What Exactly Does a UX Designer Do?

What Exactly Does a UX Designer Do?

Have you ever thought about why products look the way they look? If you completely love the look of your smartphone, laptop, or kitchen appliances, you have a UX designer to thank.

What are UX designers? UX stands for user experience, with UX designers being responsible for the design and look of both physical and digital products.

Does it sound like a career you want to learn more about? If so, keep reading to learn more about what a UX designer does—plus how you can get started in the industry.

Consumer Research

What does a UX designer do? One of the biggest tasks is research.

They will conduct consumer research to find out more about customers' preferences who would purchase the product. Their input is essential to the product's success, as the design needs to be appealing to buyers.

This can be done through focus groups, online surveys, and one-on-one interviews.

Product research is another key part of their role, as they need to come up with a product design that will be useful, meet the needs of consumers, and be something original that the market hasn't seen before.

Product Testing

After a few prototypes of the product have been created, A-B testing is another important part of UX design.

The designers need to work out which version of the product is best for both form and function. They can then tweak and improve the final product design based on feedback from users.

Visual Design

UX designers need to have a solid grasp of design to make a product visually appealing. Depending on the company, this may be done by the UX designer or by a separate product design team.

They'll need to be knowledgeable about the latest design trends, new materials, and customer preferences. To help with this, the UX designers will often create buyer personas, working out the demographics of the type of person they think will purchase the product.


If the product has a digital component, the UX designer will often play a big role in coding. The UX team may work with the web team to bring new ideas, products, or concepts to life.

For this reason, being fluent in coding is an important skill for anyone who wants to work in the field.

Want to Learn More About Becoming a UX Designer?

Now that you know more about the UX designer career, is it something that interests you? If so, good choice—it can be a lucrative and enjoyable career.

There are plenty of college courses that can give you the skills you need. It also helps to pay close attention to design trends and find a mentor to help you learn the ropes.

There's never been a better time to work in UX with plenty of employment opportunities in this rapidly growing field!

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Are UX designers happy?

UX designers measure their happiness above average because they have a good salary and an interesting job.

Is UX design dying?

No, it's not and not dying in the future. Ux designers are very important right now.

What are the 3 most important skills of a UX designer?

1. UX research
2 Wireframing and UI prototyping
3. Visual communication

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