How to Get Backlinks Fast and Naturally | White Hat Methods

How to Get Backlinks Fast and Naturally | White Hat Methods

So we are going to tell you the secret of ranking on the first page of Google. White hat SEO link building focuses on techniques that Google appreciates. Most SEO professionals restrict themselves to Guest posting for obtaining backlinks from other sites. 

This article will know how to get backlinks fast and naturally for white hat SEO using very effective techniques except using Guest Posting.

Become An Origin for Reporters and Bloggers

The most crucial step to secure a rank on the top of Google is to form backlinks from genuine news websites and blogs. The step is not as difficult as it looks. All you need to do is do a free service to say ‘Help a Reporter Out (HARO).' Besides. you can check out this guide too.

In this way, the bloggers and reporters will find the writing sources, and in exchange, you will get backlinks. This method provides you with opportunities to create white hat backlinks with mega news websites if your content is worth it.

Here is a step by step process:

  • Initially, register as a source.
  • Choose a complementary or paid method.
  • Supervise requests that fit your niche.
  • Send them a brief yet valuable pitch.

Publish Skyscrapper Content

This is another tried and tested method which can earn you quality backlinks. Here is how to accomplish this method:

  • Search for a section of your niche content, which is doing an excellent job regarding the backlinks. You can find it by searching for the keywords on Google. The webpages that are ranking on the top page have some valuable links behind them.
  • The second step is to create 5 – 10x superior to those ranking on the first page.
  • Once your skyscraper content is ready to publish, you should start promoting it. There are thousands of ways to get your content promoted.

This strategy is also called “The Moving Man Technique.” You can follow this method through these steps:

  • Search for the site in your niche which has changed their names, stopped offering their services, moved to a new URL, stop updating the content, or even stopped working.
  • Now you have a rebranded site or no longer working; you have to look for every link that points to that sheet. Then put the URL from that outdated resource in any reliable ‘backlink checking tool.'
  • You will get a list of all links connected to that page. Now you can start working with sites that have excessive Domain Authority.
  • Now outreach to all the people who are still linked with that outdated resource. Inform them regarding their outdated link and request them to add your link to the website.

How to Get Backlinks Fast and Naturally | White Hat Methods 1

BuzzSumo's report, which they gave after studying more than 1 million articles and blog posts. Discovered that 75% of content gets ignored and secures zero links.

But they also found out that specific content formats successfully generate a lot of backlinks. Here is a list of the most successful content in terms of backlinks.

  • “How to” guides
  • List posts
  • “Why” posts
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Videos

But it does not mean that you write only list posts and how-to guides, and you will get a lot of traffic. If you desire to get backlinks fast and naturally, your content must be unique. There is also a possibility to buy backlinks if you don't feel like you can waste a lot of time doing everything that was written above.

Publish Eventual Guides

Now you are looking for the most effective methods of getting backlinks fast and naturally. There is one content structure that works as a link magnet. The answer is Backlinks. You can check yourself, create a fantastic Ultimate Guide and see the results. 

But why are ultimate guides so good at catching backlinks? Ultimately, top guides are comprehensive and usually composed of sufficient content within an isolated page. We all know that long-form article is considered more valuable by Google than short content. 

As ultimate guides provide all information on a single page, people usually link to it every time they make a blog with relevant content. You can generate an ultimate guide by following these steps:

  • Choose a unique topic so that there is not much written already on the same issue.
  • Outline the main topic by creating a list of all the subtopics you have covered in the guide. 
  • Include everything related to the guide's topic so that your focus will be considered the conclusive resource.

Brand your Strategies and Techniques

When you explain the strategies and techniques in your ultimate guide or any other content, do not just describe them. It is always good to name the strategy. The example is the ‘Moving Man Method' of link building designed by Brian Dean of Backlinko. Sounds difficult? You can design and name your strategies by making a little bit of effort. 

  • You have to design a strategy of accomplishing something in a unique way that others haven't even thought about. You have to think about innovatively doing something.
  • Give an exciting name to your strategy. The name should describe what the strategy is all about. Then it must have any one of these terms in its name; method, system, approach, technique, blueprint.
  • Now you have to introduce this strategy to people and convince them that it works. , you have to publish that strategy as a blog post. In this way, people can refer their readers to your website whenever they mention your posts' technique.

Authority Resource Pages

Resource pages have the best place for link building. Yet, how can you get links through resource pages? 

  • First of all, you have to search for some authentic resource pages. Most of the resource pages are helpful resources, further reading, useful resources, additional resources, and your post's keyword.
  • Reach out to request a link but before that, check their page for broken links. It is much more effective when you inform someone about their broken links and then ask them to add your link.

These methods have proven to be useful for link building in White hat SEO. It is necessary to implement these methods correctly to achieve several quality backlinks and top ranking on SERPs.


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Thank you for reading!

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