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  • This utility does not currently check for escaped quotes inside of like quotes (e.g.: "foo, \"bar\" baz").

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About CSV to JSON Converter

CSV to JSON Converter:

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. It holds text in the form of values called cells separated by commas (,). They are written in a series of lines called rows. You can convert CSV files using several applications available online. CSV is used by many data reporting tools to release output and is often linked to spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

JSON is a default computer format in the human-readable form used to store structured data. It has become an integral part of everything from APIs to configuration files.

Many developers have to convert formats often. Online CSV to JSON converters is an easy and time-saving way to convert files from one format to another.



Some differences between CSV and JSON are given below:

JSON refers to JavaScript Object Notation CSV refers to Comma Separated Value
The file is saved with the extension “.json.” The file is saved with the extension “.csv.”
It has more versatile features. It has less versatile features.
It uses JavaScript data types. It does not use any data types.
It is less secured than CSV. It is more secured than JSON.
It consumes a lot of memory. It consumes less memory.
It is less compact than CSV. It is more compact than JSON.


What is a CSV to JSON converter?

The CSV to JSON converter is used to change data present in isolated Comma Values (CSV) to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format. It applies to CSV column delimiters and customized quote characters.

It will skip CSV rows if they start with a comment sign. If you are applying headers, the converter will use the first CSV line as JSON object keys. When the data is finally converted to JSON, it may be organized with spaces and tabs or kept in an unarranged form to keep it minimal.


How to use CSV to JSON Converter:

The CSV to JSON converter is straightforward to use. Before you enter the CSV data into the tool, make sure that your CSV text must have a header row. This is not applicable for escaped quotes that are inside the like quotes. Now you can copy the data in CSV form in the given space and press the convert button. The tool will present the converted data in front of you, which you can copy and paste anywhere.

Why should you convert CSV data to JSON format?

CSV is a data form that is more applicable for a small volume of data. JSON is comparatively better for dealing with a large volume of data and for scalability of files. If you are working with a larger CSV data volume that you are converting to any other format such as excel, you can not do this simply because excel will not accept the CSV standards. This is because CSV can not support data hierarchies. However, this type of work is more comfortable in JSON.


JSON and CVS are used as data storage files having different formats. JSON is considered better because it is compact, lightweight, and versatile. Converting CVS data into JSON format is no more a hassle. Simplify your work by using CSV to JSON converter to save your time and energy.

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