Backlink Tools

01/20/2021 12:00 AM

Search engine plays a crucial role in driving traffic to the websites. Search engines such as Google rank websites that are proficient in quality backlinks. In addition to quality content, backlinks are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO has taken a new shape, and many things that were essential for SEO are no more critical today. Similarly, many strategies that were previously allowed are now considered bad for SEO. For example, during the past few years, the number of backlinks was significant, but now Google only ranks websites with good quality backlinks.

With an increasing number of websites on the internet, the growing competition has made it necessary for you to monitor your website’s backlinks continually. Additionally, you must also be aware of the backlinks of your competitor’s websites.

Several backlink tools help people implement their SEO backlink strategy successfully. These tools are designed to let you keep an eye on your website’s and other websites’ backlinks. They help you in the link building and management process.

The best tools are supposed to give a lot of information regarding the backlinks to get the best results in top ranking on SERPs. Here are a few uses of backlink tools for SEO.

The free backlinks generator will instantly generate high-value backlinks. The tool generates backlinks by the Google’s link building guidelines to help you secure a place on the first page of search engines.

The backlinks tools will help you know the number of links directing towards a domain or URL. You can check the total number of associations, including the . edu and . gov links and unique referring domains.

Backlink tools also help you indexing your published links within a few minutes. If you have recently published an article or blog post and are worried about indexing it on search engines, backlink tools will do this for you.

Now you cannot rely on low-quality backlinks on your website to boost your ranking. This may cause more harm than benefit to your website. These super-efficient website backlink checking tools provide comprehensive information on inbound and outbound links of the given website. They help you in analyzing your and your competitors’ inbound/ outbound links.

Links that your competitors are not using give better results on search engines. Clean, fresh, and credible links are always easily accessible when you are using backlink tools. When you are sure that you want a particular link on your website, you can contact them via email and propose to them add your links. If your site has valuable and authentic information, you are likely to get more links quickly.

Broken links are always considered toxic and harmful as they are hurting your SEO. When you paste the URL in the backlink tool, you will instantly know which links are broken. Broken links most often end up in a 404 error message. The most common causes of a broken link are as follows:

  • The website has some technical issues, and it is temporarily or permanently unavailable.
  • The web page is deleted.
  • The Permalink of the web page is changed.
  • The web page got blocked by a Firewall or any other antivirus software.

Broken links are associated with unpleasant user experience and may damage the reputation of a website. Now, you can utilize these broken links on a website in a very effective way.

  • First, check any website with a similar niche as yours and enter its URL in the backlinks tool.
  • The tool will provide all information about the links on that URL, including the broken links.
  • Now you can contact the concerned person, inform them of their broken links and ask them to replace them with yours.
  • This is a unique white hat SEO strategy that is becoming popular because it helps you get backlinks effectively.

Webmasters and SEO professionals are often curious to check the quality and quantity of backlinks present on their competing websites. This is essential to know when your ranking is continuously declining and your website is unable to rank on the first page of SERPs.

Web Owners

To preserve and improve your rankings on search engines, it is essential to keep your web pages free from faulty links that end up in useless sites, broken links, or give errors. Such wrong links can keep your website away from ranking. Checking your web pages on backlink tools regularly helps you identify the links that are broken or became useless. Now you can remove and replace them with more effective, high-quality links.

SEO Professionals

Website owners and companies hire SEO professionals as freelance workers or company employees. In both cases, it is their job to design the best SEO strategy for the website. The link building strategy must be carefully planned according to the type of website you own and what techniques your competitors use to rank on Google.

These professional SEO experts are often overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to complete within a limited time frame. Therefore, they can use these backlink tools to effectively generate and access backlinks for their websites without investing much time and effort.


People used to pay a lot to use backlinks tools, which was quite an investment for small and new business owners. Limitless Referrals are free to use the backlink tools available, and anyone can use them for free without registration or other hidden fees.

Technical Expertise

A few years back, various backlink tools cannot be used by people who do not have excellent SEO knowledge. It meant that web owners had to invest in hiring SEO experts for their websites. Now we have created these tools so that anyone can use them whether or not they have technical SEO knowledge.

All you have to do is paste the link or URL of the website or web page for which the backlinks are required. The tool will generate new or investigate the existing backlinks available for that website.


The tools are designed with algorithms that work very fast and search for the backlinks in seconds. Therefore they enable you to accomplish a lot of work within a short time.


There are many premium backlink tools that marketing and SEO professionals use to generate more traffic and sales on their websites by ranking them on SERPs. They are efficient, time-saving, and easy to use.


Thank you for reading!