Content Marketing Made Simple A Step By Step Guide

Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

Content Marketing Made Simple

So, you have a website that has been marinating in the digital world for quite some time.

You know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

There is not much for you to learn.

Is it so?

Then why is your content not getting the results you yield for?

– No, it is not about Google's algorithm.

– It is not about Google only choosing old credible sites over your blog page.


– It is certainly not about your content not being in demand.

Everything is not Google's fault!

If you have tried most of the marketing strategies and they still do not seem to work, maybe there are loopholes that you cannot see.

You can be following a myth or refusing to take professional help when you know it's a good investment.

Click and say goodbye to your digital marketing problems.

Now, what should you do?

First, understand the signs that there is something wrong with your digital marketing strategy.

Second, learn what you can do better.

Sit back as the excerpt below talks about the above-mentioned points in more detail.

Signs Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

Let's say you studied and tried every marketing strategy, and yet the campaigns seem to fail.

What should you do?

  • Should you give up?
  • Blame Google for it?
  • Or, should you learn the signs for why it is failing and then rectify them?

We would go for the third one!

So, here are the signs.

  • You are not able to reach your target audience, and the wrong people seem to sign up. Hence, you are not able to turn viewers into customers.
  • You are not meeting your monthly objective when it comes to traffic.
  • Websites with far less quality and creativity are always on the top of the search list.
  • You are not very keen on measuring success.
  • There is no engagement from the other side; you are just putting in content

Now that you have learned the signs. Here is what you should do.

Get Your Content Marketing To Work: Steps To Follow

Get Your Content Marketing To Work Steps To Follow

Now that you have got a clear idea about where you are going wrong, it will be easier to rectify your mistakes, and here is how you will do it.

Step 1. Make a Plan

The first thing you need to do is make a plan. Maybe you are checking enough results because you are fishing without bait.

That is, you do not have results to look for!

What your plan is lacking is a definite goal. You cannot keep on working towards strategies without a destination.

So, make a plan about the goals that you wish to achieve this month.

Step 2. Proofread Your Content Thoroughly

There is nothing worse than your audience checking your grammar!

Yes, we understand typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, and grammatical mistakes may happen.

However, they shouldn't!

Make sure you review your content and check the quality thoroughly before you make the people more known.

This could be the reason for the increasing bounce rate of your website.

Even if it is a small business and hasn't gained that much audience base, ensure you are giving them quality content.

Step 3. Understand What Your Audience Wants

Put yourself in their shoes, and ask, ‘If I was going through this blog, what would I look for?'

Knowing your audience is the first step to success. Because whatever you are selling, they can make or break it.

Add more tags, add FAQs, answer more queries, and the audience will love you!

Step 4. Do Not Go Overboard With The Keywords

Yes, keyword density is important but do not go overboard with them.

  • First, it can make your content look very artificial.
  • Second, with the efforts of repeating the keyword in every line, you might lose the creative touch.
  • Google might take it wrongfully, as you are trying to sneak in keywords to make it rank.

Step 5. Take A Chill On The Number Of Blogs

If you publish a hundred articles in a week, constantly posting on social media will not help.

It is not about how many you publish but about how good of content you publish.

Even if it is a new blog and you just have two articles, it can get authentic traffic and be on demand.

Step 6. Keep Modifying It

The SEO and Google algorithm changes. Today one keyword could have a lot of density tomorrow; it might lose its charm.

So, your work is to keep modifying the articles according to the algorithm.

Keep them in check every once in a while and make the necessary changes.

Step 7. Don't Always Sell

Your customers can get a little irritated with you always selling something.

Make your content a little more educational: more information and less sponsorship or pop-ups.

Yes, we know you need sponsorships and ad sense but don't overburden your viewers with them.

Step 8. Have Longer Contents

Longer as in not a novella!

But everything and anything that an audience is looking for. So ensure that they do not have to click out and go to a different article because some information is missing in your blog.

Step 9. Do Not Forget Social Media

Social media is an excellent place to interact with your customers and understand their demands.

Therefore, link your social media platforms over your website, and at the same time, advertise your blogs on your social media handles.

Step 10. Try Guest Posting

Guest posting is not dead!

It is digital collaboration, and if you find the right website which caters to your niche and is credible, then start guest posting.

But, do thorough research about the website beforehand.

Get Some Help If Needed!

Now that you know the things you need to change and the things you need to incorporate, it can be slightly overwhelming.

Therefore, don't feel reluctant to take some professional help. They will be able to manage your blogs and give you suggestions based on the market, as they have a plethora of experience with it.

Thank you for reading!

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