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About URL Decoder Encoder

URL Decoder Encoder

URL encoding signifies replacing certain characters present in a URL with one or more than one
character triplets, containing a percent character (%) and two hexadecimal digits. These
hexadecimal digits are the numeric value of the character which is replaced.

This versatile URL decoder/ encoder is a versatile online tool that encodes any given string of
text within a few seconds. To make them suitable for interoperability, all URIs should be
encoded uniformly. A two-step process is used to ensure that the wide range of characters is
accommodated into nearly 60 characters allowed in a URI.

  1. The character string is converted to a sequence of bytes with the help of UTF-8 encoding.

  2. Each byte that is not a part of the ASCII table is converted to a %HH (HH = Hexadecimal value of byte)

Running this procedure will take a lot of time, and obviously, the chance of errors is always
there. Using our URL decoder/ encoder tool definitely saves time and effort and
encodes/decodes the given URL accurately.