Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

Jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners

The fame, wealth, and high wages spread far beyond Asia.

The population of Saudi Arabian is almost 30 00000 people. And more than 70 percent of the population are forced, so it's no wonder why so many forces come here. Saudi Arabian is known to have become rich due to oil deposits in the country. And actively uses this resource to meet the needs of both locals and force. However, in order to coexist peacefully with the Saudis, the force should follow strict rules and traditions.

How to look for work for foreigners in Saudi Arabia

When looking for work, foreigners should keep in mind that in Saudi Arabian, unskilled workers are mostly local forces. Force, for example, in the office is required to have the appropriate qualifications and higher education and knowledge of English. As in the most city, force workers must find an employer to act as a sponsor and enter into an employment contract (contract) with them. The employer helps with visas, housing, medical examinations, etc. By the way, in order to obtain a visa, it is necessary not only to undergo a comprehensive medical examination but also to provide a special document confirming the qualifications of the foreign worker, his no criminal record, etc.

With the help of such companies, specialists are recruited for specific professions that are in demand. Such companies help to find jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners. Most often, the employers are charged a fee for intermediary services in the amount of 10-20% of annual salary. In addition, Saudi Arabian is home to many well-known global companies that can also employ force: Nestlé and Siemens.

Prices in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabian, in principle, also quite democratic prices and foreign workers have repeatedly witnessed this

for example

lunch at a cheap restaurant ($ 5)

beer ($ 1)

water (0, 5 dollars)

cappuccino ($ 3)

liter of milk ($ 1.5)

a dozen eggs ($ 2)

local cheese ($ 6 per kilogram)

a kilo of apples costs 2 dollars

oranges ($ 1.5)

Bananas ($ 1.5)

Gasoline in Saudi Arabia is usually cheap (only $ 0.5 per liter)

a taxi costs $ 12

There are many benefits to finding a job in Saudi Arabian. For example, the absence of income tax, democratic prices, medical care, other social benefits, etc.

All this encourages force workers to go to work in this sunny city.

Such professions are popular among force workers

  • builder
  • doctor
  • programmer
  • teachers
  • teachers in private schools.

The most popular professions in Saudi Arabia are bankers, financiers, fitness trainers, and office workers.

How to find a job in Saudi Arabia

How To Find A Job In Saudi Arabia

Force often looks for special work agencies. With the help of such companies, employers quickly find force workers whose professions are in demand in Saudi Arabian. Employers may also be charged a so-called brokerage fee of 10 to 30 percent of the force's annual salary. Looking for a job in Jeddah on your own is not a banal thing for a long time. The most popular companies that hire force are Aramco and Telecom Company.

In addition, you can find a job with the help of so-called intermediaries or even work illegally, but this is not a good idea.

Visa Requirements for Saudi Arabia

Applicants for a Saudi Arabian visa must have a sponsor. Most of the application process is handled by the sponsoring employer, but the prospective employee must provide all necessary documents.

To obtain an employment visa, you will need the following documents:

  • For the duration of the employment, a passport is required.
  • A passport-sized color photograph.
  • Online proof of visa fee payment through Enjazit
  • The visa application must be completed.
  • Signed medical reports in three copies.
  • Obtain a letter of employment from the Saudi Arabian sponsoring company certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The employment contract must be signed
  • The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission must validate the applicant's university diploma
  • Any criminal record reported by the police.
  • Prepaid envelope with an address

Process of applying

Work the employer must initiate visa applications. Follow these steps to apply for a Saudi Arabian visa and residency permit:

  • Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior requires the sponsoring employer to register.
  • All expatriate workers employed by the employer will be included in an immigration file.
  • The employer will submit a work visa application to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send a notification once the application is approved by the Ministry of Labor. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a Visa Authorization Number within two weeks.

In addition to the documents listed above, the applicant will submit their employment visa application to the Saudi Arabian embassy.

A Saudi Arabian visa will be issued within one to three weeks, after which the employee can travel there.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor issues employees residency permits, or Iqama.

Iqama will be issued through the Directorate General for Passports after the Ministry approves the application of Labor.

As proof of their legal right to work and live in Saudi Arabia, employees should always carry their Iqama.

During the employee's employment, they must request an Exit/Re-Entry Permit through the Ministry of Interior if they wish to travel within and outside Saudi Arabia. It usually takes one week to receive the permit.

Aspects to be Considered

Saudi Arabian authorities are stringent, so employees should know that fact. A person deemed inappropriate by the immigration authorities may be denied entry or deported. The display of affection in public, men wearing shorts that expose their legs, and women wearing too tight or thin clothing, exposing their hair, and wearing makeup are examples of unacceptable behavior.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia should know many tenets and philosophies of Islam since Islam is the only religion that may be publicly celebrated in Saudi Arabia. The Mutawwa'in, the religious police, will strictly enforce this throughout the country.

Employees must obtain family visit visas to bring spouses or children to Saudi Arabia.

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