How Responsive Web Design Can Increase Your Leads 1

How Responsive Web Design Can Increase Your Leads

Whether we choose to admit it or not, a company's website will likely be the first experience that most people will have with its business. These days, the vast majority of people rely on the internet for all of their needs, after all. And there's a better chance for users to turn into paying customers if the design of its web pages is as personalized and warm as interactive and easy to navigate as opposed to a bland and flat electronic brochure.

Simply put, successful conversions depend on user experience more than it's given credit for. And one way to improve this aspect of the customer journey is to create a responsive web design through a New York web design company's assistance.

What a responsive website can do to help

An excellent experience free of navigational frustrations and broken links for every prospect must be realized, whether the users are browsing through the website through their desktop computer or mobile device. In other words, the site and all its pages need to function correctly across all existing devices. And for those who remain uncertain on whether or not they need to have their respective websites optimized on smartphones and tablets, here are a few facts to consider:

  • There are over five billion mobile users globally. And its total number increased by one hundred and two million in the past year.
  • Of the abovementioned numbers, over four billion active internet users are today, with those on mobile accounting for at least ninety-one percent of all internet users.
  • Research has shown that most people prefer to go online and browse the World Wide Web using their mobile devices.

These facts mean that a website must be responsive and optimized to work on all platforms – from PC to smartphones. If it doesn't, a business will miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on tapping into a broad market.

User experience is key

Web design optimization for different platforms is undoubtedly essential, but it's only a single piece of a responsive website's puzzle. Another key ingredient that should never be overlooked is the customer experience. After all, a user who encounters frustrations and problems with a site is far more likely to abandon it for another.

However, a streamlined site that is as easy to navigate as it is visually appealing will improve the chances of turning visitors into leads and converting them into sales. And while the expertise of a New York web design agency can help in the endeavor, there are a few things that you can do to improve UX too.

How Responsive Web Design Can Increase Your Leads 2

1. Speed up the loading process

We've become spoiled by the many conveniences that technology has and continues to offer us. And one of these is quick loading speeds. Because of this, it's much easier to become frustrated with slow-loading websites. And if a website fails to meet the users' expectations in this area, there's more than a good chance that they'll bounce before the business even has the opportunity to make its sales pitch.

In fact, research shows that over seventy percent of people will judge a company's credibility and reputation based on how their site looks and feels.

And any slowdowns will immediately result in the loss of at least twenty-five percent of the audience. It's imperative to ensure that the design factors the speed of the loading into it. The faster a site loads, the better, from using compressed images and website caching to finding good hosting services if needed.

2. Could you keep it simple?

It's a general rule of thumb to keep a website's overall design simple because it helps avoid unnecessary complexities and confusion. It isn't uncommon for users to get lost and have difficulty looking for the information they need with websites with complicated designs. And with an easy and streamlined design, you'll have a much easier time keeping your intended audience engaged with your content.

3. Establish social proof

We're all social creatures by nature. And because people trust user recommendations, it makes sense to use them as leverage to build trust. So it's important to encourage visitors to leave testimonials and reviews whenever possible. Not only will this give the business a good idea of where it stands with its customer base. But it'll inspire confidence with other users and help increase organic traffic in the process.

4. Leverage landing pages

Any business that is serious about attaining immediate growth and development must consider adding a landing page. Also known as lead-capture pages, these standalone web pages are generally built for marketing and advertising campaigns.
And unlike more traditional website pages, each element is primarily focused on a single CTA or call-to-action and purposely designed to convert visitors into customers. However, keep in mind that landing pages must be free from any irrelevant data and unnecessary distractions to work. And success in conversion will ultimately be determined by how straightforward the page is.

A dose of personalization will make a difference

These days, personalization is increasingly becoming an essential part of web design. And it isn't hard to see why: a personal experience can give a company a competitive advantage by reeling in more users.

And by being proactive in this area – be it from something as simple as enabling users to change the color of the background to changing the interface of the site to suit their personal preferences – adding a dose of personalization into the website's design will make a difference in improving user engagement. And as a result, it increases its conversion rate and leads.

A responsive web design from the likes of specialists like New York web design firms isn't just a luxury but a necessity that no business can afford to be without. Without it, a company won't just miss the opportunity to increase website traffic. But it may end up with a higher abandonment and bounce rate.

So, it's important never to skimp on web design. From refreshing the site with both aesthetic and functional updates to improve the user experience to leveraging reviews and testimonials to build confidence, investing in excellent web design will yield excellent returns.


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