Popular Website Designs that You Need to Know!

Popular Website Designs that You Need to Know!

Which Types of Design Do You Need?

As technology is evolving, people are shifting their business more to the online world. To stand out in the market, every business owner is trying to make their website look perfect. Unfortunately, there are so many website patterns that one might get confused about which one to choose from. However, you can relax because we have got you covered. This article will share the most popular web design and graphic design ideas that you ought to know. Are you excited to find out more? If yes, then stay hooked!

Illustrative Web Design

If you want to keep your website fun and exciting, then choosing this theme would be perfect. You can use quirky illustrations to add life to your website and make it look surprisingly vibrant. Many website designers are acquainted with creating the best cartoon graphics. Therefore, you can hire them to introduce proper illustrations to your website. Illustrative web designing is loved by users for many years now, but it recently became popular in 2016 for most gaming website design purposes!

Minimalist Web Design

When you choose the minimalistic approach for your website, the design must contain only those vital elements and eliminate unimportant details. It helps reduce any distractions and allows the user to focus on only the relevant things. This design works best for a portfolio website where your major goal is to showcase your best sample works to the client. The minimalist layout has been on trend for a while, and it is gaining more popularity with the passing days!

Typography Web Design

Typography layouts work the best when you are trying to grab the attention of the customers. However, if done wrong, it can hurt the website. But even after this drawback, most entrepreneurs choose this pattern because of its high potential in the market. Make sure that the typography displayed on your site is done based on the resolution of the device. If the design is of higher resolution, then it might take a long time for loading, which can cause major issues in your site. But these problems can be easily avoided if you hire a typography expert to create your website. Trust us, if done right, this can be magical!

Single Page Web Design

A single-page web design is much more convenient in today's world, where every website is filled with too many unnecessary pages. Therefore, this layout looks perfect and can be used by those who haven't been on the internet for long. However, one thing that you must know is that this pattern does not work for every purpose. For instance, people would like to see more info laid out on more than a single page if you are selling something. But still, this design works for a few businesses, and hence, you can figure out with your designer if it's going to work for you.

Flat Web Design

Flat design is seen mostly on technical websites where the layout is crisp, vibrant, and clean. Microsoft is a popular company that uses this pattern on its site. This design has no complexity as it does not mix one element with the other. The illustrations and the images are clear, and the overall site looks sharp from all angles.

Final Word

We hope this article helped you know the best web designs that you can adapt for your business. All of these layouts are popular and trending among the current users. But make sure you choose a format that goes with the purpose of your business. Also, it must be created by a professional who knows how to bring out the desired results on the screen. So, which one of these web designs will you try first? Do share with us!

Website Design Principles

Website Design Principles

Your website's success depends on how well you adhere to website design principles. Users may leave almost as soon as they hit your homepage, or they may explore your products and services and eventually convert.

There is no such thing as an exact science for design. There are many valuable principles and tips to keep in mind when building a professional website.

Easy-to-reach main targets (Fitts law)

According to Fitts' Law, the human motor system was examined by psychologist Paul Fitts. According to this law, the distance between a user and the element they're trying to interact with directly affects how long it takes them to get there. To reach these main actionable targets, you will want to make them easy to reach.

You should also have enough space between your targets if you have more than one. For instance, in mobile design, clickable icons need to be large enough to tap.

Minimize users' choices (Hick's Law)

Have you ever been overcome with so many options that you couldn't decide between them? Then you understand the paralysis that too many choices can cause users. Essentially, this is Hick's law. If there are many choices and each is complex, users will take longer to decide.

There is a correlation between the number of stimuli presented to a person and their reaction time called Hick's law, also known as the Hick-Hyman law, named after William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman, two psychologists examined it.

As a result, you should minimize clutter and offer only the most essential options to your users. The majority of websites will give you the option of “Save” or “Cancel” as well as “Yes” or “No” when you confirm an action.

Construct a system that is intuitive for both novices and experts

A good website should be easy for new visitors and comfortable for those who are more familiar with the system and need accelerators frequently. An example of this would be keyboard shortcuts that users may create and edit.

Thank you for reading!

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