7 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating and Designing a Website

7 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating and Designing a Website

Do you want to know all about creating and designing a Website? You choose the right place. This is not a secret, if you want to grow your business you should advertise it online. The best and easiest way to do this is by creating a website.

Creating and Designing a Website

Do you already know this? Great!

But the given below tips help you in creating and designing a website in a professional way.

Things to keep in mind while creating a website

How to Create and Design a Website?

You should keep the following points in mind while creating and designing a site…

1. Your Website is your Online Storefront

There are a lot of site owners that do not provide their full contact information on their website and this leaves the visitor wondering what areas they serve and where they are located.

This is something you will want to avoid and you should ensure that your market area is advertised as well as the city, state, and zip code of your business.

You also need to look at adding your phone number along with the area code in the top right-hand corner of every page on your website.

2. The Gold Triangle of Google

Creating And Designing A Website

If you want to maintain a website, you need to know about the Google Golden Triangle.  This is based on research done with eye-tracking.  The research has revealed an interesting pattern in regards to how people view websites.

The data shows that users will focus on the upper left-hand corner of the website first.  Their eyes will then move to around halfway across the screen before moving down.  The overall shape created by the movement will be a triangle.  This means that if you were to draw a triangle on the page anchored in the left-hand corner, you will have the area where most visitors focus.

The research has also found that when users skim and scan the content, they will do this in an F pattern.  They will read across the very top of the page, scroll down and read the middle before scanning the left-hand side of the bottom.  This will form the basis of the triangle.

You now have to take a look at your website.  You should consider if you have an image in the upper left-hand corner or anywhere on your front page.  If you do, you actually need to remove it and place an About Us page there instead.

You then need to use this valuable area of the website to provide your customers with the information that they want and need.  You need to ensure that users can find this important easily on your website.

Based on the F pattern of eye movement, you should place this information in boxes, in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the website.  This information should also be within the golden triangle area.

3. Use Headlines and Bullets

As your website is going to be skimmed in an F pattern, you need to focus on your content.  You need to provide headlines and bullet points that will link to more detailed information.  If your website has large amounts of text, you need to change this.

Younger clients are going to be used to text messaging.  This means that they like their information in bite-size chunks and will have a shorter attention span.  If the visitor wants more detailed information, they will need to click through the link to get it.

4. Quick Loading is Vital

Quick Loading Is Vital

You need to check how quickly your website loads and there are a number of services that offer you this solution.  They will generally tell you how long your website takes to load from a number of places around the world.  You can also find out how quickly your website loads on a mobile device.

You should be looking for a load time of 3 seconds or less. If you have a slow loading website, you should look at getting rid of Flash applications as this is the primary culprit.

5. How your Website is Viewed in Different Browsers

You need to consider how your website appears in different browsers.  There are some websites that will help you see what your website looks like in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

6. Mobile Friendly

According to a survey, more than 60% of the searches are made from mobile devices. That's why you must make the site mobile friendly. Google also ranks mobile-friendly websites well in search results and this is also a ranking factor.

There is nothing worse than having a broken link on your website.  There are a number of tools that you can use to identify broken links and you need to do this.  Once you know about the broken links, you have to fix them.

Creating and Designing a Website Closing…

Lastly, I would like to say that follow these tips while creating or designing a website and you will see more visitors coming to your site. They will also help you gain a better user experience.

If all above seems too complicated for your skills level, then you can contact web design firms or watch video:

Also, check out UK Web Designers – Directory of Web Design Companies in the UK.


How much does website cost?

Сost is a website that depends on the website, but the standard price of $200 to build a website.

How much does a website designer charge per hour?

It depends on your skill $30 to $180 per hour.

Where can i practice CSS HTML?

1. A Tribute Page (all about your life) 2. Webpage Including Form 3. Parallax Website 4. Landing Page 5. Restaurant Website 6. An Event or Conference Webpage 7. Music Store Page 8. Photography Site

Thank you for reading!

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