Wordpress Optimization - How to get 100 in Pagespeed Insights?

WordPress Optimization – How to get 100 in Pagespeed Insights?

Here you will find all about WordPress optimization. Search how to score a perfect 100% on Google Pagespeed Insights? Follow just 4 steps: right theme, set of performance plugins, CDN, and choose good hosting. Honestly, I spent months if not years on WordPress optimization. Idk why, but I like to make numbers green up to the 100/100 perfection.

How to score a perfect 100% on Google Pagespeed Insights?

To get a 100% score in Google Pagespeed Insights you need:
  1. a special set of performance plugins
  2. fast and light WordPress Theme
  3. Cloudflare or other good CDN
  4. fast hosting with the right setup

With that set of WordPress optimizations it is possible to get this ( my screenshot)

Wordpress Optimization

However, after some time with the addition of many plugins and ads, the score will definitely be lower. The main problem is Google Adsense ads, it slows down things too much, I don't know what to do with it.

Number 1: Set of performance plugins for WordPress optimization

But anyway, promising theme and set of plugins:

  1. WP Rocket


Free version/ Pro price: $49 a year.The best WordPress performance plugin. I tested all. At least at the pro version, which is only $49 a year, cheap for such a plugin.

Free alternative

Litespeed cache plugin – very good plugin too. With the right hands, it may be even better. Here is a screenshot of my 2-year-old site FULL of content and other plugins, still flies:

Wordpress Optimization - How to get 100 in Pagespeed Insights? 2

2) WP Smush Pro Version 3.6.3

Free version/ Pro price: $49 a month

Reduce image file sizes, improve performance, and boost your SEO using the WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

Free alternative:

Webcraftic Robin image optimizer + WebP Converter for Media

That's all! You don't need many plugins, it will only overload your website.

The most important thing is the themes because I didn't find a good alternative yet.

Number 2: Light and optimized WordPress theme

After years of searching and testing, I found 1 perfect theme:

Wordpress Optimization How To Get 100 In Pagespeed Insights 3

Astra theme.

In terms of performance and WordPress optimization, it is the best theme I tested. It is very simple and suits all blog-style websites.

You can use both paid or free theme, but do not enable all PRO functions if you go PRO. Only what you need.

It may look very basic when you install it, but it is highly customizable.

Example of very different websites, all with Astra theme




Number 3: Cloudflare or other CDN

 What is Cloudflare? It is a CDN – content delivery network. You have to use it if you want people from the USA, Europe, and Australia could access your website without 10 seconds of loading. It spread your website on many servers around the world, cache it and when a user opens a website, he downloads website it from the nearest server to him.
On top of this cross-country server feature, Cloudflare offers many interesting things, which increase performance significantly in total.

Wordpress Optimization How To Get 100 In Pagespeed Insights 4

My must-have list of Cloudflare features

    • Always Use HTTPS –  Ok, this is not exactly about performance, but it is like safe sex, never would harm to mention.Always Use Https
  • Brotli – Speed up page load times for your visitor's HTTPS traffic by applying Brotli compression.
  • Auto Minify – Minify HTML, CSS, Javascript code. It removes unnecessary blank spaces and can lighter your code up to 70%.
  • Rocket Loader – Improve the paint time for pages that include JavaScript.
  • Enable HTTP/3 (with QUIC) – Accelerates HTTP requests by using QUIC, which provides encryption and performance improvements compared to TCP and TLS.
  • 0-RTT Connection Resumption – Improves performance for clients who have previously connected to you

Number 4: Fast hosting

This one is very important. No matter how you optimize the website, if the Initial server response time is slow, you will never get good results.

You may see it as a “Reduce initial server response time” suggestion in Google PageSpeed insights.

It is not easy to choose good hosting, I have already written a couple of articles about it

WordPress Optimization Conclusion

That's all, guys. These 4 things will help you to get 100/100 in Pagespeed Insights.

If somebody would recommend me how to avoid great slowdown after installing Google Adsense on the website, I would be super grateful, because I still didn't figure it out.


Is WordPress really free?

Yes it is, but you need to pay for Hosting, Plugins, and Premium support

How do I optimize images for WordPress?

Activate the WordPress dashboard plugin from your Plugins page and compress JPEG & PNG images.

What is a good load time for a website?

It is 1-2 sec. If your website loaded more you need to upgrade your website.

Thank you for reading!

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