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Lesser Known Computer Hacks to Supercharge Your Productivity

In today's world, computer usage is everywhere. People use them to work on the go. Interestingly, there are often untapped shortcuts and lesser-known hacks that can dramatically enhance your productivity.

So, whether you're on a Mac or Windows, this article sheds light on some of these hidden gems to help you become a proficient computer user.

We'll explore practical tips and tricks, from keyboard shortcuts to automation scripts, to help you supercharge your productivity. By the end, you'll be well-equipped to make the most of your digital journey.

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Customizing Your Desktop Environment

Customizing your desktop environment means setting your computer's space to work best for you.

First, you can personalize it by choosing wallpapers and themes you like. It will make your computer feel more personal. Then, you can add widgets or gadgets to your desktop to easily access information like weather or calendars. Moreover, you can customize the icons to match your style, giving your computer a unique look.

One important aspect of customizing is using a blue light filter. It provides comfort to the eyes during long working hours. If you have a Mac, check out the ‘How to turn on blue light filter on Mac' guide for easy understanding. Turning it on reduces the blue light from your screen, helping to ease eye strain and improve sleep.

In simple words, customizing the desktop makes your computer more functional and helps you be more productive in a conducive environment.

File organization and search are powerful productivity hacks that help you save time and stay efficient when dealing with digital documents, photos, and files. For effective file organization, you should:

  • create folders
  • name files logically
  • use tags or metadata to categorize content and more.

When you need to retrieve something, a well-organized system ensures you can find it quickly.

In addition, search comes into play when your organization may not be perfect. Advanced search techniques, like using specific keywords or file type restrictions, can help you pinpoint what you need amidst a cluttered digital landscape.

These productivity hacks streamline your workflow by reducing the time spent hunting for information, allowing you to focus on tasks that matter most

Automation and Scripting

Automation and scripting are magic tricks for your computer. They involve writing simple instructions (scripts) that make your computer do things automatically. This can be a big productivity boost because it saves you time and effort.

Imagine making your computer handle repetitive tasks, like organizing files, sending emails, or even filling out forms, all on its own! That's what automation and scripting do.

For example, you can create a script to rename and organize hundreds of files in seconds instead of doing it manually. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of making mistakes. In simple words, automation and scripting help you focus on more important tasks while your computer handles the boring stuff.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficiency

Supercharge Your Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts! Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that help you perform tasks on your computer quickly and efficiently. They enhance productivity by saving time and reducing the need for mouse clicks. Here are some common keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac:

Keyboard Shortcuts In Action

For Windows

Copy: Ctrl + C

Paste: Ctrl + V

Cut: Ctrl + X

Undo: Ctrl + Z

Save: Ctrl + S

New Tab in Browser: Ctrl + T

For Mac

Copy: Command (⌘) + C

Paste: Command (⌘) + V

Cut: Command (⌘) + X

Undo: Command (⌘) + Z

Save: Command (⌘) + S

New Tab in Browser: Command (⌘) + T

Learning and using these shortcuts can significantly speed up your computer tasks and boost your productivity. They are simple but powerful tools to make your digital life easier.

Clipboard Managers

Clipboard managers are smart tools that help you copy and paste with ease, supercharging your productivity. When you copy text or files on your computer, they're stored in a temporary place called the clipboard. They extend this capability by allowing you to access a history of everything you've copied. This increases productivity in several ways:

Firstly, you can copy multiple items one after the other without losing the previous ones. Secondly, you have easy access to your copied items, so you don't waste time searching or re-copying.

Lastly, they eliminate the need to repeatedly copy the same information, saving you time and effort. They are especially valuable for tasks involving frequent copy-pasting, such as research, writing, or data entry, streamlining your workflow and making you more productive.


Adding these lesser-known computer hacks into your daily routine can significantly boost your productivity. Supercharge Your Productivity with these hacks that are just the beginning. You can further enhance your productivity by exploring additional hacks tailored to your specific field or tasks. The key is continuously seeking new ways to streamline your digital workflow, saving time and energy to accomplish more in your work and life.

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