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About XML to JSON Converter

XML to JSON Converter

Software transfer data in various formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, TSV, etc. Every software does not accept all formats. You may require the data in JSON format, especially if you are working with JavaScript. Therefore, using a reliable XML to JSON converter is essential to complete your task accurately and efficiently.


What is XML?

XML (Extended Markup Language) is widely used for storing and transferring data. Many companies use XML format for transferring data. AN example of the XML format is RSS feeds. Most of the websites and blogs use RSS feeds in XML format.


What is the JSON format?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) stores and represents data in JavaScript format. It is widely used for programming purposes. The data present in the JavaScript object can be conveniently converted to JSON with the help of JSON.stringify.


What is an XML to JSON converter?

The XML to JSON converter tool converts data present in XML (Extensible Markup Language) code into JSON format. It is a free online tool that you can use to convert JSON to XML.

If the XML data is not valid, the converter will not give any result.


Why Convert XML data into JSON?

Today, most people prefer using JSON because it is considered better than XML. But sometimes, you may come across software that accepts the only XML. In that case, you will require a reliable XML to JSON converter tool.

XML data is in human-readable form, whereas the JSON data format is similar to and used in Java Script. Many tools are only compatible with JSON to convert the data through XML to JSON converter.


How to Convert XML to JSON format?

you can convert XML files to JSON format in two simple steps:

  1. Copy the XML URL or open an XML file already present on your computer.
  2. Press the button “Convert XML to JASON” format.
  3. When converting is completed, you can either download it or create a link for sharing.


Can we convert JSON to XML?

JSON to XML converter helps you convert data present in JSON format to XML data. This tool does not require payments, downloading, or any other hidden charges. You can restore data from one format to the other within a few seconds without the chance of errors.


Can we convert RSS feed data into JSON?

You can convert data from RSS feed into JSON as RSS feed is a valid XML format. Copy-paste the data from the RSS feed in the converter to get the output in JSON format.


Can I convert data present in the ATOM feed into JSON?

Yes, the XML to JASON converter accepts data in ATOM feed and converts it into JSON format as ATOM feed is a valid XML format.


Is JSON faster than XML?

JSON is much faster than XML because it is specifically designed for data interchange. JSON encoding is concise and requires fewer bytes to transmit data. JSON phrases require less processing and memory overhead. On the other hand, XML is slower because data transmission is not its prime purpose.


You can save a lot of time by using this XML to JSON converter for interchanging file formats. This tool is reliable, efficient, and accurate. It does not require any payment, and you can use it for free.