually include the vast majority of the recommended options for maximizing your user's traffic. They already have digital marketing tools, SEO, toolboxes, questionnaires, ready-made templates for the site, and other exciting options to make your website attractive.

You can find more details here to help you choose the website builder for your particular purpose if it is a website, e-commerce, a blog, or merely an advertisement. This helps you create a more stable website without HTML-related issues, especially if you are a newcomer to the website creation process.


As you can see, website design, in many cases, is the key to your success. You might have the best and most informative content or highly in-demand product, but your website is the face of your company. Please pay attention to these crucial tips so you will not have to waste your effort during your website creation and not to be able to make it popular.

Aspire to create a user-friendly, optimized, and minimalistic website that looks professional and brings credibility to your users. Do not neglect Google services to successfully help you maximize your traffic or make your business known and displayed in the first search pages. Use the full potential of SEO tools within and outside the website builders to make a great website that will attract customer's feedback it deserves.

Thank you for reading!

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