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About Fast Backlink Indexer

It is necessary to get the backlinks indexed by Google to make them appear on SERPs. This step is crucial for the success of any website or any web page. Creating links remain useless until Google doesn’t index them.

What is Google Crawling and Indexing?

Google crawling signifies the process through which Googlebot crawls to your website to discover new pages. Then it Google Spiders registers these pages to Google. When someone performs a search on Google, it searches all relevant pages in its index that are related to the search. It takes just a few seconds to return with search results containing all pages to find the matching searches.

The Google algorithm ensures that the users get the most precise results using inbound links to the page and some other parameters. This is why it is essential to create backlinks to your pages on Google index.

Multi-Step Indexing Process:

To rank your pages on Google, the fast backlink indexers follow the multi-step indexing methods.  

  • The first step of indexing uses the usual methods such as pinging each link so that Google recognizes it as alive. 
  • Pinging alone does not produce good results, so other techniques are used. It includes creating site maps, link shorteners and RSS feeds, and many others so that your links get some special attention from Google.
  • Some advanced methods such as link placements and link pushing help in indexing of unusual links.
  • These processes are continued to ensure that Google knows your links are present there and should be indexed.

What are Indexing Methods?

To find out the most effective indexing method, we tested the results of various backlink index approaches. Here is what we found out:

Ping Farm

This method is no more effective for indexing on Google. However, as it is a free service, most people rely on it. It just pings your backlinks and nothing else. 


This method effectively guarantees that Google will crawl every link you have submitted on the indexification platform. It allows up to 50,000 links per day at a rate of $17.97 per month.

They create a short URL for each link, ping it to develop and submit RSS feeds. Secondly, they make and ping sitemaps as well as content pages that contain your links.


Indexed uses the same approach as indexification. They have an additional feature, which they call as PingCloud. It will cost you $24.97 per month for 50,000 links per day.


OneHourIndexing team keeps its indexing strategies secret. They do not rely on pinging, RSS, or link building. They charge $17 for 1,000; $47 for 10,000 and $97 for 30,000 links per day. This is by far the most effective backlink indexer.



“Indexable” links will include the main website, social, blogs, web 2.0, bookmarks, and more. Unless the page is marked as blocked or no-index, it is possible to index it.

No, Google is very selective regarding the links they index. Any backlink indexer can not make indexing guarantees, but we promise the best services at competitive indexing rates. 

Will I need anything else?

No, our service does not require you to go through captcha solvers, proxies, or VPNs. Leave everything on us. You have to subscribe, sent us the links, and relaxed.

Google often changes the indexing methods. We ensure that our services best adapt to the indexing criteria by using new techniques and innovative approaches.

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