6 Ways to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of your Site Easily

6 Ways to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of your Site Easily

We are all familiar with the term Page Rank which was introduced by Google a few years ago but that is not updated by Google for last few years and that is why it is not important anymore.

So, there is another term introduced by Moz called Domain authority and in this article, I'll discuss what is Moz Domain Authority ( DA ) and how to increase domain authority.

Domain Authority

As Google Page Rank is dead, so we have to rely on third-party metrics to check how our site is performing.

6 Best Ways to Increase Domain Authority (DA)

Following are some of the best and easy ways to boost your DA score.

When it comes to increasing the DA of the site then backlinks are the #1 factor. To increase DA quickly you have to follow a simple formula, get backlinks from those sites who have Domain authority higher than your site.

If you don't know how to create backlinks you can read my article from here or you can also hire any Digital Marketing or SEO company to do it for you.

2. Interlinking

increase domain authority

Internal Links are also very important for a site and help to some extent in boosting the DA value of your site. Wikipedia is a live example for us, and we should learn from them how properly and effectively they are using this strategy.

3. Domain Age

Google gives more importance to those domains which are older and have good trust. So make sure that your domain has a good backlink profile and is trustworthy.

Publish good quality and engaging content to increase your trust in the eyes of Google.

4. Website Load Time

If you are running a website that loads fast then it is most likely that Moz increases your domain authority. Because Google loves websites that load faster and that's why Moz will also.

increase domain authority

5. Traffic

If you are getting good organic traffic then your site domain authority will increase. There are many traffic sources like social media, referrals, direct, etc but the traffic which helps you more in raising your DA is the traffic from Google.

Keep a close eye on your backlinks and when you find links that are coming from irrelevant or bad sources then take action against them and try to remove them.

Read my article: Learn all about Low Quality and High-Quality BackLinks

This will give you an idea of which backlinks to keep and which not.

Domain Authority Conclusion!

Domain Authority is important in the sense to help you understand how your site is performing and what you have to do to keep your site higher in Search Rankings and many other things.

Always focus on non-spammy things and you'll keep growing.


Why does domain authority drop?

It may be because you have bad SEO for example you use a lot of keyword stuffing or duplicate content

1. Publish “Skyscraper” Content 2. Build Links From Outdated Resources 3. Use Content Formats Proven To Generate Links 4. Publish ‘Ultimate Guides' 5. Use Branded Strategies and Techniques

Does google use domain authority?

No, Google doesn't use it in its algorithm.

Thank you for reading!

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