Converter Tools

01/17/2021 12:00 AM

Converter Tools

Converter tools are created to help you use data available in different formats by converting it into a form that will make your website enriched and user friendly.


URL Decoder Encoder

URL encoding signifies replacing certain characters present in a URL with one or more than one character triplets, containing a percent character (%) and two hexadecimal digits. These hexadecimal digits are the numeric value of the character which is replaced.

This versatile URL decoder/ encoder is a versatile online tool that encodes any given string of text within a few seconds. To make them suitable for interoperability, all URIs should be encoded uniformly. A two-step process is used to ensure that the wide range of characters is accommodated into nearly 60 characters allowed in a URI.

  1. The character string is converted to a sequence of bytes with the help of UTF -8 encoding.
  2. Each byte that is not a part of the ASCII table is converted to a %HH (HH = Hexadecimal value of byte)

Running this procedure will take a lot of time, and obviously, the chance of errors is always there. Using our URL decoder/ encoder tool definitely saves time and effort and encodes/decodes the given URL accurately.


CSV to JSON Converter:

The CSV to JSON converter online tool is used to convert CSV files into JSON format. You can also use this converter to change XLSX (MS Excel Files) to JSON. The first row in your CSV file must have column headers before you paste it into the converter. You also have to place underscore twice within the column header to obtain nested data. During the process, the entire CSV document will become a JSON array.


Text to Binary Converter:

This online converter tool changes the text string into binary codes. This base-2 number system is based on two symbols, 0 and 1. It uses these values to encode every number, alphabet, and symbol. The binary system is the backbone of all modern computing because of its use in digital electronic circuitry.


XML to JSON Converter

XML to JSON converter is a free online tool that allows you to convert, download, print, and share data present in XML format into JSON format. The tool is thoroughly checked through a series of testing procedures to confirm that it produces highly accurate results. This tool helps developers and programmers in changing the data format accurately within seconds.


MD5 Generator

MD5 Generator is essential to encode user’s passwords, bank details such as credit card numbers, and other sensitive information stored in MySQL, Postgress, and other similar databases.

MD5 stands for Message-Digest Algorithm 5, and it is an extensively used cryptographic hash function. Strings of variable length are encoded into 128-bit hash output. MD5 is commonly used in several security applications as well as for checking the integrity of certain documents. It usually appears as a 32 digit hexadecimal number.

This tool can encode any given password or credit card number into a 128-bit fingerprint and store it in any database such as My SQL. PHP and ASP programmers and developers of websites where such data is abundantly used can work smarter using this online tool.


CSV to XML Converter:

CSV is a text format characterized by text separating commas. It was developed to facilitate bulk data transfer. Each line is considered a row, and when a spreadsheet application is applied to it, the data is organized into cells. Now in this form, it can be added to any appropriate database.

The CSV to XML online converter tool makes it easier for programmers and developers to convert the data from one format to another.


Text-Hex Converter:

Hexadecimal is also called the base 16 or hex system and is applied in mathematics and computer science. It has a Radix or base of 16 distinct symbols 0-9 and a-f (a-f represent 10-15). The hexadecimal system is used in applications where the human-readable presentation of any binary code is required. Hexadecimal values are also applicable in computer memory addresses, computing, and other digital electronics.

Converting any text into hex values is a time-consuming task. To eliminate this hassle, we have a specially designed Text-Hex converter tool. This tool is free of cost, and the best part is it accomplishes the task in a few seconds.


Text Encryption/Decryption:

Encryption is a function of cryptography and is a process by which information in the human-readable form is transferred into an unreadable form with a unique algorithm called a cipher. This information now becomes useless for anyone who does not know its key, and it is called ciphertext. Sometimes decryption is also used, which is the reverse encryption process and makes the information readable again.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is most considered an industry-standard encryption system and allows 128 bit, 192 bit, and 256-bit encryption. Database systems usually use symmetric encryption, which is relatively faster than asymmetric encryption. This text encryption/ decryption tool is an easy way to generate an AES encrypted password. It can also be used to decrypt AES encrypted codes.


HTML Decode/Encode:

You can use the HTML decode/ encode online tool to turn any piece of text into HTML codes and vice versa. This process is also called HTML-escaping. The encoding signifies transforming all special HTML characters into HTML entities. In addition to these HTML characters, you can encode all alphabets that make up a text into HTML entities.

The tool also allows you to adjust these HTML entity base into decimal or hexadecimal systems. You can now print this value as an entity name instead of a character code value.


Sha1 Generator:

SHA is the short form of the Secure Hash Algorithm. The cryptographic hash function, SHA-1, is created by the National Security Agency. NIST published it as part of the U.S Federal Information Processing Standard. Three SHA algorithms differ in a structure named SHA-0, SHA-1, and SHA-2. Among them, SHA-1 is the most extensively used in security applications.

This SHA-1 Generator enables you to convert any text string into a SHA1 hash. SHA1 is considered more reliable and secure than MD5. The SHA1 hash is an ideal way to store users’ passwords without the danger of them being accessed by irrelevant people. In this way, the sensitive information provided by the users is prevented from being hacked or leaked.


HTML Entities Converter:

The HTML Entities Converter tool encodes all given characters in their respective HTML entities. HTML is character sensitive, and therefore only the correct HTML entities can preserve the actual meaning. For example, you can not use the ‘<’ symbol because it is used to create and close tags. You must use ‘&1t;’, an HTML entity displayed on an HTML page.

All characters with HTML entity equivalents must be translated accordingly. When you try to convert these HTML entities manually, there is an excellent chance of error. Further, this task becomes tedious if you have a lot of text which requires HTML entity conversion. The HTML Entities Converter tool accomplishes this task accurately within a few minutes.