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Lately, it is hard to promote your website without a significant budget, often too high for a hobby or small business. Prices for the guest post are often above $100 now and it is really hard to find high authority sites that are ready to do link exchange for free.

So, to fix this global injustice and give chances to website owners like me I would like to offer a free service:

Limitless Referrals Directory is an SEO friendly service where website owners can exchange backlinks for free to increase website rankings.
As we all know (if not, read my SEO guides), Google promotes websites with Authority in their niche. That means your backlinks should come from sites with similar topics.

Following Google guidelines, I will check every website and submit only good-quality pages with useful information about topics I am an expert in.

To make sure we all get trustworthy and niche-focused backlinks, please follow these simple rules below.

Requirements for backlink exchange

To submit a website to this directory, please make sure your website  qualifies for:

  • Website qualifies one of these categories – SEO, Marketing, Internet, Online Business, Crypto, Software, or Dev & Design.
  • Domain Authority is 20+. You can check DA for free with my tool.
  • You have good-quality content, useful for readers
  • You copy-pasted code with link to one of your pages.

Backlink code

Please paste this code to your website:

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This website is recommended in Limitless Referrals directory.

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This website is recommended in Limitless Referrals directory.

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