A Simple Guide On Terra Airdrop

A Simple Guide on Terra Airdrop

Terra Airdrop

If you are thinking of starting a rewarding and successful investment, then the best choice for you is to invest in cryptocurrency. Since it was founded years ago, crypto has changed a lot of people's lives. So, without any doubt, you will be ready for growth.

One of the best crypto platforms to join is the Terra platform. There are great opportunities for making extra coins including through Terra airdrops. Generally, a Terra airdrop is a reward provided in the form of tokens to LUNA stakes. This is just how simple it is to become a successful investor.

Well, let's take a look at a full guide on Terra airdrop.

What is an Airdrop?

Delegators receive airdrops through certain validators as additional rewards, separate from stake rewards. The airdrops are based on protocols in the Terra ecosystem to increase visibility. The website of the protocol giving out the airdrop should be visited to claim the airdrop.

What Is Terra Airdrop?

Terra airdrop is simply the latest project that has been launched by Terra. It helps investors to get extra crypto by just completing easy tasks. Moreover, the investors get more opportunities to take part in other important crypto events like voting on future changes to the protocol.

Where and How to Claim Terra Airdrop

There are many ways you can claim your free Terra airdrop. We know you are excited to participate, and because of this, we will outline some here.

  • Loop – After joining the Loop market, there are a lot of chances for the user to gain from Terra. There are many Terra group projects that provide more than enough Terra airdrops for the users.
  • TerraDrops – This is a platform that allows the user to keep track of all airdrops they are eligible for in the Terra protocol. The value of the airdrops is also shown, and this makes it easier for the user to understand the airdrops they are claiming.
  • Orion Money – This is another important part of Terra. It gives the users easier methods of gaining stable yields on Terra. The aim of Orion Money is to increase the power of Terra and to increase its connection with other platforms.
  • Terra Smart Stake – If you are still looking for more Terra airdrop opportunities, then why not try Terra Smart Stake. It is a platform that shows the various airdrops available for you and the ones you might not have claimed yet.
  • Protocols on the Terra network – There are numerous platforms where you can claim free airdrops on the Terra protocol. If, for example you are staking Luna coins and you think you are eligible, you are free to visit the main Terra platforms regularly to check.

What do we mean by Staking?

What Do We Mean By Staking

Staking involves bonding Luna with a validator in exchange for staking rewards.

Only the top 130 validators can participate in consensus in the Terra protocol. In the case of validators, the value of their stake or total bonded Luna determines their rank.

Although validators can bond themselves to Luna, they mostly accumulate stakes from delegates. The largest stakeholder gets chosen more often to propose new blocks and earns proportionately more rewards.

Earning Staking Rewards

Start earning rewards by staking your Luna to a validator. You will need Luna in your wallet before you stake. If you have Luna on your account, you can transfer it, or swap your coins for Luna.

  1. Click Staking in Terra Station.
  2. Next click on the validator's name in the Moniker column of the validator list.
  3. Click Delegate under My delegations. A new window will open.
  4. Click Next after specifying the amount of Luna you would like to delegate.
    Always keep some coins on hand to pay fees. Do not stake your entire wallet. You cannot conduct any transactions without money to pay fees.
  5. Make sure the fees and amounts are correct. Hit Delegate after entering your password.

How to Withdraw Staking Rewards

As soon as you stake Luna, you start earning rewards. You can view them in the Terra Station staking section. Following the steps below will allow you to withdraw your rewards:

  1. Staking can be accessed by opening Terra Station.
  2. In the upper right corner of staking pages, click Withdraw all rewards to claim your rewards. Click on the name of a validator in the list and click withdraw on their page to withdraw rewards from only them. This will open a new window.
  3. Pay fees by specifying the currency you want. Review the amounts.
  4. Click the withdraw button after entering your password.

Redelegating allows you to move staked Luna from one validator to another without having to wait the 21-day unstacking period. Reindelegation takes place immediately.

Validators, who receive staked Luna from one and redelegates it to another, are barred from redelegating the staked Luna for 21 days after receiving it. Only the wallet used to undertake the redelegation must comply with this requirement.

Undelegate Luna to remove it from a validator. This process takes 21 days.

A delegation or undelegation process cannot be halted once it starts. It takes 21 days to undo a delegation. Delegating or undelegating transactions can only be undone after completing the bonding process. A staked Luna can be redelegated to another validator without waiting 21 days.

Mistakes to Avoid When Claiming Terra Airdrop

We have all seen how easy it is to claim Terra airdrop. But are there mistakes that are easily made by the users? Yes, there are. They are related to security. For example, malicious airdrops can be part of phishing scams designed to steal your wallet credentials. Make sure the source of the Terra airdrop is legitimate and that you do not give private wallet keys to a third party.


The future of cryptocurrency is very bright. Services like Terra airdrop are a sure way of taking investors from one level to another. If you have yet to decide what you want, then the above article will be of great help.

Thank you for reading!

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