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Keyword Suggestion Tool

You might be wondering why keywords are an integral part of any SEO strategy. It is because, without the most suitable keywords for your niche, people won’t be able to find your website.

But the keyword strategy is not as simple as it may seem. It is much more than finding out what people are searching for. The keyword planning will consider the type of your business and which keywords can make your web pages rank on SERPs.

If you are new to the world of SEO, comprehending the keyword strategy may be overwhelming for you. But here, we have an ultimate tool that will solve all your keyword related problems.

Our Keyword Suggestion tool is the best guide for SEO professionals, content creators, and webmasters.


What are Keywords?

When people are looking for something online, they open any search engine and type what they are looking for. These words or phrases together are called keywords.

For example;

  • Best gifts for father
  • Gifts for Father’s day
  • Father’s day gift suggestions

Each of these phrases is a separate keyword. If you are featuring Father’s day gifts on your website, you must incorporate these keywords to make your website appear on SERPs’ first page.


What is Keyword Suggestion Tool?

The Limitless Referrals Keyword Suggestion Tool is a reliable source for obtaining effective keywords that help you plan your marketing strategy in a better way.


Best Reliable Keyword Source Online

The Keyword suggestion tool uses auto-complete APIs to produce relevant keywords within seconds, taking into account the monthly search volume and cost per click data. The tool’s specialized algorithms ensure that the users get the most accurate results.


Free Keyword Research

The keyword research tool is designed for keyword research as part of the website SEO strategy. The tool available on our website is free so that you can explore new keywords. It lets you get the best keywords for your business, along with estimated searches and the cost involved in targeting them.


Identify keywords for Your Target Market

The keyword suggestion tool gives you a better insight into keyword volume relative to the target market and geographical location. This will help your right audience land on your page.


Uses of Keyword Suggestion Tool

The keyword suggestion tool is helpful in many ways.


Content Creation:

Keyword suggestion tool is very useful for content writers and helps them produce very relevant and SEO optimized content. They can also use it for optimizing the existing content, which is not ranking as desired. It also lets them incorporate long-tail keywords in the piece of content they are writing.


PPC Campaigns

Keyword Suggestion tool helps PPC experts target keywords that their competitors aren’t aware of and moderate conversion costs. This will increase the ROI of the entire campaign.


Keyword Suggestion Tool for SEO

According to Ahrefs report, about 40% of search traffic is driven by long-tail keywords. While focusing on-page SEO, we are more concerned with the main keyword. By targeting the long-tail keywords, we can optimize the website for a better traffic flow from search engines.


Small Businesses

Website owners who have a small business can also use this tool to improve their website’s ranking. With this tool, they will not need to spend on hiring experts for their website. The tool is simple and gives effective keyword suggestions.



Keyword suggestion tool is an online free tool that generates relevant keywords. Incorporating these keywords properly in your content will improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.


Thank you for reading!