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Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon? Troubleshooting Guide

Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon: Ever hit the ‘publish' button on your WordPress site, only to find that your site proudly exclaims “Coming Soon” to your visitors? You're not alone. According to a 2022 survey, 34% of new WordPress site owners have encountered this surprise guest at their website's launch party.

Common Reasons for “Coming Soon” Status

Have you ever excitedly clicked on a link, anticipating fresh content, only to be greeted with the anticlimactic “Coming Soon” page? Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon? Let's unravel this mystery.

The “Coming Soon” status can pop up for a variety of reasons:

  1. Temporary Placeholder by Hosting Providers: Ever ordered a dish and received an appetizer while you wait? Think of this as your website's appetizer. New websites sometimes get a default “Coming Soon” page, especially when the hosting provider sets things up for you. Check out some insights on this topic at this helpful article.
  2. Activation by Themes or Plugins: That fancy theme or plugin you just installed? It might be the culprit. Some come with a built-in “Coming Soon” page which automatically activates upon installation.

Disabling the “Coming Soon” Page

Now that we've figured out why your WordPress site might be playing hard to get, let's talk about how to woo it back into public view.

Step Action
Check WordPress Settings Examine WordPress settings to ensure the “Coming Soon” mode is deactivated.
Investigate Plugin Settings Access the settings of installed plugins and look for options related to “Coming Soon.”
Consider Changing Themes If the theme is suspected, consider changing it to resolve the issue.

If you're stuck, don't despair! The WordPress community has your back.

Troubleshooting Coming Soon Status

The Impact of Themes on “Coming Soon” Messages

Here's some food for thought: Themes can be both a blessing and a… let's just say, a surprise package. While they give your website that aesthetic glow-up, some might automatically set your site to “Coming Soon”.

  • Change the Theme: If you suspect your theme is the mastermind behind this, consider changing it. Remember, while beauty is important, functionality is queen.
  • Update or Contact Support: Sometimes, all your theme needs is a little TLC in the form of an update. And if all else fails? Ring up theme support. They're like the superheroes of the theme world. More theme insights await you right here.

Plugins That Create “Coming Soon” Pages

Pop quiz: Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon even when I've published my content? If your hand shot up and you muttered, “Plugins!”, give yourself a gold star.

WordPress plugins are like the swiss army knife of your website. They can make your site do a cartwheel, serve digital coffee, or, occasionally, slap on a “Coming Soon” badge when you least expect it.

  1. Popular Culprits: Some plugins love the spotlight so much that they decide to put up a “Coming Soon” curtain. Popular plugins like “Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode” or “SeedProd” might be the showstoppers. Curious about these plugins in action? Watch this riveting performance to get the gist.
  2. Settings Safari: Time to go on a settings safari! Venture into the WordPress dashboard, dive into the plugin settings, and look for any options related to “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode”.

Plugin Activation and

Before we dive in, here's a fun fact: 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. So, how do websites keep up with this need for speed? Enter: Caching.

  1. Cache 101: Imagine caching as your website's memory game. Instead of reloading every single item on your page, caching recalls and displays a saved (or “cached”) version to speed up the process. But sometimes, this memory game recalls the old “Coming Soon” status instead of your shiny new content.
  2. Old Habits Die Hard: Just because you've updated your website doesn't mean everyone else sees the changes. If the cached version shows the “Coming Soon” sign, that's what your audience will see. This Reddit thread is like a group therapy session for all who've faced this conundrum.
  3. Clearing Cache: Here's the magic wand to make the old “Coming Soon” status vanish. Head over to your caching plugin settings. Seek out options like “Purge Cache” or “Clear Cache”. A simple click can refresh your site's memory and showcase your actual content.

Clearing Cache for

Troubleshooting with Hosting Providers

Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon? Sometimes, your hosting provider might be the surprise guest at your “Coming Soon” party.

  1. Hosting Settings Shenanigans: Different hosts have different welcome mats. Some hosting providers, in their quest to be super helpful, set up a default “Coming Soon” page for new domains. It's like they're throwing you a surprise party, but you didn't know about it.
  2. Reaching Out – Be the Detective: Don't be shy. Reach out to your hosting provider's support. Ask them if they've activated any default “Coming Soon” settings. Equip yourself with some tips on crafting that “Coming Soon” page if you're considering keeping it for a while.

Checking WordPress Reading Settings

WordPress, at its core, wants to help. But sometimes, in its eagerness, it might just be putting up barriers.

  1. Decoding Reading Settings: The WordPress dashboard can feel like a maze. Head to Settings, then Reading. Here, you might find a setting that dictates what the front page displays. If it's set to a static “Coming Soon” page, bingo, you've found the culprit!
  2. Guiding the Way: Want a step-by-step walkthrough? For those who prefer a visual guide, this video tutorial will be your best buddy.

Seeking Professional Help or Support

Here's the thing: It's okay to ask for help. If your website was a garden, sometimes you need a gardener.

Option Description
Reach Out to Hosting Provider Contact your hosting provider's support to inquire about default “Coming Soon” settings.
Join WordPress Community Engage with the WordPress community through forums or meetups for guidance and solutions.
Hire a Developer Consider hiring a developer to diagnose and fix persistent “Coming Soon” issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my WordPress site display a “Coming Soon” message?

This is often due to default settings from hosting providers, specific plugins, or themes that automatically activate a “Coming Soon” mode.

Can plugins cause the “Coming Soon” status?

Absolutely! Some plugins are specifically designed to create “Coming Soon” pages and might activate them automatically upon installation.

How can I disable the “Coming Soon” page?

Check your WordPress settings, inspect the settings of any recent plugins, and ensure your theme isn't the culprit.

Are there tools to help troubleshoot this issue?

Yes, tools like “Health Check & Troubleshooting” in the WordPress repository can be invaluable.

Does caching impact the “Coming Soon” display?

It can. Cached versions of your site might still display the “Coming Soon” page even after it's been deactivated.

How long does it usually take to fix the “Coming Soon” issue?

With the right tools and guide (like this one!), most users resolve it within a few hours.

Should I consider professional help for this issue?

If you're short on time or the solutions aren't working, reaching out to a WordPress expert or developer is a great idea.


Understanding Why Does My WordPress Site Say Coming Soon can be a riddle. But with the knowledge from this guide, you're equipped to take back control. WordPress is a versatile platform, and while it occasionally tosses us a curveball, the community and wealth of resources ensure no issue remains unresolved for long.

Thank you for reading!

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