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The Most Useful 5 Chrome Extensions for SEO

The tools used, along with knowledge and experience, are the three pillars on which the professionalism of an SEO optimizer is based. In addition to complex software products, SEOs and webmasters use simpler tools, namely browser extensions.

You don't just have to use complex programs to promote your site. Sometimes they should be supplemented or replaced with browser extensions. Among all the varieties of extensions, we will consider 5 which are considered the most useful. Some of them are universal, others are suitable for specific website promotion tasks.

1. Linkclump SEO Extension

With the SEO Linkclump plugin for Google Chrome, you can easily examine links on a website. All you have to do is press the Z key and the left mouse button simultaneously. This selects the area of ​​a website whose links should open in a new tab. This saves a lot of time in backlink analysis, for example.

Working with a lot of links will make it much easier with this Google Chrome extension. One cursor movement and all sites in the selected area are open. It is very convenient when you need to quickly open all similar sites for content analysis.

Chrome Extensions

Simply mark the part of the page whose links you want to open. If you then release the mouse button, each link opens in a new tab. You can also mark links at the same time. SEO extensions of this kind are very helpful for developers in all fields. These tools and other popular operators are used by many industries.

2. Hunter

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You may have a problem and want to ask for assistance, but unfortunately, the contact details are difficult or impossible to find on the site? Then maybe Hunter can help you. Hunter is an extension for professionals who need to communicate with customers, partners, and potential customers by mail. The plugin immediately displays the contacts, you do not need to scroll the site for a long time looking for the desired section.

Hunter is an email search tool that helps you find email addresses associated with the websites you visit. In addition to email addresses, you can get names, titles, social networks, and phone numbers.

The browser extension searches the web for email addresses for a specific domain. If Hunter successfully finds email addresses, it also shows you the sources in which it found them and tries to assign those email addresses to departments.


3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is an official Chrome extension from Ahrefs, which shows all the SEO values ​​of a website in one click. Very convenient and fast, experts will appreciate the plugin at its true value. Ahrefs is good for analyzing a site or a page in terms of the mass of links.

Seo Toolbar

The Chrome Ahrefs extension gives you an instant search engine optimization report on any page you visit. Moreover, you can also use it as a tool to check for broken links, track redirection, and get a lot of important SEO values ​​for any web page right in your browser.

Creating new, interesting content is often a challenge. What topics do we focus on? What do we start with? You've probably all wondered questions like this related to developing and implementing a content strategy. At this point, Ahrefs can take on an extremely important supporting role and can guide you in answering these questions.

4. Surfer

The keyword surfer shows you the monthly search volume in that country, as well as the click costs for a Google Ads campaign right next to your search query. So you can see at a glance if there is any search interest for this keyword and if Google is spending money on it.

Keyword Surfer offers another very useful feature. Shows you under the meta title for each search result

  • the estimated monthly traffic for the entire domain
  • the number of words on the displayed page and
  • how often the searched keyword appears exactly in the text

Surfer SEO is the blogger's best friend for quick and easy page optimization. Its data-driven algorithm helps you find keyword ideas, keyword clusters, and blog article structures, and write SEO-optimized content. In addition, Surfer SEO helps you optimize your existing articles compared to your competitors.

5. Page load time SEO Extension

Google loves when your website loads fast. It's good to know how it goes. The loading speed of your website can be measured, for example, with the SEO Page Load Time plugin.

Site speed is an important SEO factor that affects rankings If your visitors can't load the page quickly, most of the time, they leave. Analyze Page Performance is a free SEO Chrome extension that measures page load time and other important performance details for any webpage you visit.

You can then use the data received from this extension to speed up the loading time of your website. The Google Tool gives you an insight into the performance of your website (site speed). Once you've entered your URL, Google will give you an evaluation of your site and suggestions for improvement.


Google Chrome extensions are helpers that hide in the upper right corner of the browser and only come into the business, significantly easing the tab bar. Various SEO extensions help you simplify the life of the optimizer and speed up the analysis process.

They will help simplify life not only for a beginner but also for an experienced CEO. The Google Chrome web store offers many different SEO tools that can help you in your one-click search engine optimization efforts. So, we can see that with the help of many extensions for Google Chrome, the browser can be updated with useful functions.


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