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01/20/2021 12:00 AM


Search Engine Optimization is the goal of every website owner. The dynamic nature of SEO demands that the website should be well built and enriched with quality content. Once you design a website and add the content to it, you have to wait for the website to rank on SERPs to access it.

But how the search engine will get message that your website should be ranked? The answer is “Keywords.” When keywords of your web content match with the keywords entered by a user on Google, the website ranks on SERPs. The better the selection and distribution of keywords, the website has more possibilities of ranking higher.

As the SEO is becoming more complex, using the right keywords is becoming crucial for content creators and SEO professionals. Using the best Keyword tools will help you optimize your website for the search engine within minimum time and effort.


What are Keyword Tools?

Keyword tools are an online free keyword resource that uses unique algorithms for generating keywords for new content. They are also useful for checking their density and position in already written content. They are designed to simplify writers’ work by giving them the best keyword choices and ideas that are likely to rank better on SERPs.


Why should you use Keyword Tools?

The keyword tools are designed to help content creators, and content marketers find the best keywords for the SERPs. These tools give complete information about the position and volume of keywords. It also tells the URL, country code, cost per click, language, and competition level in Google Adwords. This data is dynamic and is changed every month. Here are a few reasons every content marketer should take help from these tools.

To Find the Best Keywords for the Topic

Limitless Referrals free keyword tools are a fast and easy way to search the most relevant keywords to help your website drive organic and paid traffic. You will just need to enter a related keyword or URL, and the tool will deliver the best keywords for your industry and the country where your target audience is.

This keyword tool also gives a competition score for each keyword, which helps in more effective marketing. You can upload the keyword list or upload it on Google Ads. The tool extracts data directly from Google search results, and therefore it delivers the most accurate keyword list for targeted advertising.

To Search the Long tail keywords for the Topic

Previously, long-tail keywords were considered useless because they were associated with lesser search traffic. However, today most SEO experts and webmasters realize the value of long-tail keywords in improving a website’s traffic.

Experts believe that long-tail keywords are more specific, and therefore they have higher conversion value. Let us explain this theory; when someone enters keywords to search something, Google shows all relevant websites indexed on Google. The number of search results decreases when the length of the keyword increase.

For example:

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Now you can see that long-tail keywords describe things better than short-tail ones. In this way, they make things more relevant for the user. Long-tail keywords help drive the very pertinent audience to the websites. Therefore, they stay on the web page for a longer time, and there is a greater probability that they will purchase from your website.

To Check the Density of Keywords In the Content

Keyword density plays a significant part in the ranking of any website or webpage. The percentage of times a particular keyword / key-phrase is written in a piece of content concerning the total word count of that article is called “Keyword density.” For ranking on Google, neither can you keep the keywords in minimal amounts nor can you stuff them unnecessarily in the text.

Keywords help the search engines in finding the most relevant content present on the internet. When keywords are used in insufficient amounts in a text, the Google crawlers do not receive that web page’s signals. On the other hand, Google ignores those web pages in which keywords are used unnecessarily.

With the keyword density checker tool’s help, you can quickly identify the number of times you have used the given keywords. You just have to copy and paste the text in the shared space, and our keyword density tool will show very accurate results in a few seconds.

To Check the Position of Keywords

The keyword position checker from Limitless Referrals is a great tool that gives valuable information about keywords used in your and other competitors’ websites. It helps you improve your SEO strategy and lets you know which keywords bring traffic from specific countries. In this way, you can focus on your link building and content marketing strategies in a better way.


Who Can Use Keyword Tools

With the increasing importance of appropriate keywords in a webpage’s ranking, it becomes necessary to check the keywords at various stages. Therefore these tools can be used by anyone who is working for the websites.

Content Writers

When companies or freelance workers hire content writers, they should adequately research the keywords relevant to their assigned topic. Finding the best keywords and using them at appropriate places is essential for the article’s success or blog.

SEO Experts

Most often, keyword research is considered the job of SEO, and therefore SEO experts are responsible for keyword research. By using these tools, they can also analyze whether the keywords are the reason that is stopping a webpage from higher ranking on SERPs. They can also check the competitor websites for their keywords usage and density.

Website Owners

Suppose you own a small website and blog, and right now, you can’t afford to hire professional content writers and SEO professionals. In that case, you can use these tools to search for the appropriate keywords and write the content accordingly. This small step can help you gain some traffic even without investing much in your website.



Using the right keywords at the right places is a crucial step in ranking for SEO. Therefore it must not be left for trial and error. Proper keyword research is no more a time-consuming process. Use the free online keyword tools to ensure better ranking on SERPs.


Thank you for reading!